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  1. And some of these businesses are black owned businesses too. Looters are gonna loot. That is just the way they are.
  2. Why aren't you putting the blame where it SQUARELY belongs? CHINA. The Kungflu, China virus. Jesus Christ you lefties are so laughable. And if you are living in NY state (or near NYC), why don't you look at your local officials and what they are doing about this pandemic before having this fake outrage about Trump.
  3. Like I have said before, I didn't know a thing about politics until Trump casted his name into the political theatre, because Trump has ALWAYS been a lightning rod and he made politics not so boring whether you liked him or not. With that said, to say Obama was a great President is and always will be downright laughable if you are into politics or not. Just because he was the first black President doesn't automatically qualify him as a great President. Plus his policies DESTROYED small businesses and that is just a fact of life that no one can deny.
  4. So, you are ok with Obama weaponizing his justice department on a political opponent? And please, don't make me laugh by saying Obama was a great president. Give me a fvcking break.
  5. Jr. wasn't even a member of the Trump team at the time. Who cares. Jr. could have had a ***** with Putin and Russian hookers and it doesn't mean a damn thing. Bottom line, I don't want to insult dumb people by associating them with Eric Swallowswell.
  6. The Jets signing a back up QB goes 10 pages long on a Buffalo Bills message board? Talk about bizarro world.
  7. There should always be someone around to change his diaper.
  8. I tried to be fair in my offer (I think I was), but nobody did like Lou did back in the day. He knew how to fleece his fellow GM. 😁
  9. You still don't get why Trump won in 2016. But I will agree that this isn't a road I would travel down if I was Trump, but those two have hated Trump since Trump dissed them at his country club. The gloves are off and anything goes now.
  10. Didn't inquire about Dahlin. I know he is as about as untouchable as it gets. From my point of view, Eichel and Blackwood would be superior building blocks to a championship future for NJ. I tried. πŸ˜€
  11. By this logic, I can give myself an award for being rejected by woman the most times in a calendar year on human record.
  12. I will up the ante on my trade offer. The Devils get Jack Eichel and the Sabres get Jack Hughes, Kyle Palmieri, Jesper Boqvist, the highest 2020 1st round pick, a 2021 1st round pick and another player of your choosing that isn't named Mackenzie Blackwood. And if you choose Nico Hischier, I get to choose another player that is acceptable from your roster. It's a lot, but both franchises need a kick in the azz.
  13. newlydicovered? Do I have to start fact checking now? 😁
  14. If that isn't the creepiest comment ever on here, I don't know what is. 😁
  15. Trump haters are hoping he gets sick and dies. They pray about this to Allah every night.
  16. I knew it when it was live. It's the very same play the Bills have used with McKenzie. Incomplete pass. That simple.
  17. Your reactions about Trump are of a psychopathic nature like the rest of the Trump-hating crowd on here.
  18. Yeah, because what the left and MSM has pushed the last 4 years or so has been so truthful Give me a fvcking break. You and the the other Trump-hating trolls really need to get a life. It's fine to hate Trump. I get it. But the over-the-top hateful bvllshit is fvcking nauseating. Are you and the others going to continue to be psychopaths if Trump wins re-election?
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