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  1. if the hang time was 4.23 and he got the punt off in 2.1, then the total time for the gunner to get downfield is 6.33. Assume the gunner runs a 4.4 40 and 20 mph thereafter (typical top speed for that type of athlete), gunner would be about 59 yards downfield from the LOS when the punt landed, so the returner would have to field the punt and take off before the gunner at top speed got to their spot..
  2. Being old, glad to see Paul Maguire on the league list, he was a weapon for the AFL Bills, flipped the field many times.
  3. My dad and I were at the 1963 playoff game vs. the Patsies in the Rockpile. It had snowed a foot the week before the game, and our seats were impressions of garbage cans pressed on top of the snow in the Bleachers. Only bright spot in the game for the Bills was a 93 yard TD from Lamonica to Dubenion. Brutal cold day. Even in the two championship years, 1964 and 1965, there was always an undercurrent of a QB controversy.
  4. At the time, I think Darby and Gilmore were regarded as a pretty competent duo.
  5. Once again, it appears that any time Derrick Henry runs between the tackles, any type of block is allowed.
  6. Gilliam also blocked SIX kicks in college, so it's likely that every opposing special teams coach is giving him extra attention when he lines up on the kick or punt block team. Nice tool to have in the tool kit.
  7. Perhaps Deebo 2.0? Nice tool for Josh's toolkit if he figures out how to pass block.
  8. To stir the pot a little, OBJ and Tre White were teammates at LSU.
  9. Poyer is making his case for that new contract.
  10. Jim was thicker and faster tho, 6-2, 232. according to Belichick, ran a 4.5 40 in pads from a 3 point start, He was bigger and faster than most LB's of that era. Also played with a quiet rage on the field.
  11. Green Bay is a smaller market than Buffalo, and they have what is considered one of the better stadiums in the league, funded through a sales tax.
  12. PFF ranks him on a par with Saffold, good run blocker, poor pass blocker. Insurance if Boettger's rehab is behind schedule, or if Bates doesn't produce when named the starter. Spent two years [2017-2018] at Carolina before the Jets.
  13. Of the current roster, 25 players were drafted by the Bills since McD was hired in 2017. 21 are regulars who play nearly every game unless injured. Jim and Pat yesterday on Sirius-NFL were saying that a coach/front office is doing well if they have 15 of their draft choices still on the roster.
  14. Bills had 12 punts in the last four games, 5 vs. Carolina and 7 vs. the lowly Jets in the last game, wrapped around the 2 no punt games. That translates to 51 on the year. If you have to punt 12 times vs. Carolina and the Jets who were both out of the playoffs, doubt you will be anywhere near 35. KC had 40 punts last year which is the low for a 17 game season.
  15. All he needs is the red contacts to scare the defense on game day.
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