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  1. yes. I was partially mocking us here. the continued suggestion he would be better at OLB than MLB. But i certainly have moved on from him( Edmunds) Go Bills
  2. I was speaking to bringing back Edmunds It was popular opinion at one time Edmunds would be better served to play outside 🙂
  3. CONGRATS POPPA COOK. Love it. Kids are awesome game changers 😇
  4. Klein back in the building is a very good thing actually. Especially McDermott's vision , he knows how the game is played and can teach. Also can actually play in a pinch with some tweaks to coverage schemes. But having him on PS is really rather excellent. I appreciate your attitude about Lombardi ! Also about what McBeanes want from the LB position. Go Bills well he would have to switch to OLB LOL
  5. Defies explainin' and that why we cannot look away you always cut to the chase . and or point out the rather hidden obvious Thank you.
  6. Fixing the RBs to make the most of multiple options was something i have been strong about. And actually using them. Unlike last year. Singletary and Moss were kind of redundant. We did not use Cook and Nyheim to their best imo. Lets us pray Dorsey can show patience and the wisdom he showed with the running game against the Raiders all season. Defense will have to manage every threat possible that Bills have to offer. Which can be plenty I predict !
  7. Your positivity is contagious. Damn you Man ! Go Bills ! That's entirely too patient Live for the Day !
  8. After the play , that's kinda what i suspected as well. Good fun in the moment Both sides of the ball. Build on it ! Okay You get it, 👍
  9. Josh Taylor NOW ! To the Browns I love what they called Sunday. Having 3 backs and giving them plays that suit their skill sets. Pretty awesome
  10. im not There was no way he was going over him. And his buddy could have crippled him. They patted helmets if i recall correctly Poona drew doubles and still got push nearly all of his 16 or so snaps. Did not notice Settle who played similar amount. Could tell it was Poona by how he wore the jersey Bad tv angle for seeing #s at LOS again And a center/QB who can put them in the right protections plays. Very hopeful they just improve as the season goes along 😇
  11. Marital Arts ? new discipline ? If not , should be. lol
  12. I felt that was him have fun with his college Team mate and nothing more. An indulgence they both laughed about We love you. Don't change a thing.
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