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  1. My daughter has Amazon Prime, so I can stream Amazon Prime stuff on her account. I'm streaming a movie right now.
  2. I agree that Rob Johnson was a traits guy, but I also think that his development was poorly handled by the Buffalo coaching staff at the time. There is no way to know whether or not he might have developed into something more. At this point inn history, it's water long under the bridge. I don't worry about it any more.
  3. Nothing can change the fact that it is also the most boring month of the season for fans. No practices that media can observe and report on. Few if any high profile free agents that teams are likely to sign. As you note, Chandler, most of the small potential for news in this four weeks is for bad news: driving while impaired, assault, domestic violence, substance abuse. And as you also note, that potential is especially small for the high character Bills.
  4. Agreed. Buffalo has explosive players all over the offense, and there's just no way Shakir is going to get enough touches to get 1200 or more yards. It's the established star veterans like Diggs, Davis, Knox are the guys Allen is going to look to first. Diggs and Davis are going to get much bigger numbers than Shakir. Even Knox as a tight end might have more. As you note, a maturing Josh Allen, who can read defenses quickly will have more options to find the open receiver when he has more weapons who can consistently get open, but the established guys already do a pretty good job of getting open.
  5. If that's what happens, I hope they decide early on who they are going to keep. If it is Araiza, he's going to need as much practice as he can get on his holding.
  6. I think the writer may mean "different" from what other running backs for the Bills have displayed in similar situations.
  7. I wouldn't rule it out. Robinson is a consensus first round pick, unlike Achane. Some observers think he's a top 10 pick. If Robinson lasts 'til the end of the first round, it would be hard to argue against him as the BPA.
  8. A couple sources rate him a first round pick. Most rate him going in the second or third round. He's fast but undersized. He's likely to fill the same role as James Cook is projected to fill. He's a little faster than Cook, but Cook has enough speed to stay ahead of most DBs once he gets deep. Cook is rated a good blocker and has elite receiving skills. Achane is regarded as a poor blocker. NFLDraftBuzz projects Achane to run a 4.4 40. Cook ran a 4.42 at the combine. He's two inches taller and 5 lbs heavier. If the Bills draft any RB in the 2023 draft, it's far more likely to be a day three pick that weighs 215 or better and is known for short yardage power.
  9. Well, I did say "may not" and not "won't." A lot depends on training camp. Obviously, Morse is entrenched as the starter at center. Most of us assume that Ryan Bates and Saffold are the most likely starters. There are a bunch of potential backups. Boettger and Ford both have started at guard for the Bills. As you mentioned, there is Mancz, who can swing to center too. I won't name the other guard prospect(s) who are long shots to make the team. Quessenberry is another issue. Doyle is the youngster, but I think he grew up a lot last season. He has further to go, but his youth and reasonable contract are in his favor. I don't think Quessenberry is a lock to be the swing tackle. If Doyle ends up being the guy, Quessenberry could shift to an interior backup who can also play tackle. If hypothetically neither Mancz nor Van Roten stick, the Bills have dealt with a situation like that before. Feliciano for a time started at guard and backed up Morse, shifting inside when needed. I will assume the starters end up being Dawkins, Saffold, Morse, Bates and Brown. I think most likely the Bills will carry four more offensive linemen. I think Quessenberry is close to a lock. I think the Bills like Doyle enough to keep him. I think the Bills will likely keep one of the younger possibilities, either Ford or Boettger. Who knows if Ford might turn the corner and thrive under Kromer. Both Mancz and Van Roten are 30+ versus 25 and 27 for Ford and Boettger. Maybe the Bills will favor experience over youth and favorable contract for both their interior backups. I'm just guessing they might want a little of each.
  10. Improves depth at the bottom of the roster. He may not make the roster and he almost certainly will never see the field, but in the case of a disaster of multiple injuries, he's better than Ulmer, whose roster spot he fills.
  11. This might be a case of a kid with some upside who never gets a chance on his first team because there are too many guys ahead of him who are more proven and developed. Or he may just not have "it." This year is probably make or break for him with the Bills, and there are lots of quality players in front of him. My guess is he'll probably not make the team and will try to get on another team's practice squad that is thinner at WR than the Bills, Then he'll hope for an injury to give him a chance to show what he can do on game day.
  12. It would be difficult for James Cook to be recognized as top ten in the league. He's on the light side to ever be considered a bell cow back. His skill set is such that he's likely always to be considered a rotational back who is normally on the field in obvious passing situations.
  13. Obviously, he tested terribly. I think I recall reading something to the effect that he was under the weather when he tested. If that's true, maybe he's not as bad as he looks athletically, but unless he's a whole lot better, he probably doesn't have much of a chance to make the roster, and he's certainly not going to beat out OJ Howard, to say nothing of Dawson Knox.
  14. He was a fringe player given little chance of even making the practice squad. Whether it was Ulmer who saw the handwriting on the wall or the Bills, it was a given that it was only a matter of time before he was gone anyway.
  15. People have an enormous capacity to see reality and then skew it in their own minds so it means whatever they want it to mean. Self awareness and the ability to appreciate reality for what it is is a rare commodity. The New England Patriots were dominant in the division for a long time, coinciding with Tom Brady's tenure as QB. We can imagine all we want what it might be like to face the Patriots now with the current Tom Brady still starting, but nobody can actually know what the result would be, Patriot fan or Bills fan. What we do know is that last season, Buffalo was dominant against New England and New England's defense could not stop a Josh Allen led Bills offense. There is no particular reason to think that this season will be a whole lot different. The Bills are the current betting favorite to win the Super Bowl. I sort of think that makes them relevant in the world of American football at least. Meanwhile, Patriot fans are left with wondering what if.
  16. Good question. Is it possible the passing game coordinator refers to a role in planning defensive strategy? A defensive passing game coordinator/specialist? After all, under Daboll, Dorsey served as passing game coordinator for the offense. That doesn't seem like something he's want to give up as offensive coordinator. It seems a natural fit for his knowledge and experience.
  17. So, is Von Miller the teacher? The only teacher? Do those present simply share technique/tricks or do they have outside coaching staff come in to do the teaching?
  18. I agree with some of the observations others have made. I don't think McDermott brought Brady on board specifically to be Dorsey's replacement should Dorsey fail or get hired as a head coach somewhere. If Dorsey does fail. I would fully expect Brady is a candidate for the role of OC, likewise if Dorsey is offered a head coaching gig elsewhere. I don't think Brady would necessarily be the only candidate should either event happen. It's not going to happen immediately. II think McDermott has more patience than that. The other problem is that Brady cut his NFL coaching teeth in a different offensive system, even though New Orleans threw the ball deep a lot like Josh Allen enjoys doings Sean Payton's offensive assistant in New Orleans. Sean Payton used the West Coast system of play calling. which, I understand, uses a quite different language from the Erhardt - Perkins system that Josh Allen and the Bills have relied on. Teams do switch systems from time to time when new coaches are hired, but it takes time to acclimate. Brady is learning Erhardt - Perkins terminology now and could possibly keep it if he were elevated to the Bills OC position, but it is an awful lot to put on Brady's shoulders. The point is that transitioning from Dorsey to Brady would be a much more difficult transition than from Daboll to Dorsey, and it would be much better to attempt it over an offseason rather than the middle of the season. The Bills' offense would likely suffer from an in season switch.
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if he pays a visit to the Bills training camp this summer. Having another smarty veteran QB never hurts.
  20. Agreed. It was recognized that Araiza had a huge leg, but flawed technique. The arc on his punts is consistently too low, and he had little regard for trying to pin opponents inside the 20 when punting from near midfield or closer to the goalline. He also tended to get the ball off so quickly that his teammates had less time to penetrate on punt coverage. I think the Bills understood all this when they drafted him, and they would need to try and coach him up on his shortcomings. It's early. He's got the whole summer to work on it.
  21. It's likely the Bills will be far less patient for an Andre Smith than a Matt Milano.
  22. I never watched ESPN much. We cut the cable a while back, so now I can't watch it at all. There are a couple channels I miss from cable. ESPN is not one of them.
  23. Johnson is supposed to be really smart and makes good decision, but lacks measurables and athleticism. I think that puts a cap on his upside. The Bills have another couple of young guys: Damar Hamlin and Josh Thomas who are good athletes with more size than Johnson. The question to which we lack the answer is whether or not they have the mental makeup to eventually start. If they do, Their upside might be higher than Johnson's
  24. I agree, 95 is too low. He's right in the group that sits on top. I think he's better now than Brady in fact.
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