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  1. I realize Duke is slow, but he is also BIG for a WR. He shows great catch ability and radius, He also is a monster blocker, and used to playing in space from his CFL days. Is Zay still a better option than Duke?
  2. Duke Williams has the size to be a decent blocker in 21, not sure why he's not a better option than DiMarco in 21 .
  3. Hmm - Kaare Vedvik Kicker/Punter Released by Vikings
  4. Jim Brown > LT. A man amongst boys for his career. Only year he didn't rush for 1,000 yards was playing with a broken wrist.
  5. DiMarco must have something on McBeane. Duke Williams has shown he can block and would be a similar sized player with more versatility and skills, If he can play teams, ???
  6. With Duke's size, 6-3 230, is he a replacement for DiMarco? and becomes a swiss army knife type player, e.g. H-back, third TE, goal line specialist, He has linebacker size if he can play teams, he's a real interesting player.
  7. I like Duke Williams over keeping DiMarco, almost as big a body with much more upside. With this roster, would be surprised if we can't find someone with enough bulk and quickness to handle the Kyle Williams role in heavy goal line situations.
  8. Excellent Punter and also solid linebacker for the Bills in their AFL title years. Funny Guy, spoke at my HS athletic banquet. Back when football players played football: He was involved in one of the most spectacular plays in Bills' history in the 1965 American Football League Championship game against the Chargers. Butch Byrd took a John Hadl punt and with outstanding blocking, took it 74 yards for a touchdown. The last two blocks were by Maguire, crushing two Chargers.
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