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  1. So you enjoy Mussolini fascism? Who cares about rights as long as the trains run on time.
  2. The dems lost big after Carter. The economy is is as bad or close to when Carter was pres. Remember Slick's mantra"It's the economy stupid." They have no memory, just like Biden.
  3. That's her and her family's choice. HIPPA laws.
  4. Heard it from a friend who.... Heard it from a friend who.... Heard it from another you've been messing around.
  5. Add the Chicago mayor Beetlejuice (Lori Lightfoot) to the list of people that should be arrested for insurrection. She was today on the steps of the city hall saying that the SCOTUS is now going after the alphabet soupers.
  6. I believe that was Mussolini, not Hitler.
  7. Ilio Di Paolo's Restaurant (Italian) on South Park. A few miles away but a lot of Bills go there when they want a nice Italian meal. Kelly, Tasker and others used to go there on the way home from practice, Ilio was a pro wrestler in the 50s and his kids have a lot of is photos still up.
  8. Tenth Amendment The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. Finally the Tenth Amendment is upheld!
  9. Bring cash. I think they do not take credit cards.
  10. For question earlier in the thread, Pinto Ken came through the operation with flying colors. Saw him at the Jets game at the end of last season.
  11. They fixed the creek behind Creekside in 73 or 74, within a year or two of the flood from Agnes. I know it was finished by time I graduated in 75. The creek bank was low behind Crekside and where Dave's Christmas stuff was. The kegs that were sitting outside from Creekside's grove were floating down William Street.You could tell that was where the bank was breached.
  12. Lived near Cayuga Creek where it crosses Union Rd. in Cheektowaga. The creek starts somewhere near Cuba, NY. The only time it flooded that spot was in 1972. The Army Corps Engineers built up the creek sides and no problems since. Thank you Exiled's predecessors. ! remember water over ny knees. My friends and I waded through the intersection at the time (I was 15)
  13. 1. Niagara Bill looks like Ike Broflovsky (Canadian) 2. Probably wasn't even a glimpse in his dad's eye back in 72.
  14. And still nothing (close to 48 hrs later- except on Fox) aboutColbert's people doing the same thing that people have been locked for 18 months.
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