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  1. I grew up in the Buffalo area. Before the Bills came along, Cleveland was the NFL team we saw on TV. I was familiar with Jim Brown from his syracuse days [my uncle was a classmate]. Watching him in '57 '58 '59 hard to argue he was not the GOAT running back. 8 rushing titles in 9 years, only year he didn't rush for a title he got to 996 playing with a broken bone in his wrist. Bigger than most LB's and DB's and just as fast if not faster. He has to be #1
  2. Lamar Jackson was still on the Board until the 32nd pick, so there are a lot of scouting depts looking pretty dumb this year.
  3. I thought Landry was going to be cheap shotted out of the game by now?
  4. I wonder if Lee Smith has photos on the coaching staff.
  5. That's the Truth. He was great at sifting to get to the ball carrier, and rarely got taken advantage of on screens, and Milano [who is very good IMHO] should watch Mike Stratton film on how to put the hurt on RB's.
  6. Agreed, quality throughout. Tom Sestak until his knees went was one of a kind. Ed Oliver who is bigger,faster, and stronger, should watch his film. Sestak Dominated Ron Mix in that game.
  7. I am likely one of if not the oldest posters on the board, born in 1948, original bills fan, I was looking back at the 64 Bills, who IMHO vs. competition, were the best Bills team in their history, and They were 12-2 regular season and beat San Diego in the [Thanks Mike Stratton] title game 20-7. They averaged 28 ppg, High of 48 low of 13. They allowed 16.5 ppg, high of 36, low of three [against the chargers no less - they held the second best team in the league to 3 and 7 points]. McD needs to get to that level.
  8. Fitz's Wonderlic made the Wonderlic Hall of Fame. But I suspect many of his Harvard classmates working on Wall Street have made far more money without risking serious bodily injury on a weekly basis.
  9. Mc Dermott has coached 40 regular season games. His record is 21-19. In the 21 wins, the opponents have scored over 20 three times. In the 19 losses, the winning opponent has been held under 20 twice. So In games where the opponents have been held under 20 during the past three seasons the Bills are 18-2.
  10. I would say if you had 3rd and long, Gore is a man in pass protection, I think Singletary needs to be a slot in those situations, he has better escapability than our Wr's for outlets.
  11. The line is a construct of the Vegas bookies to try to balance the action on both teams. It has nothing to do with the relative strength of the teams. I follow an analytics site that has the Bills at #18 and the Browns at #25 Browns are at home. They are saying the Bills have a 46% win percentage and the Browns 54%. Says the teams are pretty evenly matched and the home team [except for the recent world series] wins 52-53% of the time. Thats why they play the game.
  12. Wonder If he would be a good lead blocker ala Kyle on must have 1 yard plays.
  13. Gore had 4 runs for zero, one for a -3, and one for one yard. Can someone think of a jumbo formation or something. Last Year we would have put Kyle in at Fullback as lead blocker, is that something that our #1 draft pick Ed Oliver could do to earn his salary, He seems to have the size and quickness.
  14. Can we run the Thurman Thomas flanker plays with Singletary in spots, they used to be money, or is the league too fast these days?
  15. Gore is probably lined up two feet too deep and is a step slow to get that yard.
  16. Wondering if we will regret letting Anthony Lynn get away?
  17. This Chargers Packers game makes me wonder if anyone other than the Patsie's are legit, and they beat us on a stupid blocked punt.
  18. What ever happened to going heavy on 1 yard runs, multiple TE's and a FB? Agree Morse is more of a finesse center than a power guy.
  19. Is Lorax Big enough and tough enough to stop the middle, realize Star is a problem, but 2 outa three ain't bad? Move the speed guys outside. Agree this D misses Horrible Harry.
  20. Potsdam here, the Bills game is listed as being on CTV out of Ottawa, which we get on our cable.
  21. I am a Buffalo native who lives in the North Country. The Fox and CBS stations are owned by the same company. Usually we get the Bills unless the Giants are playing on the same network as the Bills and they will always carry the Giants game. Fortunately our cable system carries CTV, and they usually carry the Bills game, [Thanks Ralph Wilson for once].
  22. Nice - Umpire is a Pennsylvania guy and we are playing the Eagles.
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