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  1. Hard to believe people are so worried about Cam. He has had 2 good years throwing the ball in his entire career, with the last being the Super Bowl year. I’d only be worried if it’s a competition for nut jobs who can’t dress.
  2. Rans should have gone old school with black and white unis. Chargers have best looking unis in league now with powder blue top and white pants. Love #’s on the helmet.
  3. With roster we have now, I really hope mentor days are over at all positions. They’ve instilled the “process” now we need to run with it based on ability.
  4. I thought of Fromm as no lower than a 3rd round prospect, so to get him in the 5th is a steal. I felt sure the the Pats* were going to draft him as he fell. I felt he was a perfect fit for their short passing game. People comparing him to Barkley are off base. Watch some tape of Barkley and you will see “moon balls.” Fromm, while not the greatest athlete, is not that guy. He played against NFL caliber players his entire career and won. This pick is nothing but upside, even if the end result is only a quality backup. This is a pick smart GMs make. The investment is next to nothing and the return potential is huge. You could easily make the argument that backup QB is the 2nd most important position on the team.
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