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  1. Ain't no way Levon Bale gonna save the Bils and they ain't gonna win no champeenship cause of that Levon guy you crazy dood
  2. Levon bears his war wounds like a crown and his family business thrives.
  3. The Jets choice of vaccine is slamming down Buds to dull the pain of all that misery and get into brawls in the stands... now they can carry on the tradition.
  4. Hate to be the Negative Nancy, but...... STILL haven't solved the run blocking problem. STILL haven't solved the run defense problem. STILL haven't addressed the lack of a pass rush. I hope to hell this team drafts well, because so far we've upgraded our depth IMHO and not solved any of our Top Three issues which kept us out of the Super Bowl.
  5. No, they didn't because with the seriousness of his injury, the market for his services isn't as robust as it might have been, giving the Cowboys leverage... they'll let Dak walk and not pay some ungodly $39 million plus a year or more...
  6. So was he part of a group or was primarily a solo act? I know it's not my cousin Brian Wilson or the other Beach Boys LOL
  7. Was he the owner of a nightclub/record label or a manager of acts?
  8. Is he an entertainer? He looks like Carson Palmer LOL Peter Fonda?
  9. I don't have plans and schemes And I don't have hopes and dreams I don't have anything Since I don't have you I don't have fond desires And I don't have happy hours I don't have anything Since I don't have you
  10. It is Theodore Roosevelt!!! Remember that he was born asthmatic and was not the strongest child by any means... he built himself up.
  11. He ran for President three times and lost, so it's not him.
  12. Well, after this clue the game won't last too long! Yes he was!
  13. I'm Over You LMAO It's not Vontae Davis either, FYI. Negatory. It is a politician, but not Woodrow Wilson.
  14. The picture was taken soon after the Civil War, and it's definitely not Eisenhower!
  15. Been a couple of days, so here is another one... a much older one!
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