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  1. Steal for the Panthers. Baker when healthy is better than Darnold. If it doesn’t work out they have a developing Corral in the wings.
  2. Do you really think the Titans roster is better than ours?
  3. I'm surprised you spelled Einstein right when creating your account.
  4. Not from my reading of the law as it specifically states it does not prevent “an action for death, physical injuries or property damage resulting directly from a defect in design or manufacture of the product.” Gun manufactures will do everything they can to avoid that. Before the law was put in place there was a gluttony of lawsuits that attempted to hold lawful gun companies liable for the criminals using their guns to commit crimes. Smaller gun companies went bankrupt because of all the legal fees associated with those lawsuits. The reason the gun industry got special protection was these lawsuits threatened the 2nd amendment. More lawsuits leads to higher legal fees which would lead to higher gun prices.
  5. He basically said that about YAC last year too. Working on ball placement on in breaking routes so the WR can get up field quicker and rack up more YAC. If you believe in PFF stats his turnover worthy play percentage was less in 2021 (3.3%) than 2020 (3.5%). DB's just didn't drop as many potential INT's last year.
  6. My understanding of the law is if the gun malfunctions in any way due to a defect in the design they can be held liable.
  7. All logical except for repealing PLCAA. If it's legal to sell something you should be able to do so without fear of being held liable. I'd make an exemption for military members under the age of 21 though who've been trained on how to properly use assault weapons.
  8. I'd pass on re-signing a RB. Knox and Oliver should be priorities though. Also, if Davis has a breakout year we'd be wise to extend him next year. Even if we are able to do cap gymnastics, I'd rather use that money to pay a top free agent o-lineman to help keep Allen clean than re-sign Edmunds.
  9. Gang and domestic related shootings don't make me fear the small chance of being shot by some random whack job when going out in public.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised to see bipartisan gun legislation that just passed in the Senate. I wish they raised the minimum age to purchase any kind of gun until 21 but it's a start.
  11. His solution to Big Corp is a massive tax on big corporations. His solution to big pharma companies is socialized medicine. His solution to the Military Industrial Complex is cutting off nearly all funding to our national defense. Do you agree with his solutions? If not, what are yours?
  12. The guy you showed in the video thinks all fracking should be stopped in the US. It's people like him that Biden should be ignoring.
  13. Gilmore and Woods are the two that stick out in my mind. Not as heavily debated as Edmunds but fans were split on their opinion of whether they should pony up and re-sign them. Different regime(s) though who I had less faith in evaluating talent than this one.
  14. I thought that was because the video evidence (which is all the NFL had to go on) was found inadmissible in court. No civil lawsuits were filed against him either as these workers went in with the expectation of giving him a "happy ending." A lot different than independent masseuse workers who thought they were just giving a professional masseuse before being surprised by Watson who wanted sexual favors from them. Having said that, the NFL should revisit the Kraft situation and take away first round picks from them.
  15. Yes. Roger Goodell could put Watson on an indefinite suspension only if the arbiter finds him guilty of violating the personal conduct policy. If she doesn't then he gets no suspension and there's nothing the NFL can do about it. If he is found guilty, Goodell could reduce or increase the number of suspended games that the arbiter sentences Watson too based off an appeal either by the NFL or Watson. However, since this is the first test of the real process I highly doubt he'll overrule Robinson's decision unless she suspends him an excessively high number of games (or seasons).
  16. So is letting a rookie play out his fifth year option without re-signing him long term. There should be options out there in the draft (Noah Sewell out of Oregon. Trenton Simpson out of Clemson, DeMarvion Overshown out of Tennessee to name a few). They can always address the position in free agency or via trade too.
  17. Not really. All I see our two potential RT's that struggled in pass protection last year. Brown has the physical ability to make a significant leap and hopefully Kromer helps him make that leap. RT remains my number one concern on the offense this year though.
  18. This is exactly my thinking but they didn't seem that interested in drafting his replacement either. Bernard is too small to replace him which still makes me scratch my head on why the Bills spend a 3rd round pick on him with Milano locked up through 2024. My gut tells me that they're going to let him play out this year and if he doesn't improve they'll let him walk unless they can get him at what they see as fair market value. Then they'll likely draft his replacement and rely on the veterans to give the rookie a crash course in their scheme.
  19. I'm not saying they weren't bad but I was just questioning that stat you were using claiming they were dead last because I hadn't seen it before. Allen's ability to elude pressure did hide a glaring weakness on this team as it's pretty amazing we finished 24th in pressure % per drop back (according to next Gen stats you linked) but somehow finished 2nd in sacks allowed.
  20. I didn't read any of the replies but my guess is she's trying to preserve the legacy of the neocons (her father and the Bush administration) in that although they lied to us about going into a costly war they did so with the best intentions as the greatest country in the world. This rise of the Tea Party and the election of Trump was a giant middle finger to that regime. She doesn't like that and this is her way of fighting back.
  21. Regardless if you're hunches are correct, I just want to say thank you for doing one of the most thankless and underappreciated jobs out there.
  22. As a taxpayer, does it make more sense as a taxpayer to pay to prevent a pregnancy than pay for 18 years of welfare for single mothers?
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