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  1. Ifs and buts and chocolate nuts
  2. This is a weird ass thread. Y'all f'd in the head giving a ***** about this dude that he's dead.
  3. I learned this in the parenting classes I took. They said that odds are low that we would be a part of it because, ya know... We were there. But, evidently they said to be aware for all intents and purposes of life that it is a major issue.
  4. Until I see stats I won't wager a guess. I remember about a dozen years ago a guy went through and broke down all the team penalties. New England was toward the middle, as was a few other teams. New Orleans, the giants, and some more, right in the middle to high side. The guy then broke down yards per penalty and there were outliers among the teams that eventually showed bias but they still ended up as getting fewer yards then average. But, the stat he provided that broke it down essentially put it as penalties which has significance to the outcome and the effect of the game. It was magnificent. How many penalties came in each quarter was there. How many penalties when the team had a greater than 10+ lead. Etc It clearly showed favoritism. The guy wound it up saying that he believed it just to be a fact that refs believed these teams were better than the others and thus. Less likely to have penalties committed.
  5. Used to be tom was auro corrected to marsha. And some other word changed to stevestojan
  6. It was not a punch. His finger clearly extended. Fwiw Kelce vs Swift Super Bowl!
  7. i don't know anything else but it is too late to flex the game.
  8. the guy has nothing to do with the game - he is a staff member of the team and put his hands on an interfered with the game. fat joe nobodies can't just interrupt the games because they are stupid. how is this a not really?!? explain when it is ok for a person not playing the game to be interrupting or contacting a player in the game beyond an injured player being assisted or a player falling on the sideline and contact being made BY the player from a football aciton?
  9. after yesterday - sure - we should. if i'm a team owner i am willing to pay a fine for having a staff member interfere if it means taking out a premium starter on the opposing team.
  10. for the simple principle and making a statement about this. if tomlin was suspended from a game for unintentionally blocking a players path then this guy intentionally involving himself in a game needs to be more severe. the eagles should save face and suspend him themselves. coincidently i was hanging christmas lights during the game and nfl radio had been broadcasting the eagles broadcasters this series. they were overjoyed that they had a security guy standing up for "his" players and preachign that this guy just earned more respect from the team. that everyone in phili knows who he is and loves him - that's incredible. why do they know the security guy?!?! of course, later they had the niners radio guys on and they kept calling the eagles "the cockroaches." agreed and this is why it quietly needs to be addressed by the team before it gets worse. of course, philidelphia has no class. they'll do nothing. i hope the nfl comes down hard on this.
  11. the entire last series of the game was the worst called event i have seen in a week.
  12. And they were riding high, unblemish and well armed.
  13. The angle they kept playing didn't show that at all. It was crucial. That ball wasn't being caught regardless.
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