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  1. This town is going to lose its mind next week when we only win by 17, but 7 of those come on a late TD drive or a pick 6 by the Bills. 27-10 Bills.
  2. Quinn got them to a SB. I don't think he's fired in season. Garrett? Yes.
  3. 12-4. 5 seed. We beat Baltimore in round 1. KC in round 2. They put up a valiant effort but ultimately playing Mahomes on 1 leg didn't work out. We play at home vs the Colts in the AFC championship, who knock off the Pats in a Brisset revenge game. Bills beat Frank Reich to go to the SB. Where we beat the 49ers. Chris Berman's head explodes.
  4. It's a "Front Office/Coaching Staff" League. You have to have the QB yes. But you need smart talent evaluators that know how to build a team and manage the cap....and the coaches to motivate and scheme and game plan. There is a cap to manage. Tough decisions to make. You need to prioritize that your franchise QB isn't getting killed every play and your defense doesn't have difficulty stopping a nose bleed. Both of those things stop and start in the TRENCHES. The game may change but that concept is timeless.
  5. Reports down here is that Kevin O'Connell now promoted to OC is the favorite. If he shows well as the OC---I think that looks like competency with Keenum followed by Haskins looking decent come weeks 11 or 12--he can lock up the job. As the fantasy owner of Scary Terry I hope he understands that means feeding that dude 10 plus targets a game.
  6. 4 TDs and 8 INTs. 70 rating. Baker Mayfield. Maybe he can get some garbage stats here to boost those. My QB wins. He doesn't usually get many chances to pad the stats. He's also really the main guy game planned for on our O. We don't have Chubb. Or Landry. Or OBJ to make DCs lose sleep at night.... I'm just thinking out loud here.
  7. How I feel listening to Schoop and WGR day after the games. The goal posts keep moving on their evaluation of Allen. Today its we don't score enough or throw deep enough. There is zero entertainment value on the 3pm show. None. Why does anyone listen unless you're like me trying to see if they still deserve to be fired. And yes I continue to conclude they should be off the air. My dead horse beating on them will continue.
  8. They'll beat someone in that Miami heat. Someone mailing it in late in season.
  9. "It wouldn't really count." ---Mike Schoop
  10. I've been all in on this team since May. My DC friends thought it was typical homerism. I believe in McD. There is something about him and I thought during the whole "kneeling" controversy it solidified it for me. Jerry Hughes kind of took exception to something Jim Kelly had said...and I'm not getting into that whole mess again....but Hughes response told me that the locker room "had it" and a kind of "stay out of this, this is our team and we got it." Absolutely nothing against Kelly, but I thought at a time when coaches all over the league could have and likely did lose locker rooms, he did not. This team to this day plays every play like its their last. And I attribute that to McD and his staff. McD. A leader of men. And women. I'm all freaking in. Go get Trent Williams!
  11. Only mention I've heard of him on the insufferable post game show is bulldog flippantly called his 1 INT an improvement and mockingly chuckled. Such a huge deal this is against a great D on the road. More growth. More development. Off an awful performance. He took some shots today to.
  12. 49. Number of INTs thrown in Andy Dalton's first 3 seasons. 1. Number of times Marcus Marriota has thrown for more than 20 TDs in a season. 26. 58. Number of INTs thrown by Jameis Winston in his first 4 seasons. He's at 63 now with 5 on this season. But hey he has some occasional big stat games! 30. As in million per.....Would the thought of having to pay Dak that excite you? 80. Number of sacks Kyler Murray is on pace to take. Along with 16 TDs and 16 INTs.
  13. Pointless freaking conversation 14 games into his career. But this is the internet. I have not. If you have, what's plan B right now? More tanking? Draft another guy mid round? Go to the franchise QB store and buy one. My advice is let this season play out. Save your blood pressure. This fan base has TBS. Watching the greatest ever destroy the AFC for 18 years has made everyone think "it should be easy!"
  14. If we win, we're going to the playoffs. Book your tickets. Plan that first weekend in January leave it open. In. 4-1 with 2 vs Miami. Home games vs Washington Denver Jets Ravens and Philly. That's 6 maybe 7 wins right there. This Sunday is huge.
  15. If we have Singletary I'd feel better and the right side of the line has become a problem. Going to be a tough game.
  16. We're elite but the best D is in Chicago. Updated ranking: Bears Bills Patriots Vikings Panthers
  17. Against the D the Ravens fielded today with all their injuries....yes with Chubb as his RB and Landry and OBJ yes he could. I thought Lamarr Jackson was the 2nd coming? My favorite part of this game was down 3 scores with a minute or so left the Ravens left the whole O on the field to pad Jackson's stats. Every week in the NFL is a different season. Spending it trying to prove how "right" you think you are about some team's or players must be exhausting.
  18. Sounds like a team that had zero concern for our run game and letting the 6-7 guys in the box worry about Gore/Allen.
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