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  1. Cooks is the only one that would interest me. However, he would pry have to give up money in order for the Texans to release him in some kind of settlement like OBJ had with the Browns last year. He'd then have to clear waivers and then agree to sign here. I don't think it's happening. If we don't sign OBJ (looks like he's a Cowgirl soon) then we're going to have to make what we have work. It's time for Dorsey to earn his pinstripes.
  2. Young people feel invincible which is why you need an agent to lay out the cold truth. I'm sure there's a lot of close friends and even teammates who are pushing him to get that DeShaun Watson fully guaranteed contract. They don't have his best interests at heart. As annoying as Murray is, he was smart enough to force his way into at minimum 104.3 million guaranteed which will likely be 160 million guaranteed. If the Ravens offered him more than that he's an idiot for not taking it. Especially since he won't have to give a tiny slice of it to his nonexistent agent.
  3. I'm sure the media will keep things in perspective and won't fawn over Brady after 55 minutes of terrible football.
  4. They already signed Josh Johnson off of the Broncos practice squad. Talk about a career journeyman.
  5. I think the Chiefs lose one more. If we take care of the Jets, Fins, Bears, and Pats we should be the one seed.
  6. If McD said that after the game though they could be in trouble with the league though. Correct? I'm not buying the find out more about our 32 year old cb we signed midseason.
  7. Any possibility the Bills flubbed the final injury report and Elam couldn't go because of injury?
  8. The best way to protect him is to invest heavily in the offense through draft picks and free agency. He took the least amount of hits in 2020 and ran the least. We had excellent pass protection and our best outside weapons with Diggs/Beasley/Brown at the top of their game.
  9. Why do you think he's not already extended? The Bills will have a price and it won't be top of the market like some bottom feeder will give him. It'll be up to Edmunds if he wants to stay for a little less or take the money and run.
  10. It's not. It does pry take away a reasonable chance at the first seed. We'd pry have to sweep the remaining three division games at home and beat the Bengals to win the division though. A tough but not impossible task.
  11. If they weren't so conservative with injuries I'd share this sentiment. I think he'll be back for the Bengals game.
  12. You're not going to get killed blitzing Jones, White, Tua, or Fields so they should be able to dial up pressures. It's Mahomes, Burrow, and Jackson I'm more worried about. Let's hope he's good to go for the playoffs.
  13. Glad they didn't rule him out for the year.
  14. It's difficult to replicate the chemistry that Josh and Beasley had. Crowder only had six catches in three and a half games. Could they have increased his role in this offense? Yes. However, there was nothing up to that point that showed me he was the answer in the slot to adequately replace Beasley.
  15. It absolutely is. -It takes place during a Holiday Office party. -It has a quote that says, "It's Christmas Theo. It's a time for miracles." -The soundtrack has multiple Christmas tunes. -Gifts such as machine guns and detonators were exchanged.
  16. Yeah. Bills vs. Jets game remains at 1pm Sunday. Miami getting flexed for SNF in LA the week before lessens the likelihood of both a Saturday game (short turnover for Dolphins) and Sunday night game (NFL rarely flexes the same team two weeks in a row for SNF game.). We could just host the Jets and Dolphins at the regular 1pm Sunday time slot.
  17. Rappaport nailed the Josh Allen injury too always being the most insistent that he could still play against the Vikings. Schefter needs to step up his game.
  18. The game that will live in infamy.
  19. Not sure if this is sarcasm but the tease of Gabe Davis probably caused a lack of urgency in them getting a WR.
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