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  1. Should have been on WOF before Talley. Not HOF I respect Derrick Thomas, but is there any person that would rank him over Lawrence Taylor?
  2. Dadonkadonk

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    This was the second half of my post and I prefaced it with letting the team down. Talley missed multiple tackles in SuperBowl XXV that helped keep Giants offense on the field,. He was awful in the most important game of his career. He is also my top overrated player of all time and someone who I don't think deserved Wall of Fame. That said however, he did have a solid career never being the best LB on the field and playing behind the greatest DE in NFL history. Kelso was just not that good and also had his worst moments in the SuperBowls. Jeff Wright, see above for Talley. For me, SuperBowl XXV was the worst moment I've experienced as a Bills fan. I blame Levy first and then Talley and Wright. Perhaps the wrong take on the OP question, but my response was prefaced with a slightly different twist on the OP question.
  3. I hate seeing HOF players in other uniforms.
  4. Dadonkadonk

    What Is The Worst Bills Game You've Attended

    Bills at Chargers 2017 - Left before the first half was over Bills at Raiders 2014 - Terrible stadium. Team did not show up with playoffs still a possibility Bills at Steelers, Nov 15 1993. Monday Night game on my birthday. Drove from Columbus OH. Bills were destroyed.
  5. Dadonkadonk

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    Like in all things, it is relative. Relative to potential, need, draft position, and alternative options the Bills could have gone. I started watching in 1980. Therefore I would include: Perry Tuttle Vince Ferragamo Bill Joe Hobert Tony Hunter Aaron Maybin Torrell Troup TJ Graham JP Losman Rob Johnson Langston Walker Derrick Dockery If you take the perspective of worst players that may have been ok but ultimately did not play up to potential or let the team down then: Darryl Talley Mark Kelso Jeff Wright Donte Whitner (hell he could be in the list above) Trent Edwards Drew Bledsoe (great for 8 games but terrible afterwards) I like Ronnie Harmon and he was a special player but the drop gets him on the list Josh Reed - I don't know why I dislike him so much but then again do I really need a reason, oh look at that it is 2018 and he still has yet to break a tackle after the catch
  6. Dadonkadonk

    WR battle... most significant position battle going into TC???

    I posted earlier. Spot 3-8 for WR are all the same +/- some return abilities. None of them really matter for this offense. And none of them are any better than a street FA. The most critical position group with the most uncertainty id the OL. Can Miller play at a high level. Can Ducasse play as well as he did down the stretch. Who the hell is going to be center? There are question marks at all 5 spots on the line. This is of far greater concern than if Zay or Streeter is the # 2 to KB.
  7. Wow if this is for the ground crew, could you imagine? Bills v Patriots in Buffalo. Bills down by 1 at the 20. Last second FG and out comes a ground crew guy. Turns out he was born in Boston and has a FB page with Pats all over it. Maybe even a photo of him talking to BB before the game.
  8. Dadonkadonk

    Top 16 All Time QB's According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com

    I would put him in the category with Aikman and Bradshaw but ahead of Tarkenton and Kelly. He was not the reason his teams won championships but he was a very good QB on a great team. Championships don't outweigh talent. That is why I would still put Fouts and Marino ahead of all the guys that won championships with great teams. For me Marino is top 5 with no rings and Young is top 10 even with only one championship.
  9. Dadonkadonk

    Top 16 All Time QB's According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com

    Leaving out Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers is really bad. Rodgers, Fouts, Young, and Brees are all better than Kelly, Bradshaw, Tarkenton, and Bradshaw Brady is #1. I was a Montana holdout until a few years ago. I can only imagine what Montana would do in this era. I still put Montana ahead of Manning. The era argument is kind of funny. What would Ronnie Lott or Dick Labeau or Dick NIghtrain Lane be in today's era? The great DB's of the past might not be so great in today's era. That is why you have to keep guys like Unitus and Baugh in the list. They dominated there era just as much as Brady does this one.
  10. Dadonkadonk

    All-22 analysis of Dion Dawkins

    Dawkins surprised me quite a bit. I posted last training camp that he was a disappointment due to the fact he could not beat out Mills. Maybe Mills is a serviceable RT that just gets exposed from time to time. Maybe Dawkins is just a better LT. Regardless he played well enough to be the least of the OL concerns heading into 2018.
  11. I loved the Allen pick. But if he is a bust Beane will be gone after the 2019 season. That is just the way it is.
  12. Dadonkadonk

    Please create a separate "Around the NFL forum"

    Nobody wants to read 10 + pages. Nothing wrong with starting new threads. Who cares how many threads there are. A better rule would be to have a minimum character count so we can eliminate the endless IN and Ralph is Cheap comments that add no value. Start suspending those people instead of the people that have valid even if contrarian view points.
  13. Dadonkadonk

    Underrated aspect of McBeane Tenure: Managing the Cap

    When has the cap prevented the Bills from keeping or signing anyone in the last ten years? Without a franchise QB salary anyone on this board could manage the cap.
  14. Dadonkadonk

    Confession time at TBD

    Me too and plane tickets for four. Left before halftime. Threw my hat in the garbage walking to the car.
  15. Dadonkadonk

    Nate Peterman 2017 All-22 Analysis by BR

    He has a JV arm. End of story.