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  1. Dadonkadonk

    Cap Management and Filling Needs

    It will be a challenge to replace Clay's blocking and the cap savings isn't that much. Not much upside to cutting him w en if he isn't that good. I've been on record that the cut Shady crowd is nuts. Mostly evidenced by the fact the same crowd realizes that collectively the line is garbage including a mediocre Dawkins and raw Teller. I'd keep them both and spend on veteran starter on OL and veteran depth at DE and CB. Then draft youth at BPA among the following - pass rushing OLB, WR, TE, and O-line. Lol. The top center will command a high end signing bonus for the exact reason you stated. They want the money up front because they can be cut. The top C will probably get 50% of the entire worth of the contract in signing bonus.
  2. Dadonkadonk

    Cap Management and Filling Needs

    Agreed. Find a C or G aged 27 or 28 that will be a starter, re-sign Barkley, and sign a couple of depth corners and DE. That is all they need in FA. Then draft an OLB in round 1, followed by 5 offensive players for the line, WR, and TE.
  3. Dadonkadonk

    Portland Bills Backers Stand up!

    The Portland Bills Backers club sucks. Its a ***** small bar near the soccer stadium that does not allow kids. The homeless are camping everywhere. Stay home and watch the game on TV.
  4. It is now quite apparent that the win now and in the future was complete BS. This 2018 team was not constructed to win. I would contend that with TT and Richie this team would be in the hunt for a WC and an outside shot at the division with the Patriots coming to town. But McBeane were determined to blow up the roster and blow it up they have. So with Allen, Edmunds, and Star's play to date are you ok with the lost 2018 season. You can add in the nice find of Foster but also need to factor in that Zay is now 14 games closer to being a total bust and waste of multiple picks. Because this lost season and another wasted defense is the cost of drafting and developing Allen/Edmunds. For me, Allen is exactly what I thought he would be but I would have preferred him sitting behind TT and a shot at the playoffs in 2018. I simply don't trust McBeane to rebuild the offense. But as I've said before, if they found the franchise leaders in Allen/Edmunds then it is worth the lost 2018 season. But I live in Portland and only spend money for Sunday Ticket and travelled to Green Bay. What say you season ticket holders?
  5. Dadonkadonk

    Cap Management and Filling Needs

    What the OP and this board is forgetting is there are multiple teams with tons of cap space. Beane overspent on Star, Ivory, and Murphy. Just like any other team they will have to overspend to lure free agents from other teams. There is simply too much cap space available.
  6. Dadonkadonk

    Who Should Be Fired

    I will reserve judgement on Beane. So far he is a C+. Missed or overpaid on almost every free agent. Wasted picks to move up and draft a LB who isn't in the top 3 rookie LBs. Edmunds might be the best of them all next year but so far he hasn't been worth the investment. Again he is so young so will reserve final judgement but he could have drafted another LB and kept a second round pick to use on the OL. But I wanted Allen and he got him and so far he looks fine. As I've posted multiple times if he gets the QB he gets a 2-3 year pass. This off-season is critical. He has to fix the line and find WR and TE. Add a pass rushing OLB as a critical need as well.
  7. Dadonkadonk

    Probowl selections - No Bills Selected

    DeCastro and Nelson. Two guards taken in top 10. Don't tell the masses on here but it is perfectly fine to take an interior lineman in the top 10. The only downside is having to purchase playoff tickets.
  8. Dadonkadonk

    Ted Washington not impressed with Bills DL

    Lol, neither of us really knows. But in-season you are probably correct. But I think they teach technique in the NFL quite a bit. Of course you can draft kids with great technique but my guess is they prioritize physical talent and think they can teach the technique
  9. Dadonkadonk

    Ted Washington not impressed with Bills DL

    Ok that post is the exact opposite of what McD says all the time. Additionally they can't hit in OTAs so what else would they work on? Hughes has been a nightmare to defend all year. The rest are average. Star is a space eater. Yes but at OLB not DE.
  10. Dadonkadonk

    IF we could only win one of next 2, who do you want to beat?

    Best case scenario is to lose both due to special teams mistakes. I just want to see Allen continue to develop. I think Belichick will rush 3 and 4 guys and force Josh to be patient. Which is perfect for him to work on. Too bad the WRs can't catch anything
  11. Dadonkadonk

    How Shaq Lawson Bought In and Renewed His Commitment

    I will give you the strip sack on Cousins was a good play. After that I can't recall another great play. PEDs, injuries, and too much money. No thanks. Bad decision by Beane.
  12. Dadonkadonk

    The Lions chose to go after Tre White

    Like clockwork for the fans to start picking on the Bills best players. Once again you guys picking apart White are amazing. Did the same thing to Gilmore and you were wrong then and you are wrong about White. He's a great player. All great players give up plays in this league.
  13. Dadonkadonk

    Passing League my eye!! Think again.

    If you can't stop the run even a good passing team will run it down your throat to win. See New Orleans Bills 2018. You need to be decent against the run and be able to rush the passer to win in this league. Having great corners helps everyone. You can win with any type of offense as long as the QB doesn't throw interceptions.
  14. Dadonkadonk

    Protecting Allen

    Perfect response. Just get better players and you will be amazed at how the penalties will go down and the QB will be better protected. Its not the refs or dirty opposing players. It is the terrible play of the O-line.
  15. Dadonkadonk

    Brady and Belichick Deserve to Go Out On Top

    They win because of Brady and that's it. They had murderer on their team. They cheated multiple times. Spygate was real. If it wasn't Roger would not have destroyed the tapes. The reason no one talks is because Vegas won't let them. Deflategate was real but not that big of an issue. The formations that push the rules to the point they need to be changed are unsportsmanlike.