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  1. Why does it feel like TC has been going on for 6 weeks? 😄
  2. The Chiefs will miss Hill badly and Hill will miss the Chiefs badly.
  3. Says the biggest m0r0n on this message board. I got news for. People in this country don’t give a flying flip about Jan 6th. Jan 6th isn’t going to buy food, pay mortgage/rent, buy gas or pay other bills. Trump being in jail or not isn’t going to change one person’s life, so get off your high horse and live your life instead of obsessing about someone who isn’t even in office. Does this Jan 6th thing affect your life in any way?
  4. The fact that this bullSchiff is called a hearing and there is NO cross examination means this Jan 6th crap is nothing but a sham to TRY and make sure that Trump doesn’t run in 2024. What a waste of time and complete hogwash.
  5. It’s elder abuse at this point. It’s difficult to tell sometimes with Biden because he has always been a stupid politician.
  6. Hey Leslie, what’s more discouraging is the way you melted down at the end of the last game and that’s why you aren’t a HC or will never be again if the Bills don’t win the SB.
  7. The braindead leftists in here hate Tucker. Big shock. That means he is doing his job and doing it well as he is un-cancel-able (made up word 😂). Tucker continue to do good work and piss off as many leftists, and RINO’s, as possible. Tucker is the rock star of politics and leftists HATE him for it. 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. How many other Americans are in their jails that we DON'T know about who broke the law? What makes her special that we should bring her back, but not the others?
  9. As much as it hurts us to be 0-4 in SB"s....... I'm sure it's as equally as hurtful to Marino that he is 0-3 against Kelly in the playoffs.
  10. We have more important issues than worrying about what some law-breaking manly-looking basketball player that decides to break other country's laws does. She did the crime, so she does the time. Pretty simple. So, now her and her wife, who HATE America, want us to bring back her crying criminal a$$. Nope, rot over in Siberia.
  11. Rob Johnson and Josh Allen in the same sentence for anything, is an insult to Josh Allen.
  12. Well, the committee that was selected to run this farce should know an awful lot about debunked conspiracy theories, starting with Limogate yesterday.
  13. Do you Trump-hating idiots actually have a life of your own or do you nutbags get off on having Trump live in your heads- RENT FREE???? Trump has been out of office a year and a half.... GET OVER YOURSELVES He will be 78 in 2024, he is not running again. Again, get over yourselves.
  14. They put somebody under oath to testify here-say bvllshit? What a farce of a kangaroo court with nothing but Trump-hating mor0ns. Meanwhile on planet Earth, Americans have much bigger concerns and they don't give a ff about this sham Jan 6th bvllshit.
  15. Mayfield would probably never suit up for the Browns ever again, even if he isn’t traded. The Browns royally (tr)ucked Mayfield.
  16. That an awful lot to expect out of a 5th round pick right out of the gate.
  17. This tw@t of a scam is still going on? Most Americans don’t give a flying flip about this STUPID January 6th stuff. There are many more important issues going on in our country than trying to find out why the front door was opened at the Capitol to let Viking Guy and a few of his moronic friends in to pee on Skelator Pelosi’s desk.
  18. McDermott had his chance to draft him in 2017 and declined. Nuff said. 😁
  19. Eric Moulds. Terrance McGee, starting opposite Tre and being a lethal KR. Pat Williams in the middle.
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