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  1. 4 games striagth against NFC wodul be awful way to start the season. That then means in the next 12 games, 6 will be against the AFC East. That is way too compressed. I'm sick of the current schedule format of playing division teams twice. Compressing it down to 12 games makes it that much worse. Get rid of the divisions and just play each team every other year. 32 games against 31 other opponents. It's not that hard to figure out
  2. One of the most-lopsided deals I have ever seen. Bill O'Brien must think he is Belichick and can win without any skill players SDH
  3. Yes He got better as the year went on. If they let Spain walk, I can see them moving Ford to LG. It really depends on what happens with Spain and free agency. I favor putting the best 5 guys out there and don't care if Ford is at guard or RT. Best five with Spain is Ford at RT.
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