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  1. Saves a few $ at QB2. Hope to only see him in Q4 of blowout W’s.
  2. On one hand, we have multiple seasons of double digit sacks, lots of other production (plenty of TFLs and a good number of forced fumbles and batted balls), evidence that he can beat first round-level offensive tackles, and credible sources attesting to high character. On the other hand we have a bad 40 time. I get that a Chris Kelsay-level projection would cause consternation. (even though he did have like a 10 year career, right?) I think Epenesa is going to be a productive player for the Bills - just like he was a productive player in college. Therefore I’m loving it.
  3. I like Moss’ tape in the Red zone. Hope that means more TDs and fewer FGs.
  4. Love the pick. Back-to-back double-digit sack seasons and lots of TFL, too. High character guy. Great football player. His poor combine is the Bills’ gain.
  5. Way to go, Nate! The guy could make a great coach one day.
  6. This looks like it is model-based to me. (Computer-simulated) Would be cool to see what’s under the hood.
  7. With every delay to offseason training, the Diggs trade becomes more and more favorable against having drafted a rookie WR in round 1.
  8. ummm... I’m pretty sure we were told that they want to start “signing their own”...
  9. Let’s pick him up so he can retire as a Bill! 😛
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