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  1. I need your supervisor! I am the supervisor. I need another supervisor!!!
  2. Steve Smith never backed down and never took crap on the field. He backed up his attitude with his play. The Bills need more attitude. No more letting things like the Gronk incident with Tre happen without some retribution.
  3. Building and fostering relationships improves productivity at work and at school. There is lots of research to back this up. Those who are hung up on the X's and O's need to do a little reading in this area. All 32 of the head football coaches in the NFL understand X's and O's. The coaches who are successful over the long haul build teams.
  4. I loved that book and I loved the Packers in those days. One of the best football books ever written. Very sad about Starr but very happy Kramer made it into the HOF. He was long overdue.
  5. He was my favorite player as a kid. I drew a picture of him playing football and my uncle told me to send it to him, so I did. He wrote a brief note back along with two signed 8x10 glossies. Great, great guy. Condolences to his family.
  6. I don't think Clowney is rated top 5. Not sure he is top 10.
  7. IDK, would you trade Shaq straight up for a 6th? I would not. IMO Clowney is overvalued if the Texans want more than a second. They should continue to wait it out. The longer the wait, the better the bargaining position. If he goes elsewhere for a 1st, so be it.
  8. A 2nd is fine IMO. Don't see them throwing in Shaq too. He's a young starting caliber DE in this league if even if he's not a big sack producer. If Shaq is included in the deal then I'd expect Clowney and a pick back.
  9. As a Bills fan I'm cautiously optimistic about winning a game up 10 with 30 seconds to go, so....
  10. I agree with all of this, but after last year and all camp this year, wouldn't that be enough? Anderson moves to coach at the start of the season.
  11. Last year it was easy to keep 3 QBs because some parts of the roster stunk (Oline and WR). This year is a lot different. We likely have real talent available for that extra spot. I can see the Bills keeping 7 WRs, as an example, and that extra WR comes from dumping the 3rd QB.
  12. Yes, I don't thinks he lacks confidence. He thinks he's gonna blow things up in the NFL. Here's hoping.
  13. I agree, but also not sure we're done yet at WR, or Edge for that matter.
  14. I hope 2 of our 4 remaining picks are LB. Beyond that, whatever they can get.
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