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  1. I must say, it's nice to be watching the Patriots QB situation from afar. Neither Newton nor Jones inspire fear at this point, and I feel pretty comfortable that Josh Allen will be the best QB in the AFC East for a few years at least.
  2. If Kumerow can be anywhere near as effective as Taiwan Jones as a gunner, it makes a lot of sense to keep him and let go of Jones. Jones is older and has just about zero value as a running back. Kumerow in Taiwan's spot essentially saves a roster spot since Kumerow has real value as a receiver. Brieda and Antonio Williams, I understand, both have some special team value.
  3. His college draft profile suggests some athleticism, but said he needed to get stronger. He has long arms and has played both inside and outside. Buffalo looked at him last year too.
  4. I take McDermott's quote on Addison being back figuratively. He had a down year last season for whatever reason. He's saying Addison looks more like the player they hoped they were getting when they acquired him.
  5. I still believe that Phillips' performance last season was hindered by the injury he had suffered the your before. I think it was more than a torn ACL. I think another ligament was involved too. That made the recovery take longer. Certainly, he has to perform this season, but I'm not going to dismiss him just yet. Reportedly he has added muscle mass this year, but without contact in practice, there's no way to assess what he's doing.
  6. Uh oh. What's wrong with the defense? McDermott better come up with something. No, not actually worried. It's just Daboll's offense being what it is, unstoppable, with Josh Allen pulling the trigger and having targets like Diggs, Beasley and others.
  7. Kumerow is making a strong case for himself. At the bottom end of your depth chart, you may be looking a bit toward the future. I would expect if Isaiah Hodgins or Marquez Stevenson can grade out similarly to Kumerow through training camp and preseason, their youth would be seen as a plus. Kumerow has to be enough better than those two younger players that the Bills have to opt for the advantage Kumerow gives them this season.
  8. Among Phillips, Zimmer and Butler there will be at least one cut. There might possibly be two, but I don't think Phillips will be one of them. He's a 1 tech and that's not where the Bills' surplus in DTs lies. If Obada/Basham/Rousseau get significant reps inside, it won't be at 1 tech. Duke Williams has never been more than a fringe player for the Bills. If he hangs around, it would be on the PS, and that's not likely. He's pretty much irrelevant in any case. Matt Brieda will make the team. He's playing special teams in practice. Williams may make the team too,
  9. I wouldn't use the word "outlandish," but you're right in that it's not likely that everything lines up in a way where it can happen. The odds are pretty good that Daboll gets his head coaching gig, but since we don't know where that will be, we have no idea what the QB situation will be.
  10. Yeah, versatility is huge. Having lots of players who are only special teamers becomes a huge handicap to your team. You have to have solid special teams play but having more than a couple specialists (not counting your punter, kicker and long snapper) can't do anything else effectively is going to hurt your depth.
  11. He's spent time more recently on the Dolphins PS. I don't think there is a lot of value to old intel, but what he has on Miami might be worth a bit more.
  12. I'm sure Zimmer will be in the hot seat in Minnesota, but I'm not so sure about Culley in Houston and "Chucky" in Vegas. In the case of Culley, everybody knows Bill O'Brien destroyed the team, and Watson's off field activity simply adds a nail to the coffin. I have to believe that if the owner was impressed enough to hire Culley, he'll give him longer than one season to turn that train wreck of a team around. In Vegas, it's Chucky's contract that makes it tough for Davis to get rid of him. Jon Gruden practically owns the team. There are certain to be other teams looking for a new head coa
  13. In further news Nathan Peterman is looking good in practice for the Las Vegas Raiders.
  14. If Beasley copes OK with COVID protocols and continues his stellar play in the slot, then Sanders will be the #2 receiver (Diggs being #1) on the outside. If Beasley grumbles his way to being cut or retiring because he won't get vaccinated and doesn't want to deal with protocols, then Sanders will get a lot of reps in the slot (probably rotating with McKenzie) and Davis will be the beneficiary on the outside.
  15. Well, I guess it's safe to say he's not a blocking TE signed to replace Lee Smith.
  16. Maybe the Dolphins can put a big "R" on the backs of the receivers, and tie the hands of their DBs behind their backs. Just to give the poor youngster a little confidence.
  17. It's the only designation that makes sense to me. Yes, he could line up as a TE or even WR in some plays, and of course he would need to contribute heavily on special teams, but FB gives him a chance to contribute something that not many others on the team can really do.
  18. A bit more of a gap between Tampa Bay and Buffalo than I would have expected, but overall not that much of a surprise.
  19. This is giving her a break? If your post was satire, I apologize.
  20. I agree that environment is hugely important. I do think that Josh Allen has a higher ceiling than either Darnold or Lamar Jackson, but that is impossible to prove. Jackson absolutely needed to be drafted by the Ravens. John Harbaugh understood that the Ravens needed to taylor their offense, and even their offensive coaching staff to his specialized skill set. It's hard to really judge where Darnold's ceiling might be since the Jets screwed him over with their organization's ineptitude.
  21. With all due respect to Davante Adams, who may be the best receiver in the league, but is certainly in the top three, I don't see that this trade would have a huge impact for Buffalo. Buffalo already has Diggs and Josh Allen has the potential to put up close to 5,000 passing yards on the season with the receiver group Buffalo has in house. Does Adams give them another 200-300 yards? Maybe, but I'm not sure that translates into more wins. That's without even talking about how Cole Beasley's vocal reaction against league COVID protocols and his stated inclination to retire rathe
  22. Yes, and he may be almost as relevant in 2021 as he was in 2020.
  23. Sam Darnold also had the handicap of having an idiot head coach. I don't think Darnold has had the same benefit of continuity as Josh Allen . Josh has had Brian Daboll's offense for 3 years. I'm not sure who Darnold's offensive coordinators have been, but he's had more than one. In comparison to Josh Allen, I do think Sam Darnold is more laid back while Josh Allen is driven. That may in part because Darnold was something of a "golden child" at USC and didn't to work as hard to have college success, while Josh Allen had to claw his way from high school to junior college to Wyoming.
  24. He was OK, but there were others who did a better job. He's not going to get that gig.
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