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  1. thanks. So I’m sure the 2026 Bisons will have some nice upgrades.
  2. So, I know very little about baseball. And I could probably google this. But living here in Hoboken, I’ve now been to several Yankees games just because they have beer and hotdogs. Am I way off in saying that the Bisons field is significantly smaller than a MLB field? Will our new team, The Buffalo Baseball Team, just kill HR records?
  3. Well that took a horrific turn at the end. So since you said misdiagnosed, was it a one time thing? Do you think the hits from the scrimmage has anything to do with it?
  4. AT THE TIME OF PUBLICATION (see:Today. So, no fans at a semi-Pro Tennis match in Batavia this Sunday).
  5. Gather outside? Have you been to a bills game? At any given time there are 400 million people in every bathroom. And 405 million people in line for beer. With half of each screaming “hey-a-hey-a.” Now mind you, I live in Hoboken, so more sensitive to it, and I appreciate the fact that WNY is basically the Midwest and should not be held to the same restrictions as NYC. But the argument that’s it’s “gathering outside” is ridiculous.
  6. Isn’t the bigger question why we still play the anthem before sporting events? Why not the pledge of allegiance? A reading of the bill of rights (which last time I checked included the freedom of expression)? And if we’re going to play the anthem before sporting events, why not before the Opera, movies, concerts? This is so silly. And I’m dumbfounded that this poll has more than zero votes for “no, i wouldn’t support that.” It’s his choice. And he leads a group of guys who beat up other guys for our entertainment. But I again go back to the question of why we feel sports are the one thing we watch for entertainment that must start with the national anthem.
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