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I have been a Bills fan since 82.


How I became a Bills fan..............


I am from Kearny, NJ and my father was a Jets fan. Before 82 my fandom was all over the place, as a young kid I had no idea who to root for. So, my father told me to pick a team or you will be made fun of your whole life. So, we were watching the Bills-Jets WCG in January of 82 and I told my father that I will root for the team that wins this game. Obviously the Bills won, but I found myself rooting for the Bills anyways cause everyone in the stands was rooting for the Jets (loved to be the opposite, lol). And I loved the Bills uniforms that day as I thought their uniforms were what America represented. Simply, the red, white and blue, lol.


Simply, I am someone who is NOT from WNY who is a life long Bills fan. Weird, huh?

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