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  1. Vontae Davis - Quitting at Halftime of a game Walt Patulski - #1 overall pick, amounted to NOTHING. [Franco Harris was in that draft]. Reggie Bush - Heisman Trophy winner who had negative yards for a season. Wrecks Ryan - Toe sucking? Team sucking?
  2. Cookie was the featured attraction. The 1964 team was built on defense and pounding the rock.
  3. I am old, old enough to be at the 1963 game [in a downpour] where Cookie ran for 243 yards on basically an unplayable field. He was big, listed at 6-3 251. [Billy Shaw - HOF OG was 6-2 258] probably bigger than Derrick Henry. He also was an outstanding pass blocker, he would pancake DT's, Madden said he might have been the best blocking RB ever He averaged 25-30 catches per season, and was not someone a db wanted to face in space. Remember he only played 4 full seasons in the AFL, because of Paul Brown's illegally signing him when he was 18 - he bounced around between rugby and the CFL for 8 years before the Bills signed him. He also played MLB in Canada.
  4. 1949-1953 Yankees won 5 straight titles, Yogi, Whitey, Mickey, Scooter, Joe Dimaggio, Ralph Houk, Allie Reynolds, Hank Bauer, Billy Martin. 487-280 [.637 win %] over 5 seasons.
  5. I'm hoping we keep a couple of "really fast" guys on both sides of the ball. Miami is putting together probably; position for position; the fastest roster the NFL has ever seen. Just hope we can keep up, and still worried about our guys tongues hanging out in the second half.
  6. I'm sure there are a posse of very well paid tax lawyers that have the Pegula's estate and inheritance plans well laid out. According to an article I read written at the time of Ralph's death, his basis in the Bills was stepped up.
  7. I've known a couple national champion wrestlers. The explosion and quickness in tight spaces should translate, and every wrestler understands leverage. Stephen Neal [Pats] started on a SB winner, has a world championship & 2 NCAA D-I titles in wrestling, Jim Nance [Pats] and Curley Culp [Chiefs] were national champion wrestlers who were NFL standouts.
  8. I have the Bills signed/drafted/UDFA count at 74, will they be able to bring 90 players to camp?
  9. Apparently 275# is a figment of the NC State SID's office. There is no way if he is 6-9 with that build that he isn't already well above 300#. The problem as I see it is basketball is a game where you try to be as tall and imposing as you can. In football line play, - Low man wins. Tight Ends need to be tall and imposing, but O-line probably a tougher place to transition. Alejandro Villanueva was 6-9 - West Point grad and Army Vet. Too Tall Jones was 6-9 as well.
  10. Are we going to miss Gabe's size and blocking when he's no longer here? Just wondering.
  11. I got a sneaking hunch that a number of NFL referees make much more that that number at their "day" jobs. Officials are attorneys, CPA's CEO's general managers, all of those jobs pay well above the numbers you are showing.
  12. Hoping that we can get two or even three quality starters out of this years draft. Perhaps Kincaid and Torrence have opened McD's eyes to the fact that rookies can play in this league.
  13. Jim Brown retired after 118 games with 12,312 yards gained and 106 TD's Henry has played 119 games, has 9,502 yards gained and 90 TD's Have to wonder how much he has left in the tank. Elliott came into the league at the same time, and he didn't exactly rock the league this year.
  14. 49'rs have all of that [good wideouts, good O-line, good RB's], and a QB on a 7th round rookie contract. Tough to do when your QB is highly paid. Also think that they fleeced Carolina on the Cmac deal.
  15. Pete Metzelaars is the Bills career leader among tight ends - Played 8 seasons including all 4 superbowl teams. 302 catches in 156 games with 25 TD's. 2921 yards. Former Division 3 basketball player of the year and national champion at Wabash College. Tied for 10th all time in receiving TD's for the Bills.
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