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  1. Lawson and Rousseau were both quick off the ball and blocking his vision
  2. Yeah with Hyde gone for the year, this could be the endgame once Tre and Benford are game ready. Lotsa game experience, not much he hasn't seen. As a bigger DB he could also be a big nickel hybrid. He spent a lot of years in the NFC North and we face all those teams this year after the bye.
  3. This is a league wide problem I think. When I see Feliciano starting at C for the Giants, I just think OL depth is a problem everywhere. Cinci spent a fortune trying to upgrade their OL to protect Burrow, and he's been sacked 15 times in 3 games, on pace for 85 for the year.
  4. As of today we have 8 starters listed on the Injury report[Morse, Diggs, Bates, Brown, Oliver, Phillips, Poyer, Jackson], two on IR [Hyde, Benford], one on PUP [Tre White]. Half of your starters after week 3.
  5. I think Hill's 40 time actually starts with a 4.2.
  6. I think salary cap is also an issue, Bills were tight to the cap as it was, If we need to sign 6-7 folks to the 53 man roster, someone will have to be restructured. Doubt we will sign anyone for other than vet minimum with a few "not likely to be made" incentives thrown in.
  7. I am a bit worried about Baltimore's front three/four against our banged up O-Line. Big Guys don't recover super fast and most of our big guys were either hurt or had heat-related illness during the Miami game. Calais Campbell is still playing at a high level, and his DT partner Madabuike may be better than Campbell. Hoping that Morse is able to go on Sunday. Also a threat of the Hurricane Ian's remnant may impact the game in Baltimore on Sunday, Lamar on a slippery field is not a prospect you want to see.
  8. Defense gave up effectively 14 points, Josh had a fumble on the 7 after a dumb series of play calls, Bass-o-matic missed a gimme, Josh thought bounce passes were legal in football on the pass to McKenzie, horrible clock management.
  9. Milano is rated the #1 LB by PFF, BOOGIE is rated the #1 Edge, Von is #2, Groot is #8. Diggs is the #2 WR behind Kupp.
  10. Average of the four games JA17 has played in Miami is Bills 30- Magic City Mammals 17. Last 8 games average 36-18 - Either sounds good to me.
  11. There is the Tre White - OBJ LSU connection to consider, Just saying.
  12. Of active running backs, [AP is not on a roster] Ingram has the most carries, 1769, Zeke is next at 1675, and then King Henry at 1435, so he may be hitting the running back wall, as they have become disposable assets. I do wonder at his size if he's afraid of rebreaking the foot. Lots of torque on the break site with his weight and speed.
  13. FWIW PFF has Von, Boogie, and Rousseau graded as the #2, #7, and #12 edge rushers in the league. Milano is the #2 LB. Our O-line other than Dawkins seems to be a bit of a dumpster fire right now. Josh and Diggs are ranked #1 at QB and WR respectively.
  14. I wonder with these taunting penalties if they don't also go on a list circulated to the zebra union and they are put on even a shorter leash as the season progresses.
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