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  1. Third f***ing year in a row that I say O-Line, O-Line, O-Line. Yet here we are trying to solve a run blocking and pass blocking problem with Bijan Robinson, Devin Singletary, Zach Moss, and James Cook.
  2. Yes, I know he looked terrible this season in limited play. 3rd rounder in a potential Super Bowl year. We needed OL and WR badly. Why did we draft him? The Bills play a base 4-2-5 defense… 4 down linemen, two linebackers, 5 DBs including a Nickel (Taron) who acts as a linebacker at times. Was Bernard intended as insurance against a Taron or Edmunds injury? Was he intended to be used as a core special teamer and traditional OLB in 4-3 looks? I didn’t understand this pick at the time and still don’t … unless it was always the plan to groom him to replace Edmunds… which also seems odd in a SB year. So… what do you think was the ideal outcome Beane had in mind? Try to keep the snarky/defeatist answers to a minimum.
  3. Lotta smoke about him becoming the SS next year and I’d love it. McDermott also loves when Safeties have played CB or know the position well. Helps with spacing and disguising coverage. As long as we’re running McDermott’s defense and he’s calling the shots next year, I’m nearly certain Benford will at least get a crack at it. His tackling at the CB position was awesome. My only concern is pursuit angles from SS. There could be some learning moments in the early season.
  4. This would be an interesting take if it were true. The Eagles are an extremely multiple base front. They run a lot of 3-3-5 base front, 4-2-5, and 3-4-4. They adapt the front based on the team they’re facing. We run a base 4-3 Nickel and change around things post-snap. That’s how we are “multiple” and it works against bad QBs because they have no keys to read pre-snap. This doesn’t work against great QBs because they read our keys live and know EXACTLY what base to prepare for ahead of the matchup. So… you might not be part of the “fire everyone crowd” … but you should open your eyes or at least try to find a recent time when the Bills have shut down an elite offense. You’ll find your answer there and it’s not just the trenches. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/platform/amp/2022/10/24/23420170/state-eagles-defense-numbers-philadelphia-jonathan-gannon-nfl-football-scheme
  5. The real question is — will McDermott be willing to play a defensive scheme other than his own Cover 2, zone heavy scheme that doesn’t work against good offenses? If he’s unwilling to change, we will end up with another Leslie Frazier who is probably less experienced and talented than Leslie Frazier.
  6. Here come the pitch forks for any player who was injured or had a bad game. Many stages of grief.
  7. It would be nice for the Jags to win, but it would be even nicer to beat the Bengals and then KC to get to the SB. To be the best you gotta beat the best,
  8. Very cool... So, after drafting a running back in the 2nd round last year, your plan is to draft a running back in the 1st round this year?
  9. I think it's important to note that the O-Line does more than just pass block. If they can't get any push in their run game and are generally disjointed, that will affect their passing game as well. This absolutely will have a big impact on the game.
  10. Seems like a lot of Pats fans have adopted us as their "second team." Honestly... I can't think of anything more embarrassing for that fan base than calling a division rival your "second team" ... kinda the same as tattooing "fair weather" on your forehead.
  11. Anybody saying they for sure know that he is or isn't playing is an idiot. We have no idea what exact procedure was done or how his body reacted. What we do know is at minimum, McDermott is making our AFC Championship Opponent prepare for Hyde, if we make it there. There is absolutely no reason not to do this, as there are unlimited practice squad call-ups during the playoffs.
  12. There was a point at which I wanted him to join the team. Then came the circus. Then it got worse. Now I would be legitimately upset if we threw him one single dollar to be on the team.
  13. This. He sells out on a wide speed rush WAY too often, which causes loss of contain on the QB and a huge rush lane for the RB. It hasn’t burned us yet, but against a QB like Mahomes, he’ll immediately notice it and exploit. AJ still feels like a liability to me out there.
  14. Their draft pick of Kaiir Elam tells you exactly what they want to do. 6'1, 191, with 30 7/8'' arms. Excels at stuffing releases and wins with physicality 4.39 40 yard dash We drafted this guy in the 1st partially in the response to Levi, Dane, and other CB's not being able to disrupt route trees early and not being able to recover once they were beat. I wouldn't say it's "not something we wanted to do" .... more that we didn't have the right guys to do it. The right guys are rare because they have to be big, fast, and able to quickly transition from a Man concept to Zone. If Elam works out, we now have that guy. Tre will also be that guy if/when he fully recovers.
  15. The NFL would be smart to wait until after the Saturday and Sunday games happen, then decide what to do with this game. At that point, we'll have a complete picture of the implications of their actions. The #1 seed should not just be granted to any team without knowing full implications. So, penalize both teams because one of the players got injured? Doesn't really seem too fair to me.
  16. Weird, I could have sworn we beat the Chiefs this year and are the current 1 seed. Maybe I should buy into some more of this loser talk.
  17. Absolutely brutal post. I have no idea how anyone is still backing Whaley after the dumpster fire he created. The Dareus contract, the Sammy Watkins trade, the EJ Manuel pick ... come on. Sean McDermott signed as head coach in January, 2017. Brandon Beane became Bills GM in May, 2017 Poyer and Hyde were brought in during the 2017 free agency period. You really think McDermott and Beane had nothing to do with the Poyer and Hyde signings?
  18. This statement is disappointing, but it's even worse that 7 people liked it. New fans, I guess. Tyler Bass drafted in the 6th ... bad kicker? Matt Milano drafted in the 5th ... bad linebacker? Gabriel Davis drafted in the 4th ... zero value? Dawson Knox drafted in the 3rd ... bad Tight End? Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde brought in as cheap free agents ... bad players? You might not like Ed Oliver, Devin Singletary, Tremaine Edmunds, and Greg Rousseau, but NONE were busts. Trading a 1st round pick for Stefon Diggs ... bad move? He's nothing special? Playoff drought streak broken WITHOUT Josh Allen .... coincidence? This type of ungrateful BS and throwing all the love in the world at Josh Allen and saying he's the only reason we're good needs to stop. Does Josh Allen play defense? Because we're a top 5 defense almost every year with McDermott and Beane. GTFO...
  19. Wan’dale Robinson was drafted in the 2nd round this year… in what world would he not be on any other team? I’d take him. Daniel Jones is also not that bad. This “Daboll is elite” storyline needs to end… at least until he has more production. They’ve been an objectively bad team all year but stacked wins against worse teams early in a bad NFC conference.
  20. The Giants are currently ranked #20 in Offense and #27 in defense. I wouldn’t call that an “outstanding job” … they just haven’t played many good teams this year.
  21. Wouldn’t the opposite be true then as well? We will “always have the advantage” against KC on defense? I’m ok with that.
  22. He is definitely improving, but I’ll tell you one thing that isn’t. His tackling. His tackling form is absolutely disgusting. Saturday was the first time in 9 straight games that Epenesa did NOT miss a tackle and he was batting about 50% on the season prior to Saturday. I actually don’t know how a Defensive End could be so bad at tackling… he shoulders into guys like Phillips and refuses to wrap.
  23. The official Bills instagram referred to James Cook as “Jimbo” With all due respect to the Jim that lives in our hearts, I kiiiiinda love the nickname. Are we making Jimbo Cook a thing?? https://www.instagram.com/p/CmkDzjCO8_g/?igshid=MDM4ZDc5MmU=
  24. You're calling Donovan McNabb a bust? 6-time pro bowler, two-time all pro ... came in 2nd for NFL MVP in 2000.... My brother... what??
  25. This would maybe be ... kind of cool if the cartoons looked anything like the players?
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