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  1. I wonder if all of Singletary, Cook and Moss will be active.
  2. Bill Brooks actually caught 11 TD's in 1995. He was pretty underrated. Kelly also had one of his best seasons, despite the lack of weaponry.
  3. Wrong, last Bills road playoff win was the week after the Steelers game. It was down in Miami in the AFC Championship game with Jim Kelly at the helm. The sweetest win in Bills history, until they win a SB, of course.
  4. Andre Reed and Eric Moulds belong in the conversation as great all time Bills and great natural talents.
  5. Millions of Americans now struggling paycheck to paycheck means far less to a simpleton like BillsSlime than that mean orange man still allowed to breathe free air in this country.
  6. In terms attitude maybe, but George was a big strong armed QB, Baker, not so much.
  7. I see the rush to judgement conviction lawyers are alive and well on here.
  8. Mac Jones being anywhere near this list, let alone on it, shows how much of a waste of time this crap is. Why waste another second even looking at this list.
  9. Hate to say it, but 2022 are the Bills, then everyone else. This is the most pressure this franchise has faced since 1991.
  10. What are the chances Allen gets cut if Keenan plays well against the Broncos?🙃
  11. Teddy Bridgewater will start against the Bills in week 3 if he himself doesn't break like a fragile piece of glass.
  12. Amazing that this is an excellent WR group and none of them were drafted higher than the 4th round.
  13. It still sickens me that Allen had an incredible stat line in the post season and the Bills STILL lost to the Chiefs. Unfortunately, thru no fault of his own, Allen and Mahomes officially DO NOT have a rivalry until Allen beats him in the post season and/or until he wins a SB.
  14. Poyer been in this system since day one. There is no need for him to suit up in these preseason games, even if he’s healthy.
  15. If you go by what is being said..... the Bills 2022 draft class is the greatest draft class in the history of the NFL. 😁
  16. Why does it feel like TC has been going on for 6 weeks? 😄
  17. The Chiefs will miss Hill badly and Hill will miss the Chiefs badly.
  18. Says the biggest m0r0n on this message board. I got news for. People in this country don’t give a flying flip about Jan 6th. Jan 6th isn’t going to buy food, pay mortgage/rent, buy gas or pay other bills. Trump being in jail or not isn’t going to change one person’s life, so get off your high horse and live your life instead of obsessing about someone who isn’t even in office. Does this Jan 6th thing affect your life in any way?
  19. The fact that this bullSchiff is called a hearing and there is NO cross examination means this Jan 6th crap is nothing but a sham to TRY and make sure that Trump doesn’t run in 2024. What a waste of time and complete hogwash.
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