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  1. Everybody, grab some goodies and watch this. Thanks Rhino. Wouldn't someone in the Democrat party tell all the powers that be in the US in 2016 that if we do all this it could come back to bite us in the butt? These same corrupt morons are the ones who claim Trump is this, this and that, so wouldn't have they been smart enough to let Trump be treasonous on his own if they were so worried about Hillary not being President and Trump being elected President? The dopey criminal Dems should have left it alone, now they all could face a very heavy price.
  2. My God, Schiff is as stupid as they come. No you are scared that it could bring a lot of your constituents down, you long-necked freak.
  3. Having 5 picks in the first 3 rounds by sending off this "so called" talent is such a terrible thing, isn't it? And they made the playoffs this year without them. I will crush McBeane if they fail to bring in talent and/or a franchise QB.
  4. Jackson would need to be redshirted for two years if the Bills draft him. He needs to put on some muscle and needs to learn how to read an NFL defense. I think he can accomplish those things, but sitting him is priority number one. So, I can see the Bills going after Alex Smith or Sam Bradford to bridge the gap. Lamar Jackson does have the tools to be a big time NFL QB, but development is everything with him.
  5. Hey, racist douche bag SAS.............. I know a lot of people who AREN'T watching the SB, including me and my family. Man, the only thing that clown has a clue on is being a racist. That's it.
  6. McDermott got the Bills to the post season with a flawed roster. Jacksonville has legitimate talent.
  7. Sara Carter has been on this and if this is all true, she can basically write her own ticket.
  8. Excellent point. Whaley is the one that comes off as the big retard in this equation. Not the Pegula's, not Marrone.
  9. My wish is that this is all true and the MSM are the ones that look like biased hate-filled fools and they might have to go under for being so hateful and so wrong. God I hope it's all true and we have to see a racist biased libtard like scumbag Don Lemon have to answer for his BS.
  10. Can this be the day where a 40 year old QB looks like a 40 year old QB?
  11. It's early still, but................. the more we see the Jags play, the more I come away impressed as to what McDermott and Beane might offer the Bills going forward.
  12. I have said before and I will say it again................ I don't like Republicans because they are weasels and I cannot stand Democrats because they are nothing but anti-American treasonous criminals who care NOTHING about America or American citizens. All they care about is securing your vote and then once they get your vote you are an afterthought. Dems have run black communities forever. Need I say more?
  13. Obama invited BLM to the WH. That is all I need to know how disgusting that former President was. Worst President this country has ever seen by a mile. That's saying something since there were 2 Bush's in the WH.
  14. How on God's Green Earth is this traitorous tranny allowed to even walk on our streets, let alone run for office? You can't make this stuff up.
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