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  1. Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    Rosen is second choice after Allen Best case scenario for Buffalo, the first three picks are Darnold, Barkely, Mayfield
  2. Peter Schrager: somehow, some way, Sam Darnold is a Buffalo Bill

    Allen, Rosen, then Darnold. You could talk me into Mayfield over Darnold as well. He turns the ball over and does not do well in a crowded pocket. See 2017 WSU game when some of his linemen were out.
  3. Two. If the criteria is multiple pro bowls. Allen and Rosen. If the criteria is SB wins then one. Allen and Bills 2021.
  4. Would you use Shady as trade bait?

    30+ year old backs get cut not traded. They have no value because no one knows what production they will generate. Shady could be All-pro or drop below 700 yards. He has been mostly healthy and he has good combination of speed and size - neither elite in either but very good in both.
  5. Browns at 2

    I think the Browns will draft Chubb or the OG from ND at 4 even if Barkely is still there. They can get an elite defender or OL and get a running back later. This scenario then allows Denver to take Barkely and would still leave one of the top 4 quarterbacks on the board at 6.
  6. Ian Rapoport - Bills not going after 2nd pick

    It's all about Cleveland and the Giants. If they take a QB then the Bills need to get to 5 and maybe to 4 to get one of the top 4. If Cleveland takes Darnold, I think Giants trade out or take Chubb/Barkely, and then the Bills can trade to any spot they want and get Mayfield/Rosen/Allen. Hell they could sit at 12 and one of those guys could fall. In this scenario, I let Denver pick and I try to get to 8 by giving up a second round pick to jump past Miami. Hell if Denver passes on a QB they can just sit at 12 and not give up any picks.
  7. Bills coming to GB this fall

    I will be there for sure
  8. What is your #1 QB performance metric?

    Wins YPA INT% TD/INT ratio Wins and YPA are as much abput the entire offense as it is juat about the QB. YPA can be attributed to a good OL, WR YAC, succesaful play action because of good running game, and the offense not always being in must pass situations. 4th qtr comebacks are interesting. By definition it means the team was behind. Does the QB assume no blame for being behind after 3 qtrs but credit for a comeback?
  9. Fred Jackson wall of fame or not?

    No. Cribbs and Shady were better running backs. And Schobel was the best player of the drought era.
  10. Mayfield to the Jets or just smoke?

    Hope it is true but it is not. Mayfield has a better chance of going 12 than he does to get picked at 3
  11. Brady has not committed to playing in 2018

    For the record, I have not formally announced my return to being a Bills fan for the 2018 season. My exploratory team will await the results of thr next two weeks before announcing.
  12. ESPN All-Trades Mock

    That is a fair trade. I think Lawson is a fat slow bust as a pass rusher but a serviceable DE. Adding Lawson and a 2019 #2 instead of a 2019 #1 seems fair. I still think it will be 12, 22, and 2019 #1 to get to #2 and keep the rest of the 2018 picks.
  13. Somehow in my mind I can forgive the Allen low completion percentage but not the high Darnold turnover rate. I'm probably wrong in both circumstances. I still like Allen best followed by Rosen. Sadly I think the draft will go Allen, Darnold, Rosen 1,2, and 3. I don't think Mayfield is worth trading up and the Bills then sit at 12 and then take Mayfield or Rudolph. I'm ok with that as it keeps all the picks to rebuild the lines, LB, and WR corps If the Giants pass on a QB and Browns take Darnold, the Bills must trade away multiple picks to get ahead of Denver at 5 to get the whichever QB the Jets don't take. Worst case scenario is the Bills give up a ton to get to #2, but at least then they will get the guy they want.
  14. Would this regime survive a trade up miss at QB?

    Agree but they will get two years for that QB to succeed or fail not one.
  15. Would this regime survive a trade up miss at QB?

    Id be ok with Rudolph at 22 and keeping all the other picks. Rudolph and AJ have as good a chance as any to succeed. Still want Allen most of all but would be perfectly fine with a starting WR, MLB, and DE and Rudolph