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  1. Only one forced turnover. Pass rush was much improved. Eli is a turnover machine so I predict at least 3 INT. Run defense was good enough but had a few lapses. They need to stack the box and stop the run this week. Edmunds should probably spy Barkley the entire game. He is the Giants only weapon and when he lines up out of the backfield they should double team him with Edmunds and a DB.
  2. I ranked them Allen, Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield, and Jackson. At this point I'm not sure I would reorder them. I still think Rosen has a chance to prove himself. Unbelievably he is now on the two worst rosters in the NFL in a row. I still am not sold on Mayfield. He started well last year then tailed off. I always thought Jackson was a better passer than most of the media and this board thought. But his college completion % and low Wonderlic put him last on my list. As for Darnold - watch any game where he was rushed in the pocket and the outcome was not good. Maybe that is true of most college QBs. Right now I don't think he will be anywhere close to Carson Palmer but will probably be better than Sanchez.
  3. If it is a 25 yard FG yes you kick it. A 52 yard kick no way. If he misses the kick they get the ball at the spot of the FG. They then only need to go about 20 yards to get in FG range and you risk losing the game. You win 99.999% of the time punting the ball there. You can't take a knee or risk an incompletion there. You should try getting the first down running as they did.
  4. We will know much more in 7 games. He looked good last weekend. Comp % was way up. Only a few balls that were far off target. The pick six was not on him.
  5. I've been an anti-Murphy guy. But to be fair, he had a good game against the Jets. His pass rush was mostly taking wide routes around the RT. I didn't see him involved in many stunts. But he held his own in the run game and was active down the stretch making some plays. I think Lawson is a solid DE in the NFL and if people can be reasonable he should be signed to an extension.
  6. I would play Ford 75% of the time at RT rotating with Nsekhe. Can't put Feliciano on the bench at this point. I did not think much of his signing but he was quite good today.
  7. I agree. It was a real worry of mine. The team did not quit. That has happened before with McD. But today they were pretty darn good pre-snap. Could be better - one off-sides and one delay of game averted by a TO. But all in all they looked prepared.
  8. No you didn't. No one could see where the ball was. The entire ball must get out of the endzone. To me it looked like he did, but there was no view that proved it.
  9. Oliver's second half play was great. Hopefully the first half was just nerves. He was creating issues up front and for the most part the edge guys had one on one matchups most of the day. If he can get penetration or command double teams consistently the pass rush is going to be so much better this year.
  10. No it's about forward progress. Once it is stopped the defense is not punished by the guy stepping out of bounds.
  11. Great comeback. Accuracy looks better. Decision making mostly looks better but still a work in process. We really dont know if he was making the proper reads or not. Arm is still top 3 in NFL. Two worst throws were the INT called back by penalty and the dropped INT at goal line. The pick six was not on him. The batted ball I dont know. He threw it right at the guys outstretched arms. Should have not made that throw.
  12. They havent changed this rule for probably a decade. 2min in the first half, 5 min in the second half, if forward progress stopped clock runs. Refs were good today for the most part other than missing illegal man downfield on the called back Jets TD.
  13. Agree Gannon was terrible But, the Bills have paid Star, Murphy, Hughes, J. Phillips and invested picks in Oliver and H. Phillips. That is a ton of cash and picks on the DL.
  14. Is this the Jets WR? My gid Gannon was bad today
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