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  1. I wouldn’t describe Boogie as a great pass rusher. He gets hustle sacks. Interesting to see how this year plays out if he loses weight. Miller will create more opportunities for everyone.
  2. Nice job! You made a good case for your thinking and sounded at ease with the delivery. This could be a thing for you.
  3. One of my favorite Bills of al time. Great guy and underrated QB.
  4. I’m in on all conspiracy theories for this one. Really odd timing.
  5. They're not great for trying to figure exactly who will pick who once you get past the early picks. However, I think they have value for seeing where players fall in relation to one another. On a similar note, Every year I print out a copy of the big board rankings with 300 (or whatever it is) players and, broadly speaking, the players tend to get selected in that pattern by rounds. I might track the first three rounds or so before I give up and concentrate on 🍺
  6. Apparently Adams thinks Rogers is a tool too. Can’t make this stuff up.
  7. I think the Bills need a little bit of love. Last year due to circumstances that won't be mentioned, I think the team lost some chemistry. They finally regrouped at the end of the year, but the damage was done in the loss column. Glad to see new guys fired up to be on the team with one mission ahead. This D-line could be outstanding, especially if another DE besides Miller steps up with a pass rush.
  8. I liked what Tim Settle had to say. Seems like a great guy. Very pumped to be in Buffalo.
  9. I don't see a trade up that's worth it, but I'm all for a slight trade back. As you said, this draft is deep at CB (and WR) so we could move back a little and get an extra mid-round pick that could be worth something.
  10. I've just started watched some tape of these guys (RBs) and Hall looks terrific. This draft is deep at WR and CB, so the Bills could target folks that could be available in round 3 or later. Maybe the best possible scenario for the Bills is to hope to trade back and grab an extra pick that could land us Hall. Still have to think CB is round 1 is the plan as of this minute, though.
  11. Hall looks like a terrific prospect but I don't think the Bills will pull the trigger on a back that early in the draft. I would guess round 4 to be the earliest round for a RB. I have always thought that one big weakness this current team has is the lack of a back with size who can push the pile when needed. Hate to see Josh having to keep it on third and short. He'll get hurt eventually. For that reason, I'd like to see the Bills go after someone with size (220+) and power, even if not the fastest in the world. Would a guy like Hassan Haskins be available in the 4th round?
  12. Seattle had thoughts of using him for punt returns so he's had work in that area. I think he'll get a look see here.
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