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  1. Everyone really thinks the Bills are going to give us an early Christmas present of two full weeks to relax and enjoy a playoff berth rather than getting wasted and hoping Hauschka doesn’t miss an OT kick against the Jets? I love the optimism but I’m still scared. I have Stockholm syndrome; I love my captor the Buffalo Bills, but I also remember all the horrible things they’ve done to me over the years.
  2. To each their own I guess. I love it and it’s proximity to NY. A lot of bars, sure. But also more amazing restaurants and Weekly events within a one mile square than all of WNY. But I do understand wanting greenery.
  3. everything we needed to happen today (with the obvious exception of the Bills Winning) happened. TN, DEN, and TB won. we need one win the rest of the way and we’re in, regardless of anything else.
  4. 11) Tennessee holds onto to this lead, we win next week, and we’re in. Edit: 12) I now realize you mentioned that.
  5. After college (2002) I moved away from buffalo. Since then, I’ve lived in South Fl, Tucson AZ, Virginia Beach, DC, and another stint in VB. I now live in Hoboken, NJ (2 miles or 35 minutes from mid town manhattan.) I understand loving your hometown. I’ll always be a Bills fan. But other than Tucson (which I hated), every city I’ve lived in, our even visited, has SO much more to offer than WNY. My wife and I visit Buffalo once a year, for 48 hours. The people are great but there just isn’t any reason to ever move back other than the cost of living. Are there hidden gems in Buffalo? Sure. But even with the “rebuild” you can see everything worth seeing in an afternoon. Its ok to love buffalo. It’s odd to see why other WNYers don’t understand why the area is picked on unless you’ve never experienced other areas.
  6. Wow. Our expectations are so low. C? I’m a HUGE Josh fan. Love the kid. Yes, our line didn’t help and there were some big drops, but he had a horrendous day today. That final drive was only close because of flags against the Ravens. I’ll give him D- only because I’m a fan of his.
  7. from the experts here, titans win, and we win next week and we’re in.
  8. He must make more money in the booth than he would as a head coach. He calls 90%+ of calls correctly pre-snap.
  9. You don’t care if we would guarantee a playoff spot with a win against the Steelers?
  10. We are rooting for the Patriots, correct? We have zero point zero chance of winning the division so having the chiefs move down And have a fight in the AFC south would help?? I’ve been doing some drinking. Thanks in advance for clarification.
  11. Lost to the NFLs best team by one TD after the worst offensive showing in years. Just so glad we didn’t have to watch the Bills score a TD there and Hauschka miss the XP. That would have killed me. 9-4. Go bills.
  12. I “got” not filing up this board with threads by making a new topic that says what everyone knows.
  13. Beasley gets an Oscar nomination for that. And I love him for it.
  14. if you miss it, game over. I love that it worked. I hate the call.
  15. That is the worst play call EVER. Don’t let its success let us forget that.
  16. Bojo needs to get cut today. There HAS to be some soccer player somewhere who can do better. Field position was a killer (as if we needed any help). also can’t wait to hear McDs presser as to why he didn’t challenge that PI.
  17. Update: The Ravens are REALLY ***** good. We’re one score down. Will we win? Most likely not. But let’s not jump off the bridge yet.
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