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  1. First win in two years wearing white over blue. Interesting.
  2. Anyone notice that other than the opener (even this game was tied at half)….. that the Bills road games this year have all been heart attacks. 😂😂
  3. Are the Bills breaking out the white over blue combo on Thanksgiving??? If so, let the meltdown begin. 😂
  4. Who knows the extent of his injury though.
  5. Of all the injuries, Groot is the one that’s a killer. Can’t believe that kid is so valuable already.
  6. I respect White, but I ain’t relying on him for anything until he actually suits up and plays.
  7. Will the Bills be able to get out??
  8. Is there a shot this game gets canceled since it’s going to snow a million straight days?
  9. He sure as hell ain’t coming back in 90 feet of snow. Maybe he comes back on the scene of the crime….. Thanksgiving Day,
  10. The OP should be more disappointed with Allen than the members of this board.
  11. I don’t like their prospects, but that doesn’t mean they can’t. Something always goes wrong in these road games.
  12. This regime has yet to win on the road in the playoffs. If they have to go on the road, it could be you, me, Keenum or Allen and it’s basically guaranteed…… no SB for 2022.
  13. Fact is, if Allen misses multiple games, the Bills are going to be on the road for the playoffs. This regime hasn’t won a road playoff game yet and the prospects won’t be any brighter for the 2022 playoffs. So, if Allen can even throw a little, he’s playing.
  14. Maybe it forces the Bills to commit to the run a little more. I am one of the few who actually thinks the Bills can run the ball if they actually do it more than a handful of times per game. Running the ball well and going off play action might help this O get out of this mini funk.
  15. I think the disappointment is the whole team letting the SB favorite talk getting into their heads and treating the Jets game like it was going to be an easy victory by just showing up. Everything that everyone is mentioning is correctable. I’m not panicking. Throw the Jets loss behind them and just concentrate on beating the Vikings. Also, treat the Vikings like they’re a threat, not some also ran. All assuming Allen is playing.
  16. Isn't being up 14-3 in the second quarter a strong start?
  17. They did start off good against the Jets only to spit the bit.
  18. Keenum is brutal, man. The season is done if Allen is lost for any time.
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