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  1. To be clear, it's almost certain he'll be released. His contract is $11.3M and he was one of the worst guards in the league last year (per PFF). Nobody would trade a pick for him, so the question is if you'd want him as a Free Agent. Personally, I would.
  2. Sounds like the Chargers are "actively shopping" Trai Turner, but it's most likely he'll get released. Stop me if you've heard this one before: - Made the Pro Bowl 5 consecutive years with the Carolina Panthers - Coming off a horrible down year - Still young (27 years old) - Coming off a huge contract that he underperformed - Played RG next to Daryl Williams for 5 years. This guy has basically the same story as Daryl and would be a similar "reclamation project." Our staff knows him and he would know the guy playing next to him (if we can ge
  3. Sometimes you get really good coaches out of family bloodlines. -Kyle Shanahan is a heck of a coach and so was his dad. -John Harbaugh is a heck of a coach and so was his dad. You might say the same about his brother, Jim Harbaugh. -Wade Phillips was a good defensive coach and so was his dad. If I hired someone at work and they did a great job and they had a son ... sure, I'd be inclined to try to double-dip. You probably would too.
  4. “Almost perfect if you take away the he said she said” Maybe you forgot about him beating up an undercover cop in the club, or his “special” parties, or his 20 cent tip to his waiter. The guy is a scumbag.
  5. Why on earth would the Jags do this? A pro bowl top 10 pick in his third year in the league... and you think we can get him for a late 2nd? Man, this is going to be a long offseason.
  6. How much would you ask for to trade Josh Allen? That's how much the Texans would need to give up Deshaun Watson. They are comparable players. The only correct answer is: not tradeable. This is just a story made up by the Watson and his agents to get him more attention, money, and power within the Texans organization. The media ran with it because 20+ franchises are all dreaming of a player like him and it's fun to dream.
  7. There are two factors you appear to be overlooking: 1. Signing him now does not mean we can't keep his salary very low next year or the next few years. They can structure a deal to look like he never signed anything. 2. It's incredibly important to keep Allen happy now. If he's willing to sign a team friendly deal now, you do it. Period. For these two reasons above, you can expect a signing sooner rather than later.
  8. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Also, why are you crying about this again? Diggs is under contract for 3 years. Plenty of teams pay both WR and QB.
  9. Earlier in the season I actually agreed with you. As the season wore on, I noticed that Singletary in particular just isn't powerful enough to fall forward and he's not fast enough to outrun guys. The stretch plays dont work because he's not fast enough. The inside plays dont work because he's not strong enough. I expected Moss to be a punisher, but he seems to be playing similar to Singletary... slow without the power to compensate. It's a big area of need unless Moss takes some miraculous step after healing from his injury, which is unlikely.
  10. Have you watched him all season? He's great in the fourth quarter. He had a bad game against KC. In big moments all season he's been awesome. Third down, fourth down, you name it. The "KC Defense isn't good" argument is insane, by the way. They are good and they showed it on Sunday.
  11. Instead of wasting another high pick on running back, we could get a pretty decent, proven one in free agency. I'm guessing it would cost maybe $5M and we would know what we're getting because the position has been devalued. Options: Chris Carson Kenyan Drake Todd Gurley Carlos Hyde Marlon Mack Phillip Lindsay Save the first round pick for a CB, DE, or someone else who isn't a dime a dozen.
  12. It’s no mystery. Daboll didn’t magically forget how to coach. By playoff time it became evident to EVERY team that we couldn’t run the ball AT ALL. If your team becomes one dimensional in the playoffs, you won’t win. See Baltimore. Moss went down, Singletary was somehow below expectations, and the O-line couldn’t run block. It’s the beginning and end of every issue with the offense. If you have 7-8 DBs in on every snap, the WRs will have a much more difficult time getting open and the QB will have a harder time finding them. We need a better run
  13. Here’s something to cheer you up buddy. Chiefs are $18M over the salary cap right now. We’re $2M under and can shed some other deadweight on the D-Line. That means we’ll probably show up better than ever next year and the Chiefs won’t. We have a bright couple of years ahead... maybe even a decade or two! That’s much better than missing the playoffs for 20+ years. Hopefully you agree. Go Bills!
  14. Ah yes, “rigged” ... it wasn’t that Kansas City was just flat out better on offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. We lost because it was “rigged.” We’re both fans of the same team, so I’ll put this nicely. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. When you lose and you immediately blame the refs or say something is “rigged” you come off as a crybaby and people stop taking you seriously. It’s fine if you do it on this message board, but do yourself a favor and don’t do it in front of your friends or family. It’s a bad look.
  15. Hey man ... don't do that. Just, don't. KC outplayed the Bills. Tampa is a good team and beat the Packers. It will be a fun Super Bowl to watch. The world is not out to get you.
  16. Agreed. I think we have a good sense of this because it's shockingly similar to the Rex Ryan "build a bully" BS. Can't believe anyone bought into that from our side. Thank god we're past it.
  17. Thank you! That was my intention for this thread. Not to jump ahead or say we're guaranteed Super Bowl. It's the best way to determine who's considered "best" out of the 4 teams remaining.
  18. TB vs Buff would be a PICK. (50-50) GB vs Buff would be GB -1. (Green Bay favored by 1 point) KC would be -2.5 vs both GB and TB. (2.5 point favorites) Confirms that most people see KC as the best team in the tournament, with GB, TB, and Buff all a close #2. Thoughts? So excited for this weekend!
  19. He's a Hall of Famer. Like it or not, the guy was one of the best QB's in the league for almost two decades. Stinks that his team never went far in the post-season, but that didn't stop Dan Marino from making the Hall of Fame. Dan Marino: 61,361 Yards, 420 Passing TD's, 252 Int's Phil Rivers: 63,440 Yards, 421 Passing TD's, 209 Int's. Phil Rivers is a first ballot Hall of Famer and it's not even close.
  20. Same here. It just means they're a bandwagon front runner. I've noticed a few of those same people are now Bills fans. I take every chance I get to mention that to their friends and significant others. Gotta watch out for people who have zero loyalty!
  21. This is an interesting phenomenon I'm noticing. I have a few friends who are Pats fans. Rather than feel any type of threat from the Bills current situation, they appear to be rooting for us. Perhaps it's because so many of them are bandwagon fans and are just on to the next best thing. Perhaps it's because they're not used to the Bills actually being good and they're in denial. Perhaps they're simply in denial. Either way, it will be fun to watch them slowly realize that their time is over 😃
  22. 1. Tyreek Hill is not the Chiefs Man Of The Year. 2. Yes, he has allegedly committed two crimes. One in 2014 before he was drafted and one in 2019. 3. The Chiefs actually run a great organization. The fans are great and they keep their players in check. If you remember, when they had Kareem Hunt (a budding superstar on a rookie contract) and he kicked a woman, they cut him immediately. If this thread is about Tyreek Hill, fine. However, I feel like you're trying to make this about the Chiefs organization. Are the Bills a terrible organization because they did literal
  23. Instead of wasting another high pick on running back, we could get a pretty decent, proven one in free agency. I'm guessing it would cost maybe $5M and we would know what we're getting. Options: Chris Carson Kenyan Drake Todd Gurley Carlos Hyde Marlon Mack Phillip Lindsay Save the first round pick for a CB, DE, or someone else who isn't a dime a dozen.
  24. I have a reliable source inside the Bills organization that says Josh Allen looks good in shorts.
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