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  1. Employers are allowed to set their own standards of behavior, aside from what is legal/illegal/criminal.
  2. I do think he’s seeing the recruiting landscape change with NIL, and kids are making their decisions based on immediate $ vs the long term winning/NFL payoff, which creates much more parity than there has been. But he wasn’t really accusing Jimbo of cheating which is how he seemed to take it. It was really a message to the Alabama boosters, which is who he was addressing with the comments, that they need to come up with more $. The TAMU alumni base and boosters (among others) have deeper pockets and he knows that. Jimbo seemed to take it as a personal attack. Which I can see to some degree, that he said he bought his whole class (as if that’s the only reason a kid would commit to play in college station). But he meant that Bama needs to kick the cash up a bit if they want to stay on top of the recruiting rankings.
  3. Totally off the rails. Jimbo gets LOOSE.
  4. Would love to see a bunch of these in the stands for the home opener on MNF. Would be a poignant message.
  5. Love me some Taron J! One of the more underrated picks of the Beane era.
  6. He wasn’t actually “charged” with anything but he was accused of rape, as it is defined in Texas.
  7. I personally prefer living in a area with “seasons” - I like all of them in their own way. I would not like living in a place with warm weather all the time. That’s just me. I would not mind Buffalo weather at all. Well said!
  8. If you watched that podcast he did recently, it’s clear he’s never playing for them again
  9. Possibly, but can’t go on precedent (ie Big Ben, Zeke). They have changed the process since then and it’s an independent arbitrator. Plus he has 22 accusers, not one.
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