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  1. KC can be as banged up as all Holy Hell for next week and the Bills still won't take advantage of it.
  2. The Bills have one of the very best QB’s in the sport, in a QB driven league, but there is a better chance of the Bills finishing under .500 than making the playoffs. If that’s not a fireable offense, than I don’t know what is.
  3. There isn’t a chance in hell this gutless team wins the last five in a row. Have you been watching this team since the Miami playoff game last year?
  4. Funny thing is the Bills can easily win them all if they don't play braindead like they have been. Can they win them all if they turned the corner? Who knows. But if they fail, they can only blame themselves for failing to get to the playoffs.
  5. The Bills are their own worst enemies in close games against ANYONE. They change that Sunday in Philly and they will have a W. But until they change that, we will continue to be tremendously disappointed in this team. The time has come for the Bills to get out of their own way as they approach the murderer's row of their schedule.
  6. Another reason to shake your head as to why this team is only 6-5 approaching a HORRIBLE schedule.
  7. 1. Jim Brown 2. Walter Payton 3. Barry Sanders 4. OJ Simpson. The rest you can fill in as you go along, but 1-4 have cemented their places in history.
  8. Kellen Winslow and Rob Gronkowski say hello. Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez are there too.
  9. Josh misses Cole Beasley and John Brown, before they got old. The Bills haven’t replaced them. That’s why they’re in this predicament.
  10. What would a Demonrat know about making informed decisions??? They all just parrot the company line and tell us all non-rats that we all Nazi’s, sexist, racist, fascist or any other ist’s or ism’s because they have NOTHING. The next time you can have a rational conversation with a Demonrat will be the first time.
  11. This Tib person is a typical liberal p@ssy of the highest order and should be totally ignored, not debated with. You flat out just called him out for his BS and he is crying like a p@ssy. Figures.
  12. Why oh why do stupid libs make stupid threads on a football message board?
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