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  1. Confirmed: Concussions don't cause CTE

    This is terrible news. My 14 year old son has played since 3rd grade up and including his freshman year of HS. I won't let him play next year. I was a bit undecided since he has never had any significant blows to the head. We live in PNW where the players just aren't that good nor that big. So I wasn't too worried but now I'm pulling him out. He doesn't need sports to succeed in life. He's smart and will go to college. There are already some High Schools across the country that ended their football programs. I suspect we will see that number increase significantly in affluent neighborhoods. Parents just are not going to take that risk. Switching to other sports may be just as risky as head blows can happen in all sports but there is no doubt the frequency is higher in football. Sadly in less affluent neighborhoods sports still is a way out for the kids. It doesn't mean the parents don't care any less about their kids. It is about opportunity and the best way to escape poverty for some of these kids. The life lessons of being on a team and competing can be learned elsewhere.
  2. Shady Wants to Keep His "Lil Coins" in 2018

    Shady is the best player on the team. He will get old real soon. Pay the money now and take the cap hit now. Only Gaines will demand decent money. They are fine with the cap. Get rid of Demarco and Tolbert and get cheap and young behind Shady. Don't hurt the future by pushinig off the cap hit now. They will need the cash to keep Gaines this year and Benjamin, Hyde, and Poyer in future years.
  3. What's the price to move up and get our guy?

    Worked great for Washington getting RG3
  4. Bills Offensive Line

    1. Keep Glenn if healthy. He is still much better than Dawkins 2. Hope Dawkins can play RT 3. Cut Ducasse and play Miller at RG 4. Keep Groy and Wood but make it an honest competition in TC. Wood has really played below average football. Groy looked good last year. 5. They have too many holes in defensive front 7 and if they use a draft pick(s) on a QB to address the o-line until late in the draft. If Glenn is cut/traded then this group is in trouble. FA can change everything. But a line of Glenn, Incognito, Wood/Groy, Miller, Dawkins for 2018 would be fine with me.
  5. The moral of the Saints win.

    Bills end drought. Saints loss is worse than the music city miracle.
  6. Saints loss and fundamental football

    Nothing wrong with going low but just need to stay in control
  7. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    No offense, but when has that proven to be successful? Without Brady, at best Houston HC has been ok. Others have been failures.
  8. Zay Jones played injured all season...

    Hmmm. Never on the injury report. Did he hide injury from team or did Bills hide from NFL?
  9. 1. Fire Dennison - Done 2. Keep TT 3. Draft a QB in top two rounds but do not trade up more than a few picks 4. Release Peterman at the end of training camp None of those guys are worth more than one first round pick. What you are suggesting is career suicide for Beane
  10. What does Buffalo need to improve

    Gaines Healthy Glenn Four new players in front 7 QB
  11. All-22 of Bills-Jags from Cover1

    The game was zero zero and in the first half. O’Leary drop on third down was more critical. But dam that was a terrible seam throw too
  12. Bills 2018 cap space projection

    The way they talked about Glenn at PC he will probably be back, but maybe not at LT.
  13. Denison and Tyrod should share the same fate

    Watkins was injured. At one point they were on their 7th and 8th WR. Dennison made TT and offense worse. All the complaints about TT not throwing over the middle or going through progressions were disproved. Dennison changed blocking scheme on number 1 rush offense in NFL. At the bye, players revolted and scheme had to be changed mid-season. They both must go.
  14. Buffalo Offense terrible in playoff game

    Those stats are from 1992 AFC Championship Kelly Thurman 3 points on offense Pick 6 by Carlton Bailey Bills beat Broncos and Elway 10-7, knocking Elway out halfway through the game I have no real point in posting this. I just spoke with my brothers before the game and thought if the Bills were going to win it would be ugly like 1992. TT misses wide open O'Leary on seam pass to endzone. OPI on first and goal from the 1. 3rd down drop by O'Leary in a tied game early in the third quarter. Block in the back on punt return costs 30+ yards of field position in a 3-3 game. Tre drops an INT he had two hands on. TT misses an open DT on a corner route middle of the fourth. DT holding on great catch and run by Shady. TT misses a wide open DT on the final drive. All plays that if even one or two go the other way the Bills likely win. Still worth the trip. I was there in 1992 and I was there in 2017.
  15. Buffalo Offense terrible in playoff game

    You guys crack me up. How old are the people on this board?