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  1. It's probably above your intelligence. It's a cartoon for smart people! 😂 Seriously, watch the first 4-5 episodes. A single episode won't do it justice. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  2. Man how awesome would it have been to have got Christian Kirk in here? Josh tried hard there. If only.
  3. Rhodes to active roster as a backup to Tre, Elam and Jackson rotational situational play.
  4. Doing what? Saying we will be healthy soon? We will be. The Miller injury is rough but Hyde being injured was worse and Edmunds injury has been more detrimental. The latter will be back soon. While the former may be back this year.
  5. This is the only real place worth posting but the injuries we just got and have had... Von Miller will be out at least 4 weeks. Maybe 6. That puts him back at the playoffs. Tre needs another few weeks to be full speed, Edmunds and Rosseau will be full speed in 2-3 weeks. Poyer should be healed up. And the way people talk we could see Hyde back for the playoffs. On offense Dawkins and Morse will be healthy in a few weeks. Even Boettger could be ready to go before the end of the season. There is reason to believe Kumerow and Crowder make it back this post season, too. The injuries yesterday aren't terrible. They just suck.
  6. You'd like Toledo. Especially if you took the time to find the hidden gems. Willis boyer and such. A good day trip place and then to Detroit for the Ford museum etc. I haven't been to Sylvania or NWOH in probably 10 years. I miss nothing. Sylvania was cute as it was a bedroom community. Now it's a sprawling cesspool of urban sprawl. It was bad enough 25 years ago when it was the just copying Abercrombie and Fitch and Victoria's secrets catalogs.
  7. What expectations are unrealistic to want to: Turn over the ball less Score in the red zones more than 97% of the time Run the ball for 80 yards a game without the qb
  8. The only good Packos was in Sylvania, if you ever go. Not even sure it's open. It's in a random shopping center.
  9. The best part about football in Toledo is the Buckeye/Wolverine store. The Toledo vs Port Lawrence battle was epic, too
  10. I haven't read the whole thread but happy to see that Peyton Manning wasn't listed repeatedly. He was not a forced window thrower like others, even Eli was better at the narrow window bullets. But he wasn't great at them either
  11. This is 100% true even if those excuses are reasonable. We simply need to do better and now that December is going to be upon there is absolutely and positively no room for bull####. One reason I have hope after today falls in line with some of what is eluded to here. Today's game Josh went to McKenzie. He knows McKenzie and played with him longer than any other WR on the team. He had no other choice today than to force it to him and it showed several times. Why he didn't go to Diggs early, I don't know. Why he didn't go to Davis was clear. Davis was blanketed most every route by defenders (I suspect he's been figured out). McKenzie was creating just enough space today to make things work and Josh knew he could trust himself to throw the routes he knows McKenzie is running.
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