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  1. How many drops did Buffalo receivers have? It seems like the wet conditions bothered the Bills receivers a lot more than it did Baltimore receivers. I think Josh's stats took a major hit from the drops.
  2. OBJ doesn't help them now, so I don't think he's in the conversation. If they do sign him, it has nothing to do with the present circumstances. Tayvon Austin is also an option.
  3. Shakir can back up McKenzie in the slot as well as take reps outside. Hodgins can be called up. Hopefully another week will move Gabe Davis along toward full health. Buffalo could add a PS WR if Crowder's injury is long term and they need Shakir on the active roster.
  4. All things considered, the Bills should win. The Bills have shown the capacity in the past to limit and control Lamar Jackson, if not shut him down. On offense, nobody has shown the ability to shut down Josh Allen in his present incarnation. The weather isn't going to be the friend of either team's passing game, but I don't think it's going to be so bad as to completely shut things down. The wild card is Jackson's wild athleticism. You can control him most of the time, but if he gets loose for even 2 or 3 big plays, it can change the complexion of the whole game. In the Miami game, Buffalo had several big mistakes. If any one of them didn't happen, Buffalo has an excellent chance to win the game. If Buffalo makes too many mistakes, as they did last Sunday, especially involving Lamar Jackson, they can still lose this game.
  5. Prediction is looking good. In addition, improvements for both Boogie Basham and AJ Epinesa give Buffalo enviable depth at defensive end.
  6. I've never been concussed. I should have been multiple times. Just lucky, I guess.
  7. That 4.7 speed is probably a fatal flaw in any hopes that Johnson could be a future starter. Speed isn't everything , but there is a need for at least a minimal speed at safety. I'm not sure what that minimum is, but I think it's probably lower than 4.7.
  8. It looks as if there will be some rain and wind, but nothing extreme. The ball will be wet and players need to have the right footwear, the passing game should be functional to a degree.
  9. Of course, the pickings in the free agent market are pretty slim, especially given the salary cap constraints Brandon Bean is feeling. Murray has starting experience and he's not so old that he's likely to be slipping physically. The biggest doubt about Justin Murray is that his injury in 2021 was a back injury. Hopefully, it doesn't turn out to be a nagging issue for him.
  10. He's not the first "Cookie" to be a member of the Bills.
  11. Jackson, Elam and Benford have all played well, probably above the expectations of most. The problem with the secondary has nothing to do with the lack of a veteran presence. The problem is, it's hard to play football in the NFL with a MASH unit. I don't mind signing a veteran at this point, if he can play.
  12. Alcohol dilates blood vessels in your extremities so your arms, hands, legs and feet will feel warmer, but the heat that helps your extremities feel better comes from your core. So, you can avoid frostbite while you die from hypothermia. There are better ways to try and keep warm.
  13. The game next Sunday between Buffalo and Baltimore will have a major impact on the MVP race.
  14. With a concussion, it's all about league protocol, unless you're Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins. If he's out all season, it's your fault.
  15. 32 is not too old for a short term contract. I'd very much like to see a complete run down of all the Bills' injured players. I know the Bills won't give out any details though.
  16. That's my guess. I'm just hoping that besides Tommy Doyle's torn ACL they are all very short term.
  17. I think it is a very real problem and I think there are solutions, but I don't really think the NFL is going to make the necessary changes. Solutions could include scheduling home games in Miami (and Tampa Bay) either in the morning or evening to avoid that brutal afternoon sun and humidity during the first 4 or five weeks of the regular season. However, I don't think the league would ever adopt that as a policy because it screws up TV contracts.
  18. Obviously, we need to see a lot more from Cook. Part of the problem today was the patchwork offensive line, but that excuse is going to wear thin pretty quickly.
  19. Matt Milano dropped a potential pick six, and it was the difference in the game. Miami had the advantage of sitting in the shade on the sideline while Buffalo cooked in the hot sun, and it was the difference in the game. Buffalo played the whole game with 4 backups in the defensive backfield, and it was the difference in the game. A fumbled exchange from backup center Van Roten halted a long potential scoring drive when even a field goal changes the outcome, and it was the difference in the game. My point is a whole bunch of things went wrong in this game, and only one of them going right may have changed the outcome. Such is life in the NFL.
  20. I'm disappointed. I think the Bills could have won if any of a number of things had happened, and they could have happened easily. Factors in the loss include the injuries, (of course) the heat and a few key plays. The early fumble in which Buffalo gave up the football deep in their own territory, Milano's failure to catch the ball on a potential pick six, are just two of the key plays. I think the rematch will look very different. If Buffalo is reasonably healthy at that point, I think they win decisively.
  21. Oliver and Jackson. Phillips is listed as questionable, as is Tim Settle. I don't think either of them is listed as a starter, even though they get plenty of reps.
  22. The language on the Bills web site suggests Bryant (and Emili) were "signed" to the 53 man roster. They elevated JaMarcus Ingram and Greg Mancz were "elevated." I presume the Bills can cut Bryant and Emili and sign them to the PS, but there is no particular of teams claiming them on waivers over and above the fact that while on the PS other NFL teams can poach them anyway. The only risk is if they play really well and garner attention from other teams that need DT help.
  23. Obviously, Tua has physical shortcomings relative to Josh that are never going way. Deep passes are going to float. That's the only way he can throw deep. Tua will never be the running threat that Josh is. Still, he can be an effective QB. The problem for the Bills is every player in the secondary for the Bills will essentially be a depth player except for Taron Johnson. Elam and Benford are starting because Dane Jackson is injured and Tre White is still on IR for a couple more weeks at least. Then, of course, Poyer looks to be out and Hyde is gone for the rest of the season, leaving Johnson and Hamlin to play. All four guy have played well for the Bills when they've been on the field, but with Waddle and Hill lining up across from Benford and elam, the pressure is going to be sky high. I think the Bills win, but this is not going to be easy.
  24. I would guess that Brandin Bryant is going to get ample reps with Oliver out and Phillips hurt - even if he plays.
  25. I had a post in the Micah Hyde injury thread about free agents. The bottom line is, there's not much out there. Teams are probably not going to be highly motivated to help Buffalo's anticipated Super Bowl run by trading a quality veteran too Buffalo at a fair price. They will fill Hyde's roster spot with someone who can play safety or perhaps fill it with a CB and move Siran Neal's primary responsibility back to safety. Either Johnson or Hamlin is likely to start the rest of the year, and the guy who doesn't start will end up as the primary backup.
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