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  1. It's the franchise QB. If it was anything serious,, every darn test in the world would have been done by now and they would have immediate results. If Josh Allen isn't ok, then I would be totally shocked. And if I'm and Allen if he is going to miss time, kiss this season good bye as there is NO WAY Keenum is winning games. The guy is brutal.
  2. Saffold standing there on the Singletary screen was the most aggravating play today. Get you head into the game
  3. Hopefully this clunker doesn't cost them anything like the Jags game did last year.
  4. It seems they lay flat on their faces after playing KC the last two years. It's all a dogfight now and the Bills could be behind the 8 ball here.
  5. They did destroy the 6-1 Vikings.
  6. The Rams have showed the NFL the way by saying..... "Screw the picks" Let's go out and get as many established vets that we can get is what the Rams did. The NFL is a copycat league. That doesn't because it worked for the Rams that it'll work for everyone else. The Rams are the exception, not the rule.
  7. Every opponent treats the Bills like its their SB. I expect a very pissed Josh Allen and he will take it out on the Jets.
  8. I'm guessing that's where an incentive-laden will be there for OBJ.
  9. Plus there are 1.6 million reasons that a Bills trade will be difficult.
  10. Draft choices are still valuable to this organization. Even though they will be drafting in the 30's in the next hundred years, they know they can develop players no matter where they draft them.
  11. Would anyone be surprised at all if the Bills did nothing? I expect nothing, which is fine by me. Remember, everyone making deals are trying to catch up to the Bills, not the other way around.
  12. If he was any good, the Broncos wouldn't have dealt him. Pass rushers are almost at a bigger premium than QB's.
  13. If the Bills brass had any sense of humor they would trade for the other Josh Allen. 🤣
  14. Bills knew they were never gonna lose this game and they played a little flat. You know Allen is angry about those two INT’s and I don’t wanna be the Jets next week.
  15. Would ownership sign off on Hunt for starters???
  16. losing to the punchless Jets, the cardiac Giants and the putrid “Redskins” makes one not worry about the Packers.
  17. NOTHING about the Packers scares me but, I thought the same thing about Jacksonville last year.
  18. The next road game they wear white they should wear the blue pants. The Bills and their fans need to get over the fear of the white over blue combo. 😁😁
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