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  1. Before any roles she was a contestant on Match Game.
  2. Went to several Bills-Raiers games when I lived in CA. No problems. Our bills Backers group had Pinto Ken with us. He offered the Raider fans in the lot bowling ball shots and that had them looking out for us..
  3. She was also in a movie (cam't remember the name) with Tom Selleck as a cop and Gene Simmons (w/o Kiss makeup) as the villain.
  4. i remember reading rhat in my childhood (60s) WNY was a big test market for cereals. Remember seeing cereals for a couple of months and then disappearing and sometimes coming bak a year later. Makes sense with the General Mills factory still making Cheerios and Wheaties.
  5. I don't know if he still lived there when he died, but he lived in Cheektowaga. I remember he ran for town councilman in he mid 70s (but didn't win. Lived in the neighborhood across from Cheektowaga Central HS according to friends that lived in that neighborhood.
  6. Buy the CD and throw out Alexa. It's always ;isteni g.
  7. Weren't there paper bags of $ Charlie Tre was giving Gore and Slick at the White House?
  8. Two forward passes on the sAME PLAY=PENALTY
  9. Because I beliefve they had 10 yards net offense in the second half.
  10. He been a douche since he started in the NFL.
  11. Something doesn't add up. Either the press f'd up and reported with no follow up or the cops didn't set the story straight from the beginning.
  12. Well the News said that Moog supplied a bunch of parts for the Artemis rocket, so probably yes. moog
  13. Down Abbott at Lake in Blasedell, ther eis a line of stuck semis stuck in the snow. Idiot interstate truckers who thought they could ignore a driving ban. T
  14. They are too stupid to be working at any company.Over the years I've heard so nmany people saying "They can't do this without me." Drop dead and you'll see how fast they'll replace you.
  15. Weather just said 54' in OP as of 5:15 PM
  16. 48 inches in Blasdel as of a few hours ago. 42 in OP. Sister lives in WS near where Transit transitions to Southwestern- 36-40 inches a few minutes ago.I am near William and Union in Cheektowaga. Up to car axles at 5 AM. Only drivers side mirror visible at 9 AM, Couldget 3 more feat stadium by end of storms.
  17. Is he going to stay in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn at Holtz Rd. and Genesee like he did back in 2014?
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