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  1. It's an interesting thought as coming out of college I thought the Bills would play him at guard. It's a bit of a projection as he'd be making elite guard money. Maybe he can become elite at that position and better suited long term there. Getting an equivalent or better left tackle would be the challenge though.
  2. Not that much different than previous seasons. I rely more on pff when it comes to line play because I suck at evaluating it. I don't really understand why people are down on Dawkins when he was our best o-lineman. Pass blocking was in the very good range and run blocking was in the average range. Those aren't pro bowl numbers but they're still slightly above average which is what he is at left tackle.
  3. LOL. You thought differently before this game? Do you even know how much a touchdown is worth?
  4. I have no sympathy whatsoever. I hope their post game chili gives them food poisoning.
  5. I never thought Bills fans would be rooting for KC in the AFC Championship game but here we are.
  6. Dawkins was fine down the stretch and the Bengals game was an outlier for him. As it seemed to be for basically most of the Bills roster. I have full confidence next year if they go with Dawkins (LT), Bates (LG-move him there), and Morse (C). The Bills need to address the right side aggressively though and hopefully Pegula makes it clear McBeane's job(s) depends on it.
  7. This in the short term and Milano's eventual replacement in the long term. The cynic in me says that if they developed like they thought he would then they'd cut Milano after next year (saving about 8 million in cap space) and plug him in when Edmunds big extension money kicks in. Special teams depth until then while he develops. Hubris is a good word or a misjudgment of depth at OL and WR.
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