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  1. I think we should give up on him and run him out of town, along with Terrel Bernard, AJ Epenesa, and Ed Oliver. Next up, Kaiir Elam. Player development doesn't exist!
  2. May I please give you an example that proves this insane idea wrong? In the 13 seconds game, Josh "mentally overpowered" Mahomes to two game winning drives in the last two minutes. He outplayed him the entire game and left the field a winner with 13 seconds left. Then the defense collapsed and he didn't get the ball again. He went home a loser. Josh is already there. Are McDermott and the players around him there? Probably not.
  3. Interesting to see so many people hating Miami. I don't even pay attention to them. Josh Allen is their Daddy and we dominate them in every critical moment.
  4. I think most of us would agree that the Brady Era Patriots were insufferable. Let's call them a 10/10 in terms of hatred. If your second favorite team (Lions? Saints?) is a 1/10, where do the Chiefs land? I'll start. I'm at about a 6 right now. It's more respect that hatred. Yes, Mahomes is annoying and the Swifties thing is bad... but I don't feel the same burning hatred as I did with the Patriots. Curious where everyone else stands!
  5. Projected free agent contract is $16.5M/yr. Do feel good about paying that to a safety? Also, he plays strong safety, which what Poyer plays. We need a free safety. Very similar positions, but not the same. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-england-patriots/kyle-dugger-47632/market-value/?callback=in&code=NDY3N2FJNDCTN2JIYS0ZNWY4LTK2ODUTMDHKNMQ1OWFINWE3&state=a44375d939754757be9a9b07c413cb9b
  6. Interesting way to spin a coach with 40% career win percentage and 5-4 playoff record.
  7. Is this not worth a discussion? You know it’s TWO third round picks, right? If a minority defensive coordinator is hired to be a head coach, the team he left gets two third round picks. The question is if Frazier fits that description. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/nfl-compensatory-picks-for-minority-coaches-and-executives-explained
  8. Can we put the Mahomes threads in a different forum please? He doesn’t play for the Bills. Yes he’s good. Yes Josh is also good. Yes he is beatable. Yes he has beaten the Bills in the playoffs often. Cool.
  9. I think it's a little early to say that. They've just thrown the ball at him a lot. Sam LaPorta: 120 targets, 86 receptions for 889 yards. (71.6% reception rate) Dalton Kincaid: 91 targets, 73 receptions for 673 yards (80.2% reception rate) Both guys look great early, but it's silly to put them above Kelce, Andrews, Kittle, Hockenson, etc., until we see them develop.
  10. Well .... read the responses in this thread. Many thought it was a foregone conclusion. It was not.
  11. This is sneaky huge news. He was interviewed for Defensive Coordinator on several teams that have an OFFENSIVE specialized head coach. It was not a given that he took the job with the Bills. One might argue he could showcase his talents better as a play caller and eventual head coach on one of those coaching staffs. He must have loved it in Buffalo or got a great offer.
  12. Whether the fans like it or not, the reality of the draft is that a huge component is luck. Beane has shown he's a great GM. He has made the right moves many times over. If you guys don't see that, you don't know what constitutes great GM work. Simple as that.
  13. We have a hall of fame defensive end currently on our roster. People can laugh about that all they want, but Von had 8 sacks through 11 games prior to injury last year. Before that, he was averaging 10+ sacks every year. That's rare and he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Let's hope he comes back at full strength next year, or even close. The book isn't closed on that yet.
  14. Best WR draft in years and we need a long term solution for both #2WR and #1WR. .... and you guys want to spend big money in Free Agency?
  15. Poyer and Hyde were not superstars when they joined the team in 2017, as I'm sure you know. Hyde was learning a new position. Poyer underperformed in Cleveland. Babich was Assistant Defensive Backs coach in 2017 and moved to Safeties coach in 2018. You really don't want to attribute any success to him? Tremaine Edmunds underperformed for most of his time in Buffalo. Matt Milano was great, but not known as the best OLB in the league prior to 2022. Babich moved to Linebackers coach in 2022. The result was an All-Pro season for Milano and by FAR Edmunds best year as a Bill. Is that not enough for you? How about Terrel Bernard blossoming into a stud MLB under Babich? Or Tyrel Dodson turning into a legit starter after Milano went down, after doing nothing the 3 previous years with the Bills? Klein coming in off the street and having a great game vs the Steelers when the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd OLB went down? Is that all luck as well? Babich might not turn out to be a great defensive coordinator, but success has legitimately followed him at every position he's coached with the Bills.
  16. I'm going to give an answer that many will not like. The answer is we're spoiled. We expect a touchdown on every drive. We compare Josh to Mahomes and act offended when he doesn't make every throw effortlessly. There are games that we could not be stopped. Those definitely exist. There are games that KC can be stopped. Same for Detroit and whichever team/game you want to cherry pick. 361 yards for KC, 368 yards for Buffalo. We just had a few bad drops and KC made big plays when they had to. Both teams are lacking pass catching talent. Theirs just made the big plays that we didn't. End of story. Not more complicated than that.
  17. This is a better question to ask after the Chiefs game. If Chiefs can beat them, we probably could too. As frustrating as it sounds, similar roster construction. Lack of receiving threats, good tight end, good run game, strong defensive line but suspect secondary and second level.
  18. Here's a list of guys who won Coach of The Year the past 15 years: - Brian Daboll - Mike Vrabel - Matt Nagy - Jason Garrett - Ron Rivera - Ron Rivera (again) - Marvin Lewis - Mike Smith Swear to god. Look it up. All of these awards are a joke. It's usually a popularity contest for who is the flashiest... so, Josh will win one. Plenty of time.
  19. The Bills beat the Chiefs 3 out of the last 4 times they played each other. All on the road. In the one loss, the Bills scored a TD to go ahead with 13 seconds left. If Beane hasn't proven to you yet that he built a team that can beat the Chiefs, I don't know what to tell you. Will stupid fans panic if the Bills lose Sunday and say we'll never beat the Chiefs along with other needless, dramatic, crybaby statements? Yes.
  20. are .... you trying to tell us something?
  21. I know, they should have targeted one of the several all-pro Punters available in week 18, who also have holding experience with Bass.
  22. Don’t need a punter if you score every time
  23. He's been in-line to get the job for years? He's 37 years old and got his first coaching gig as Inside Linebackers coach in 2019.
  24. A few thoughts, based on your responses: - Kaiir Elam is 22 years old in his second season, and has never played in a zone-heavy defense in his life. Calling him TBD is accurate. Perhaps we shouldn’t throw him out in the same scrap heap as AJ Epenesa, Terrel Bernard, and Spencer Brown. - Complaining that Beane will “probably sign Gabe Davis” without knowing anything about the contract or intent is ridiculous. Yes, they “love him” and he’s a team captain. They also “loved” Tremaine Edmunds and he was also a team captain. Beane could give you guys a million dollars and you’d still complain that you need to pay taxes. Jesus.
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