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  1. I never said there was zero risk. In Texas half of their new cases the other day were around two meat plants. You didnt ask about Georgia, Florida, or Colorado. Don't cherry pick just look at all the data. We do not have to do what we're doing to the extreme we are doing it. And this thread should have been in PPP from the start.
  2. I just deal with the reality and data on the ground my friend. And I have family on the front lines. This rebuttal about health care professionals should be able to not treat you bc you took the risk of living life is beyond absurd. Let's expand this logic... Maybe ER personnel shouldn't waste valuable time and resources on the folks that OD on illegal narcotics. No, to me this sounds like there will be *cough cough* certain states absolutely determined to ban large gatherings until around oh November 4th....see you in the PPP board.
  3. Yes. Sure. Then what was with all the garbage about profiting without fans?
  4. Why is this "decision" being made 4 months from games? Why isn't the answer to this question "we don't know yet." It's not an issue if there are no fans in the stands who are sick (if it even is at all) and we don't know what the situation will be FOUR MONTHS from now. Lawsuits? Liability? On every purchased ticket wherever it is you bought one the following should be included: "I recognize I may get a virus if I go to a public event. It is not the fault of the event or the State and locality it took place in if I catch a cold or COVID." Done. Leave the risks to the people not the freaking government. You can take this up with me in the PPP board. Peace.
  5. Dems may want to start rethinking their lockdown forever without justification or explanation strategy:
  6. The thread that follows explains in detail (with the newly released documents) the "why" Flynn had to go; when you read them how any American doesn't get chills is beyond me you are too far gone. In summary....why Flynn... When Obama imposed sanctions on Russia on December 29, 2016, they knew that calls would be made between the transition team and Russia (obviously and that is perfectly normal but at the time low info America believed it was collusion the media had been relentlessly telling us collusion! for 4 straight months); that would no doubt be incoming NSA Flynn and Ambassador Kislyak and that those new sanctions would be discussed....phone conversation does happen and its "tapped" by the FBI. More nonsense continues coming from the media. Logan Act!! The phone call between the two is leaked to the WaPo on Jan 14. Deliberately timed bc the next day on Face the Nation Pence is asked if any Trump campaign officials had any contact with Russians or any that may have meddled in the election to which Pence says "of course not." Soley thinking about the campaign. Not the transition. The FBI and media exploit this. They will use the recording to "prove" Pence was either lying or lied to (it will become lied to as the reason they removed Flynn). Pence was simply being honest in his response to the question about contacts. Flynn was honest in his FBI interview but it made Pence look bad. And the media pounced. In order to keep investigating Trump, Flynn had to go because he knew he had done nothing wrong. He couldn't remain. And as Andy McCarthy said this am: "He had been the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he knew how the FBI worked in conjunction with the intelligence community and it is inconceivable to me, if you wanted to continue an investigation of the president during the president's administration, that they could have pulled that off with a sophisticated intelligence actor being the national security advisor and being loyal to the president," McCarthy, a Fox News contributor explained. Read the documents of them discussing this. The evil that they did behind the scenes to get it to where he was "lying to investigators" and threatening his son (who had newborn baby at the time) and essentially get Flynn fired then accept the plea deal....off the charts disgusting. And the first major domino falls in the ensuing THREE plus year Russia hoax. The unroll: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1259601939937087490.html
  7. Uhhhhhhhh I need to divert attention off me ASAP: Obama calls Trump’s handling of pandemic a ‘chaotic disaster’ https://www.breitbart.com/news/obama-calls-trumps-handling-of-pandemic-a-chaotic-disaster/
  8. Obama getting defensive over this tells you all you need to know. This is a good summary of what happened last night.
  9. Whatever Belarus did, we all should be doing. A thread: Sauna and vodka. Who knew? Lol.
  10. Here is that hack Brian Stetler at CNN in 2017 trying his best to call the coup a right wing conspiracy: https://money.cnn.com/2017/03/06/media/mark-levin-joel-pollak-breitbart-trump-obama/ My favorite part is his criticism of Right Wing media using "anonymous" sources for their claims. Omg!! That's what every single media outlet does. Lol read this mess: "Levin and Pollak's opinion pieces relied heavily on anonymously sourced reports from the BBC, The Guardian and the new Murdoch-owned conservative outlet Heat Street about requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act from June and October 2016. Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler said these are "sketchy, anonymously sourced reports." CNN has not been able to confirm them. But those reports, alleging efforts by the FBI to monitor Trump associates with suspected ties to Russia, became the basis of the conspiracy theory."
  11. No business, no restaurant is going to survive on slow re open 25 or 50 percent capacity for God knows how long. No one is thinking any of this through. The data is telling us who is at risk. We need to be full open. Impose sanitation regulations and all that for sure with employees in masks, etc. Work with Governments in trying to get proper ventilation systems however those may work where possible. Let the healthy folks under 50 with zero comorbidities drive the recovery and get out there and live their lives. Yea you might get it.....and guess what you'll be fine. The data is telling us this. Don't want to go out? Then don't go out. I want someone to explain since we're going to be a nation of massive germaphobes how in the world any business is supposed to survive based on all these phased slow re opening guidelines you're seeing. The media instead of asking these questions has decided to focus on baseless science and that ANY re open is going to kill us all. Everyone in Georgia....dead. They're all going to die. No model can take into account that we are all going to do our part to not put others at risk we arent going to sneeze and breath in each others faces. They are going to be sanitizing everything everywhere. That's it. Good luck everyone. This will pass eventually. I'd like to see my kids play their sports and live their lives. Don't worry I'll be sitting in the stands 6 feet away from you. The current trajectory of all this is "nope....you will be in bubbles until Bill gets his vaccine." Sorry the data says no we don't have to wait for that and it may never happen anyway. I'm so freaking over this. So done. We were told have to make sure hospitals aren't overwhelmed.....not "till no one else dies."
  12. This is the biggest, worst, most disgusting political scandal in the history of the United States and it won't get properly reported to 60% of low info America because this is what happens when every network, newspaper, and those masters of the universe in Silicon Valley are all in the tank for the Democrat Party. I wonder if sometime around late January when they knew this was coming that they were looking to find something that would distract the American people for the next 6 months......
  13. The Center. Only other position to touch the football as much as the QB. Most underrated position in all of sports. You can't have a good oline without a good center. The ability to be cerebral, solid in run and pass pro is vital for the position and when you have that guy or he's there in the draft you take him.....if this position is not above average to great you dont have a great oline. No one knows this better than the Saints and they picked one at 26. The impact Unger had on them was immense. They still had good talent after he retired but I don't think they were the same. Morse had that kind impact for us as well.
  14. I'm sure it's been discussed elsewhere....but if we have a season with no fans in the seats*, lots of teams that enjoyed that advantage IMO make the NFL almost completely up for grabs minus probably 5-7 teams who have little to very little shot. Coaching, motivation, and being prepared is going to be so huge this year like never before. I think our staff has gotten the most out of its roster as top notch motivators and getting prepared for game day. And we really haven't been great at home. What, 5-3 last year? Loss to the Eagles, Patriots, and Ravens. Horrible game vs Miami. So so vs the Bengals. Teams most impacted by loss of home crowd in order: 1. Saints (and if all games our outdoors...lol) 2. Patriots (already down Brady) 3. Seahawks 4. Chiefs 5. Steelers Our schedule may be difficult, but empty stadium games I think actually may help us. *If you think they'll be fans you haven't been reading the tea leaves but that's for the politics section.
  15. Meh...I think the Titans are better. I'm not sold Rivers still has it. I'm definitely sold he doesn't have the weapons he had in San Di... excuse me, L.A. Hilton is going to be 31 and has lost steps. And Mack can't stay on the field.
  16. 1. Chiefs (the champs) 2. Ravens 3. Bills 4. Steelers 5. Broncos 6. Titans 7. Texans 8. Patriots 9. Browns 10. Colts 11. Raiders 12. Jets 13. Dolphins 14. Chargers 15. Jaguars 16. Bengals
  17. *Draft day lingo translator enters the chat* "Oily hips" = he can move rather well.
  18. He likely picked off a Peterman pass or two in practice.
  19. When they cut to him he already had the Bills hat on. They already knew.
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