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  1. What's most important is that Wilson is a MUCH BETTER prospect than Sam Darnold was. That's good for the Jets and not so good for the Bills as they might have a divisional rivalry a few years down the road with Wilson leading the Jets. But here is to hoping that Wilson is a Jets bust too. 😁
  2. North Carolina had all this talent, yet couldn't compete for a National title. Ok
  3. Maybe they can get Dupree on a prove it and sign a more important piece in Tomlinson. I don't think that Star coming back is the answer at all to adding beef in the middle of the DL.
  4. Chyna and X-pac were virtually the same size. Who would have won the fight, EVERY TIME, if they fought for real? X-pac would murder Chyna EVERY single time. Catch my drift? Biological men should NEVER be on the same playing/fighting surface as biological women. Case closed. End of story. This doesn't take bi-partisan political stances to figure this out. Women's sports are pissed on enough. No need to involve men to take women's sports down even further.
  5. The Rams just traded for Stafford. You really think they wanna take away a top weapon in Kupp?
  6. You can always manipulate the cap.
  7. All true. I won't dispute it. All I am saying is maybe Watt can have an impact here. Who knows.
  8. Reggie White was 32 also when he went to a new team. That worked out well.
  9. The USA shouldn't be anywhere near those communist pieces of shyt.
  10. No, most fans wanted nothing to do with Baltimore, not Tennessee.
  11. Hardly a tough guy and I am nowhere near a liberal. I am not a Republican or Democrat (I hold no political party whatsoever). And there are citizens that have no right to vote.............. prisoners.
  12. I'm not a Republican and I don't shyt about Benghazi.
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