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  1. Yes it would be sweet. Realistic optimism...is that an acceptable thing in Bills land now?
  2. I think the Titans game would seem to be the easiest of the remaining road games other than Miami. Cleveland and Steelers could be tossups. Dallas and New England the most difficult. If we can take care of business with Miami and Tennessee , might be able to steal one more somewhere on Allen's back. My prediction is 10-6, thinking same as you early on 6-2 home and 4-4 road.
  3. Gore lacked power today. Could be just one game. But if he looks bad next week, he's probably hit the wall. We don't need a replacement like Singletary, we need a power or short yardage back.
  4. After playing the game with DTV for about 8 years to get discounts, it is finally over. I quit this year (had done this in the past too) to get Sunday ticket and it looks like they called me on it this time. No attempt to try and keep me. So, no more DTV and I'm not getting cable back either. Going with streaming (fire stick) and regular antenna. 99% of the TV we watch is on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I think I'll get Game Pass and can watch the games that way. So long DTV. I won't miss you and this yearly headache!
  5. Absolutely dirty. He was head-hunting and launched himself. Totally unnecessary.
  6. I think he'll have whatever experimental state of the art contraption exists.
  7. I'm expecting a new fangled helmet when he's back.
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