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  1. Dadonkadonk

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

    Clay Murphy Lorax Ducasse Miller D'Marco These will be the first to go
  2. TT 8-6 as a starter, 14 TD, 4 INT, and 62.6 % comp, 186 YPG. Add 427 Yards rushing and 4 rush TD. Allen 3-5 as a starter, 5 TD 9 INT 52.4% comp. 158 YPG. Add 490 yards, and 5 Rush TD. Can you define completely outplayed? There is no way other than having a racial bias can you say Allen is playing better than TT did last year. Does Allen have move upside and potential than TT. No argument from me. I love the kid and wanted to draft him over any other QB(posted multiple times pre-draft). He looks like he will be far greater than TT ever was if he continues to develop. But he is a rookie making rookie mistakes. With TT not turning the ball over, this team probably has two maybe three more wins and is right in the playoff hunt. With the non-black QBs on the 2018 team they were out of the playoff race before Halloween.
  3. So far trading up for Edmunds looks like a wasted pick. They could have found a LB in the second round and had another high draft pick for the OL. Poor choice by Beane to trade up. Edmunds the player however has been fine. If he continues to get better he can be the anchor the defense needs for the next 5-7 years. And still only be 27. Amazing.
  4. Sadly there will be lots of teams with money. Beane overspent for Star, Ivory, and Murphy. Bodine was awful but amazingly not as bad as Groy. Has done better with scrap heap street free agents than big name signings. Shady is not getting cut. They wont spend all this cap space and he is still a top back in this league. The OP wanted to cut him but sign three OL. Please explain that? And Hughes is having a great year and is already signed. Why weaken the team at DL when they already have a bum in Murphy and only two decent LBs on the whole team.
  5. Two stats that prove the same thing. The OL sucks. Can't run block and can't pass block.
  6. Dadonkadonk

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    Tyler Lockett in last nights game is what the OP means. Fully horizontal diving catch at the sideline. No catch by Bills WR would be even close since Watkins one handed catch against Detroit.
  7. Dadonkadonk

    Jets "playing to the whistle" cost Bills the game

    Honestly I didn't see any bad cheap shots on Allen. Jets were more physical. The one roughing penalty on L. Williams was a joke. We would be screaming if that had been on the Bills DL. Bills have been soft on defense for most of the franchise's existent outside of perhaps the Takeo Spikes led defense.
  8. Dadonkadonk

    LeSean McCoy hamstring injury

    Wow this is the most uniformed post in the history of TBD. McCoy played injured in a playoff game less than a year ago. You sir are correct! Get an oline and Shady will be over 1000 yards and 4.4 YPC.
  9. Dadonkadonk

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    They had one. Watkins was great and Beane traded him away. He made tough catches. He wasn't as good as the draft picks given up to get him but he is the best WR they have had since Moulds.
  10. Sign C or G, WR, and TE in free agency. Or make a trade for a TE. Trade down and then draft BPA. They have needs at every position. Also they can't draft 10 guys. Need to sell off some of those late rounders for picks in 2020.
  11. Dadonkadonk

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    Nope. I've posted on this before. Watch any NFL game and WRs are making amazing catches all the time. NFL QBs are amazing but everyone including Breese, Rodgers, and Brady throw passes that are difficult to catch. Amazing has to be almost routine to win in this league.
  12. That would be the Crossman coached 2017 Bills ST unit? Again I don't care one bit who is the ST coach. I don't think it matters at all. It's the players. And laughably McBeane talk up STs all during the off-season and training camp. And they suck because the talent at LB, WR, and back-up safety sucks. That is the bulk of your ST guys that matter beyond the LS, P, and K.
  13. Dadonkadonk

    Danny Crossman should be out

    Just getting rid of Crossman is not going to fix anything. Special teams coordinators don't mean anything. Any HS coach could do the job. It's the players. Did you see the jail break up the middle on the blocked FG? Crossman was not blocking. I could care less who is the coordinator.
  14. Almost all of the penalties called were good calls today. Guys just continuing to make mistakes. False start, lining up in the wrong spot on kick-off, OPI on screens. These are basic football things that the Bills and the process continue to suck at.
  15. Dadonkadonk

    One thought on the game, in a particular order

    The OP is just wrong. It's not even close to an accurate assessment of the needs on the defense. It was not the Db's that lost this game. It was the lack of a pass rush and the o-line that lost this game. Did you see the Jets D-line blowing up the middle of the Bills O-line. Did you see the Jets bring multiple rushers. White didn't play well. The defense plays a lot of zone which protects the DBs. They need pass rushers and Edmunds to get better.