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  1. Tucker is a national treasure and there is a reason why he crushes his “so called” competition on a nightly, weekly, monthly, yearly basis…… he is by far the best political pundit alive today.
  2. I think you know what I meant. The outcome of the game is what should motivate them, not listening to some idiot like me on a message board.
  3. I hope the team itself uses it as motivation to destroy the NFL this year.
  4. Even though 4 months have gone by, I still can’t watch highlights or the full game. What are your thoughts?
  5. Duh, my bad. Sorry to herecomesthereign.
  6. You're not sure that Josh is elite from the pocket? Have you been living under a rock the last few years?
  7. You are the one who has this deranged obsession with Trump, not me. Yep, Jan 6th was just as violent as the 574 riots that took place in 2020. God these libs are f-n idiots.
  8. Hey look, the village idiot responds. Go back to playing with your dolls sweetie.
  9. Will Sippy Cup and Ginger Red condemn those thugs who show up at SCOTUS’s private residence looking to do God knows what to them? Does this braindead administration realize those dirtbags are clearly breaking federal law?
  10. He got much better after the Bills debacle and showed some real promise, including beating the Chargers when LA was desperate for a win in a playoff chase.
  11. Of all these teams you listed, I like Davis Mills better than them all, so Mayfield shouldn’t go to Houston. 😁
  12. A team that needs to talk about validation isn’t setting its priorities straight. They did something in one year in the playoffs that these current Bills haven’t done in four playoffs….. and that’s win on the road and in KC. They won gut wrenching road games, the Bills have not. Yet you don’t see the Bills BEGGING for respect. If this is the Bengals attitude as a whole entering the 2022 season, I don’t like their chances at being anything more than an average team.
  13. If he can juke defenders and make them slip…. just call him….. ”Slip” 😂😂
  14. Terrell Davis never started at Georgia either.
  15. Lead backs can come from anywhere. Look at the Niners. They find guys off the street who can run.
  16. I'll play along. If the Bills stay at 57...... Trey McBride.
  17. I see White in 3rd or Corbin in the 5th. That’s my guess as to where the Bills will go at RB. Would they draft Spiller at 57? Who knows. I think Walker and Hall will be gone by 57. Also, would the Bills trade up for Breece? Who knows.
  18. Hey?? That scrub team produced Tyler Bass. 😁
  19. I'm in the minority, but I have said I am fine with the Bills drafting Hall at 25. But we all know that they are attempting to trade up for a player they really want.
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