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  1. We are playing the DOLPHINS this week... he won't miss the game based on a cramp.
  2. Well, first you need to know what it means, so I'm not inclined to care what you think at all.
  3. I do feel sorry for you that you aren't proficient in English or don't know how to use a dictionary. Fixed.
  4. Not my fault you aren't proficient in English or use a dictionary.
  5. See, that is what makes us different... I am an empath and could NEVER be a defense attorney or an attorney for a serious criminal or something like that. I have no tolerance for people like that and I would walk the other way. To me there is no real separation between the way a person conducts themselves and what they do no matter if they are a football player for my favorite team as in this example. Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey are two more examples... I just can't watch anything they appear in without being disgusted.
  6. PLEASE I implore you all... He is not McDaniel... he is RUXIN. Refer to him as Ruxin. That is all! 😂
  7. I worked with a Captain Morgan once, so there has to be a Major Major or two floating around LMAO
  8. Bass and McKenzie. Bass will probably have at least 4 field goals and McKenzie will have a monster game.
  9. That is the direct impact that Von Miller has, unquestionably. Miller frees up space for the other linemen to succeed and BOY did they do that!!!!!
  10. Perfect... then after we can bus a ton of Jets fans to Austin, Texas and drop them all off there.
  11. Yeah right... no thanks, Bruuuuce says 🖕
  12. This thread shouldn't be 172 pages long... Araiza isn't worth it. He's a scumbag who should have been cut today. Anyone defending him or coming with this "innocent until proven guilty" crap is probably willing to condone all sorts of crimes.
  13. Here in Youngstown, Ohio: FRIDAY NO OTHER NFL GAME ON TV SPECTRUM APP: No Patriots/Panthers! We got A Football Life! SPECTRUM CABLE BOX: Patriots/Panthers! SATURDAY SPECTRUM APP: No Bills/Broncos! We got A Football Life! SPECTRUM CABLE BOX: No Bills/Broncos! We got Lions/Colts! It's not just WNY.
  14. BECAUSE HE ALWAYS DOES!!! How long have you been a Bills fan, a minute?
  15. Joe D is a much better man than I then, because I don't like cheap shot artists.
  16. Yeah F Joe Klecko... what a waste of a HOF spot if it happens
  17. He ALSO admitted that he stole the car they found him in, so there is that, and also that he was uncooperative. "During the stop, cops say Lynch "stated that he was not drinking and he does not do drugs, but that he stole the vehicle. Lynch then allegedly refused to get out of the car after officers asked him to exit the ride. The 36-year-old was eventually arrested about half an hour after the stop was initiated ... but cops in the docs claim he continued to be uncooperative after officers had obtained a search warrant to get a blood sample from him." https://www.tmz.com/2022/08/11/marshawn-lynch-reeked-booze-stole-car-during-dui-stop-cops/
  18. Doesn't change anything... the guy's public record doesn't add up to good dude.
  19. Good dudes don't engage in hit and runs at 2am after they hit a pedestrian.
  20. Tyreek Hill on the announcement: "It's nothing, man... Stephen Ross has the most accurate arm in the NFL hands down"
  21. Isaiah McKenzie basically did the same thing for us last season, so yeah the 49ers can have Deebo for that ridiculous price... I'll take our superior depth at WR thank you very much!
  22. He is when it comes to Buffalo Bills journalism and has been for years and years now. If you don't know that then you need to get out and talk to Bills Mafia members more.
  23. Some turdbucket shot someone unarmed dead in a movie theater in Colorado and was found not guilty... in this America, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want to evidently, so swinging a helmet is not really that big of a deal.
  24. LMAO you're lying. Browns defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, one of Garrett’s friends, said, “I know he wouldn’t lie on nothin’ like that. He’s kind of a carefree type of guy, so I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t lie about nothin’ like that.’’ He noted that he “didn’t know nothing about (it), nah,’’ Richardson said. “I wouldn’t doubt it, though. Had to be something to get him out of his body.’’ Richardson said he believes the slur was one of the reasons that Garrett acted out, but not the only one. “Nah, dude grabbing at my facemask and underneath my facemask and grabbing at my Johnson and stuff like that, definitely,’’ said Richardson. “An ass-kicking was coming, it’s just that simple. You’re trying to hurt me, I’m hurting you. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, everyone deaf, dumb and blind at the end of the day, so that’s the way you want to go, we can take it that way.’’" https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/11/myles-garretts-teammates-believe-report-that-mason-rudolph-hurled-a-racial-slur-at-him-despite-appeals-officer-finding-no-evidence-of-one.html "Cleveland defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi revealed Garrett told him about the alleged racial slur right after the first game between the AFC North rivals, per Jason Lloyd of The Athletic. "You've got to remember, nobody has ever gone through this process before," Ogunjobi said following Pittsburgh's 20-13 win in Sunday's rematch. "It's our third year; we've never had something like that happen. I feel like he's upset people were calling him a liar. That's not something to joke about. He's not that type of person."" https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2865042-browns-larry-ogunjobi-myles-garrett-revealed-racial-slur-right-after-game
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