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  1. Re Brown, Quoting Top Gun, "I feel the need for speed". Josh will eventually have a receiver he cannot over throw.
  2. Lifelong Bills fans remember people like Darryl Talley. He is 60 with Brain Damage. Luke made the right decision.
  3. Think about this, tho. Davis, Winfield Jr. Whitehead, and Murphy-Bunting had a combined cap hit in 2020 of $5.1 MM, less than any single one of the Bills starting DB's. Buffalo's Defensive starters had a cap hit of $75MM, Tampa's defensive starters cap hit was $68MM (16 of that was Shaq on a franchise tag). Our front 7 stunk against KC.
  4. Didn't we once run an elite offense built around a tight end called the "K-Gun"? Metzelaars might not be Gronk level, but he made a bunch of clutch catches during the 4 falls of Buffalo. Metzelaars finished his 16 NFL seasons with 383 receptions for 3,686 yards and 29 touchdowns in 235 games. At the time of his retirement, his 235 games were the most ever played by a tight end in NFL history.
  5. As I said Ali Marpet played D3 football in the finger lakes, and we drafted Ronald Darby who is just a guy. Marpet will be an all-pro LG for the next 5 years, he stoned the KC rush.
  6. Since hindsight is always 20-20, In the 2015 draft we picked Darby, later that round Marpet, who played college in the Bills home area, was available, he was a STUD yesterday. Whaley and Wrecks didn't know what they were doing. Marpet is 27, has a lot of good years left. Guess the front office figured Incognito was sane.
  7. We gave up a huge play to Hill, a huge play to Hardman, and they've been running the shovel pass to Kelce on the goal line for a while, and our defense was clueless. Just Saying. This wasn't all on the offense.
  8. 4 sacks for 53 yards. Josh at times needs to learn when to tuck it and avoid getting clobbered.
  9. Have we given up on Star? He is the epitome of a space eater.
  10. Remember that the Patsie's got a team discount from TB12 for years, Doubt Josh's agent will be interested in a discount. Of course Brady is likely the only player in the league whose wife is worth more and makes more than the player.
  11. Milano is not able to defend Kelce, just saying. If your speed linebacker can't cover a tight end, "Houston, we have a problem".
  12. Just saying, Fournette played this year for $2MM. He made several plays during the playoffs that were game changers in both the running and passing game. We don't have a bruiser like him on the roster.
  13. With apologies to Don Coryell, and Dick Vermiel, who were pretty awesome as well.
  14. They do have a very studly tight end tho. Not sure we have one yet. They also have the fastest game speed player in the league in Hill, Diggs is great, but can he go 75 yards on the play that Hill ran? Doubtful.
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