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  1. Well, I’m taking this as a ringing endorsement of Bernard.
  2. Dorsey is still learning - it’s not what I want for a SB team but it’s what McD decided was best. Game plan. Execute game plan. Did game plan work? He got all 3 right yesterday and deserves credit. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt tho because he's still new at this and needs to beat the ***t out of an elite defense. But for the first time - after a disaster of a game - him and Josh were in sync. If I’m going to criticize him for contributing bad play calls or bad play that leads to turnovers then the opposite has to be true also. Hopefully the Jets game serves as some sort of turning point in Dorsey and Josh’s chemistry. That Ken has got Josh and the offense all on the same page and executing.
  3. I don’t think so. They play at Washington the next week. That’s where they’ll need him. ”Ordinary.” Not that it matters bc they’re going to score 50 on the Giants, but he’ll miss the Miami game.
  4. Yea but someone is open most every play on every offense. Maybe not wide open but “open.” They miss wide open more then we see - think connecting on a big 40 yard pass play on a corner and the safety is in the area - do they ever really show you the replay of a guy running wide open on a 15 yard crosser over the middle or something. “That was such a great play by the QB and WR but look at this TE running wide open over the middle.”
  5. After the first series and then the Milano INT, they came out with Murray - it completely changed the complexion of the game that I’m not sure the Raiders expected. Allen to Diggs for 5 Murray for 8 yards first down. Then Allen did Allen things. Then Murray 4 yards, TD. Murray started the next drive to. On that drive the only runs were Murray, an 11 yard run from Harris. 14-7 Bills end of Q 1. Then they went back to featuring Cook and he played well. Maybe the change up early on sparked him. Just thought it was a great move to not mess around and get the ground game going.
  6. He under throws so many freaking balls
  7. Why didn’t Parker tackle him immediately not let him catch it.
  8. Sauce deactivated his Twitter
  9. The Giants are a complete disaster.
  10. Remember the Jets SB was Monday. They were never going to win this week.
  11. Spencer Brown McD - defense adjustment after 1st drive All the RBs. Gabe Davis
  12. I take back any potential underestimating of the Jets D I did. I knew they were very good. They are the best D in football and it might not be close.
  13. True but after motion and 7 different play fakes I’m sure Allen was thrown off
  14. Cook ain’t it folks. But we told you that in April.
  15. We didn’t even agree to house British troops - that contributed to a revolution - and then an amendment.
  16. Yea. But the Bengals were 0-2 last year and Burrow didn’t practice in August either. They have a track record of being bad and figuring it out. Plus the Browns D might be elite. I did think this might be a year the defenses catch the offenses to some extent. Where elite Offenses have meh days vs good defenses. Good offenses will have bad days for mid defenses. Great to Elite defenses might give every O problems regardless of QB. We could be one of them. Staying ahead of the curve are teams that built olines and have RBs - Philly - who has the best GM in the league. KC built a great Oline and try to be somewhat balanced on O. Same the Bengals.
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