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  1. I am not sure to throw anything in the way of Davis yet. He seems to have been impacted by the pressure possibly. He has major drop issues this season and in the past he’s had hands of gold. McKenzie seems to be about what he has been previously. He’s a gadget player that works well when he’s the offenses 4th or lower option, or has specific plays scripted for him. But with defenses keying in him as a 3rd WR, he has been disappointing. Crowder never had a shot with him being injured. Could only imagine what he may have done if healthy. May never know. Shakir has had some good plays, but mostly plagued by dumb rookie mistakes. Josh hates rookies imo. He’s said it in the past that rookies make dumb mistakes. Until he earns Joshs trust, he’s going to continue to wait. Maybe year 2. Same for Cook, but instead of Josh, input McDermotts name into the argument. He at least seems to be having some success. But that might be because of how bad our running game is/has been.
  2. I think this is more correct now imo. Davis hasn’t exactly taken the #2 role by storm this season. And to top it off, McKenzie, Crowder, and Shakir have also been disappointments.
  3. Same. My wife’s first jersey. She feels she cursed the whole thing
  4. There was 2-3 plays in that game that might have done it.
  5. Why stop at McKelvin when you could call up Winfield
  6. Just because Edmunds wasn’t on the field for it doesn’t make him good against the run. His backup before Klein is obviously worse than either of them. But Dodson isn’t the argument here.
  7. Ok. Do the same now against the run. Thank you
  8. This has always been an issue with Fraziers defenses. Tackling liability defenses.
  9. I don’t believe McDermott is a good game day coach. To quote The Godfather he’s “not a wartime consigliere”. He is supposed to be a defensive coach and his defense, although in paper is always tops in the league, cant tackle a player on 3rd and long, like ever. The defensive scheme of bend but don’t break does nothing but break eventually. It’s like dying of 1,000 little cuts. It’s painful to watch sometimes. It works in situations when we’re blowing someone out, but they consistently let other teams back into games to make it close. And shocker, he’s not that good in close games. His record proves that. I’ll give it credit that he’s getting better at it. But it’s 100% why we lost the Jets game, the Vikings game, almost lost the Packers game the way they came back in the 2nd half. I just think he was the coach we needed to get us out of the basement and into the playoffs. Get this team playing together. Motivate them to become “Championship Caliber”. But not good enough to stay a top dog. with all that said I think he IS good enough to get it done and bring home a Super Bowl. But that’s just a matter of time really. If you stay with a team long enough and keep getting a crack at it, eventually it’ll happen. Especially when you have a talent like Allen at QB. But that doesn’t mean it’s likely. It might mean we get extremely lucky with injuries that year and others aren’t. Or we get lucky enough to get home field in the playoffs for once. I unfortunately don’t think this year is our year. Too much bad juju going on. Who knows, maybe that’s when we need him most. To generate some team chemistry with all the injures, etc. last year was that lucky year imo. Came out extremely healthy. Unfortunately, White was out and that was the one dagger that could have killed is other than Allen going down. hope I’m wrong about all of this. No need to like or dislike. Or whatever emoji you want to use. Not doing it for response. Just trying to explain where I’m at and think some others are as well.
  10. Thanks for the help everyone. Between Red Tiki and Casa Di Pizza I think at this point. Possible for Buffalo City Bar and Grill. We may take a ride while we’re there and see which of the 3 we like
  11. The red tiki one was the one that I found. Jist wasn’t sure if there were more or better ones. Thanks. Very helpful unlike others.
  12. Going to be in St Pete next week during the game and looking for a Bills backer bar for Thursday night. Anyone have any recommendations? Much appreciated in advance.
  13. I wasn’t bringing up failure. Or assuming it will never get better. I was simply stating that it was the closest we’ve been in 20+ years. Maybe since SB25. Despite being a full game away. last years team was just incredible on paper. We definitely suffered with White being out.
  14. I was actually just joking about everything. But regardless what the record books say. The 2021 team was definitely closer to winning a SB than the 2020 team despite how much farther we made it.
  15. I’m sick of people making excuses and not admitting that last year was the closest we’ve had a shot to win a SB in at least 20+ years
  16. I generally agree but the man definitely needs to learn how to turn and look for the ball.
  17. I’m sure you can’t believe I’m going to give you credit. But you are 100% right on this one. This throw definitely deserved it’s own thread.
  18. Could be it. I’ll stick to mental
  19. Yup. And neither does anyone else but we’re here talking about it
  20. Neither does anyone else because OBD isn’t saying a single thing about it. But yet here we are as fans making posts about it and conversing about it. So if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read about it. He’s been cleared to play by doctors but isn’t on the field
  21. Not sure what his deal is but I think it’s mental and not physical.
  22. More than halfway up my 4’ fence and I’m north of the stadium about 20-25min. South towns are getting hammered worse
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