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  1. It doesn’t suck until it hits close. I understand that most people from WNY never leave, rarely travel, and see things from the “NYC is the reason my taxes are so high!” point of view. (Apologies to my fellow TBDers who I likely offended with that previous paragraph). I was born and raised in Buffalo (well, a small town just south of Buffalo) but have moved seven times since; six of them for work. Last August, I had to go to one of my employee’s funeral. He was 42. In 2019, he ran a marathon. I can say with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAINTY that his wife (who also wor
  2. You realize what normal people (us “sheep”) think when you use a word like “scamdemic,” right?
  3. Side note, living in a nice hotel room and not having to see people would be the only reason I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine.
  4. Well, I think this sums it up perfectly. None of us are mad at him for not getting the vaccine (even though some of us think that’s incredibly stupid) we’re mad about how he’s handling it as we’re heading into a season with enormous potential. Don’t need the distraction.
  5. If we did, the death count would be 900,000. Subtraction by addition!!
  6. Have you had your B5G (Blood 5G) levels tested lately? Since I’m sure you think the Earth is flat, if you just keep walking, you’ll find a clinic to have it tested.
  7. Does anyone know how we eradicated Polio? God’s will, correct? Asking for a friend.
  8. Did we keep Smoke’s cell number? I heard it’s unbearably hot in Vegas.
  9. Nope. Just like every human being, the Bills just have one butthole.
  10. And the NFL/Bills have every right to fire him. It reminds me of when people lean on freedom of speech. “I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!”. It just means you won’t go to jail. It doesn’t mean your employer can’t fire you. Beasley is one of my favorite players on the field. But his tweets are going off the rails, mentioning “Gods will” (maybe God’s will was to put scientists and doctors on earth to develop a vaccine, but I digress). Fine. Don’t get the vaccine; but shut up. Or retire. I was really hoping a Bills player would show up on the front page
  11. Angel Hernandez threw him out for intentionally throwing at the catcher.
  12. Haven’t read this thread at all. But I assume most of the last pages are about Beasley. My two cents: I don’t care if you are anti-vaccine. I’d really prefer all of the Bills players got the shot. But I understand (or try to) that some people don’t want to get it. That’s insanity to me, but I understand differing opinions. However, calling the NFLPA “a joke” and asking “did we vote for this?” (you didn’t directly, but your reps did) publicly is just asking for trouble.
  13. We all make stupid statements in the heat of the moment. In years past, I was the mayor of stupid statements on TBD. But what opinion did you have that was your worst? My post, so I’ll start. And mine is recent and I got the appropriate amount of judgement for it: I wanted to cut Bass after week one.
  14. The only position we aren’t currently Elite at is RB. Josh shouldn’t be our best RB. Hopefully motor proves me wrong this season.
  15. I love building both lines. Beane is the best GM we’ve ever had. Including Polian. Look what he’s done for this team that was a joke 4 years ago.
  16. How ***** weird Is it to be a Bills fan and be hoping for a solid “backup” for a stacked team? I’m certain my grammar was awful in that question, but drinks.
  17. So, we dont need to score 50 points a game? fantastic work, Beane.
  18. Our current defensive linemen are sleeping well tonight. With a bottle of Ambien and Jack.
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