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  1. I wouldn't go that far but it gave the Democrats a pulse. If he just shut up halfway through it would be game over imo. He reminded everybody why he has a low ceiling and has never gotten more than 47% of the popular vote.
  2. The 5-11 Panthers are definitely the exception then because under Brady they had three WR's in the top 33 - DJ Moore (11th), Robbie Anderson (15th), and Curtis Samuel (33rd). Problem was they got little production from their TE's or RB's and Matt Rhule was the head coach.
  3. Still one of the funniest sideline gifs. Like T. White, I'll miss his personality.
  4. Because it probably just wasn't one thing. There's multiple parties to blame for the complete *****up that caused as to pay $31m for for a future 2nd round pick while losing an elite #1 WR.
  5. He was fine. The offense changed and now we don't have a #1. Have fun with that.
  6. They were dead in the water if Trump just shut up half way through his speech. The second half reminded people on the fence of his major flaws as a candidate. I'm guessing there's a renewed energy to what seemed to be a party already throwing in the towel. The nominee can't be Biden though.
  7. LOL. OK. I think he felt robbed that his speech was cut short the other day in PA.
  8. He's going to read Green Eggs and Ham soon..
  9. Hulk Hogan and Kid Rock.....wtf was that? Otherwise, it was fine.
  10. The personal losses he's been through I have great sympathy for. His lust for power and greed is the only reason we're even talking about him though so I'm not sympathetic of his current situation.
  11. Does anyone have the direct radio audio clip? I'm not seeing it circulating at all.
  12. The Bills gave up a 1st and a 4th for Diggs. Aiyuk is at least as good as he was at the time of the trade. How is giving up a first insanity? Especially when we have two 2nds and the 1st will be near the end of the first round. This offense will regress without a true #1 WR.
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