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  1. Sherman actually saying what everyone was thinking: they let him back in last week because it was a huge game for them. The NFL might take some unprecedented action here.
  2. The post game show hosts are absolutely torching the Dolphins organization right now.
  3. So can I assume since I wasn’t watching the game that somewhere around pages 30-36 of this thread it was thoroughly covered how awful Tua going down again with another head injury looks for the Dolphins. You guys covered that to death, correct?
  4. Thanks. But quick correction: Tua hurt his “back” last week. 🙃
  5. Just tuning in. Is this game as bad as the score says or actual good defense? If it’s the latter, I’m more worried about the fish than before.
  6. Is forfeiting an option just I don’t get a phone call Sunday night as the last “next man up?”
  7. This game was a LOT of things. Meaningless is not in the top 20 descriptors.
  8. Don’t blame the refs. Blame the guy who seemed to get pretty passionate for one play when he had the worst play call series I’ve ever seen with 1st and goal that would have sealed it.
  9. So it’s a penalty because he missed it. if he caught it, it’s a great hit. how the ***** does that make sense?
  10. I want a full investigation into how Tua was allowed back in this game after he looked like a drunk baby deer after he fell.
  11. The only thing that could prevent us from strolling to the SB = injuries. well, *****.
  12. The halftime adjustments should be: 1) play football 2) let Josh not get hit for 1 freaking play. 3) find out who their third string QB is.
  13. Our back up center (I will never learn his name out of spite) has one ***** job.
  14. If your DBs are going to sit with their thumbs up their asses anyway, maybe try to blitz every once in a while?
  15. Want a chance to show you should be a starter in the NFL? Don't ***** suck at your job. ***** injuries. *****!!
  16. Dropped?? he was blind side crushed after no one blocked the dude.
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