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  1. I think he signed as FA. he came back with the Browns in ‘99 but had to retire it seemed almost immediately after hurting his neck again.
  2. It’s not like they’ve had a long list of lions greats to get through before him! He works in their FO now.
  3. He’s a throwback player. McDermott would have loved him.
  4. I think they would have to build major contingencies into the trade
  5. For the first couple weeks he is back I wouldn’t be surprised if they used him as more of a blocker (and a decoy given what he’s put on film so far) to give the hand more time before the Allen bullets fly into it again. But they should be able to test in practice.
  6. He’s not easily replaced and they are thin at the position - they will need to adjust the offense but every team has injuries they need to overcome, coaches and depth players need to step up
  7. The wind might be tough for Keenum as he doesn’t have a big arm but I think their defense should be good enough to win a low scoring game at home. Crowd should be into it.
  8. You would think so. But technically he could play right away unless the nfl does something.
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