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  1. Well. We will disagree that it’s a non issue. I understand your point. I just think for the most part, the number of punts that we will likely be forced into, I think it’s a non issue. The kid has a big enough leg that even backed into your own zone he will likely flip the field and chances to make it a touchback are much greater than any concern over hang time. again, he would have to be punting inside his own 10-20 yard line for it to not be a touchback. I’ll give it that is on his best kicks. But even his not so good kicks they will likely mean anything inside his own 30-40 will be touchbacks almost 100% of the time. Anything closer to midfield than that, I would hope that McDermott decides to let Allen take his chances and go for it. all I’m saying is, the majority of the time I don’t believe it will ever be an issue.
  2. You say everything that you’ve said. And always finish it with things like “I think he’ll be just fine” and “will likely end up being a really good punter” just curious why you say things like that in the same post of arguing that he’s not yet complete as a punter. Just like any other player in the NFL at any single position. Players either get better or they don’t. He will either work on these issues, or he will not. I have no doubt he will, just like you. However, even if he doesn’t, his leg has the upside of still being a weapon on our team and likely diminishes any issues he may have. if your anywhere outside your own 20 you have the ability to potentially flip the field completely and get a Touchback almost any time. if you are inside your own 20 you have a good shot also to create that same outcome. Just not as guaranteed. with Allen and the offense we have, I don’t think we’ll be punting inside our own 20 very much. I’d imagine less than 5 times all season. I’ll take my chances with this punter booting it into the end zone just about every time. Saving roster spots for real play makers on offense and defense and saving cap space from special teams aces.
  3. With Allen and this offense though, I’d say the likelihood of your punter kicking it from inside his own 10 are going to be pretty rare. Maybe less than 5 times all year. Thank you. Someone else that gets it
  4. I’d say it doesn’t matter what the hang time is in general. No, you cannot expect that big of a punt every time. But you also have to figure you don’t expect to be kicking from inside your own 20 every time either. I have no doubt if you are anywhere past your own 30 yard line, you can almost expect a touchback. Maybe not every single time. Not enough so that you don’t have to think twice about it. So essentially, hang time is meaningless almost all the time.
  5. Get ready to be pissed. McDermott loves to do this. He loves to handcuff his offensive and defensive depth for guys that can cover kicks. Ugh. im with you 100% btw. It’s just stupid. Which is why I never liked Robert’s either. He wasn’t even good at returning. He had a high average but literally never had any splash plays. He was like the Buick of automobiles. Reliable yes, but not exactly turning any heads at anything he did. but the biggest argument for not spending roster spots on Special Teams players should now be, because we have a kicker and a punter that can both boot it out of the back of the end zone from almost anywhere on the field. Just save the roster spots and guarantee that your defense will be looking at 25 yard line starts all year. If I see 100% touchbacks all year out of the punter and kicker, I’ll be happy.
  6. Well. You and I have different opinions on some of this. I think Kumerow is pretty much a wasted roster spot. Especially when you have a kicker that has the ability to boot it out of the end zone and now a punter who can boot it out of the end zone. I’d save the roster spot for a real WR that actually contributes in offense. His 8 catches or whatever it is in the last 2 years isn’t impressing anyone. But hey, he has great hair and looks like Jesus so he must be great. I agree with Neal and I do not suggest removing him from the roster. Jones I feel just the same as I do about Kumerow. He’s a wasted roster spot at the position. He will literally never get on the field as a RB. All your doing is costing Moss a game day roster spot because they aren’t going to dress 5 RBs ever. You said it yourself. all this, especially when you have young guys like Bernard, Spector, Benford and Shakir on your roster that can all contribute on special teams. time to rid yourself of players that don’t do anything well except STs. They are costing you roster spots for real players that actually contribute on offense and defense as well. Also getting rid of large contract players like Matekevich. There’s almost no reason he should be making 3.2m. Between him and Jones, If you cut both you would save over 4m in cap. Add another 900k for Kumerow. I’d take that 5m and sign ODB in a heartbeat. OR… use that money to help sign Poyer or Edmunds. but hey, neither of us are the teams GM or HC so we won’t have a say regardless.
  7. It doesn’t if you want him in the room ASAP so that he can learn the playbook. Learn the facility. Be around his team mates. And to make sure your doctors and staff are making sure he is getting all the attention he needs to recover as quickly as possible.
  8. Trade the 6th string WR for ODB and it does. Trade the 5th string CB for Lewis or Benford and it does. And we will not carry 5 RBs unless you count Gilliam as a RB which he isn’t. So you are keeping Motor, Moss, Cook, Jones, and Gilliam at FB? Gtfooh.
  9. The guy kicked it like 70+yards in the air. I mean, think of it this way. He can kick it so far, that pretty much anytime we are even up to our 30 yard line and forced to punt, we can pretty much count on him to make it a touchback every time. if you ask me, that sounds like this team doesn’t need to justify having so many special teams aces on the team. Who gives a crap if Jones or Kumerow are good/great gunners. It’s not going to matter when your punter is giving your defense an almost guaranteed 20 yard line start every single time. So let’s use those extra positions on players that might actually make a difference offensively and defensively. This is what I’m talking about
  10. You ever watch Bear Grylls? I was obsessed with that guy.
  11. I was thinking he might be traded to Carolina. Not sure if their WR situation tho.
  12. Moss Lewis Milano(hear me out, Edmunds gets a big contract and Bernard slides right in) OR… the opposite, a high pick for Edmunds and Bernard takes over there. Crowder none are locks as we are in SB mode and likely want to keep as many good players as possible. But Beane should definitely be answering the phone when/if it rings
  13. I was going to add that I think you possibly see some trades happening with these guys. crowder for sure. I look at it this way, we’re keeping at least 6 if not 7 WRs and that should be: Diggs Davis Mckenzie Shakir Hodgins is very close and likely passed Crowder now Kumerow has ST ability and Crowder didn’t try and return a single kick yesterday. My take would be to cut/trade Crowder and save the cap space. Sign OBJ and stash him on IR until he’s ready. I’d feel much better about that WR room than Crowder as my 5-7th guy. I also think with Blackshear having a very good game, you could see them thinking they might get something for Moss in a trade if they showcase him in preseason a little. But that’s assuming Blackshear can manage the load of a 3rd RB. He looked very good imo last night and also had STs additions as well. I’m not saying to trade Moss but I wonder if that’s in their heads. Well see more next week if Blackshear gets more opportunities imo. they will likely try and trade some others as well. Not sure Haack has any value at this point. He was terrible last season. Maybe a DE or OL could be dealt for some late round picks. But I’m not sure what kind of value any of our 3rd string OL has at this point.
  14. And this is why I’ve stated all this time that another stadium smack dab in the middle of nowhere does nothing for the area. Nothing for the local economy. Because you will never get anymore than what your already getting out of a stadium in OP. if you built it downtown there would have been plenty of businesses and development popping up all around. for people and precious historical figures claiming that a new stadium does nothing for local business and economy. That’s because most places build new stadiums right across the street from their currently running down facility. They aren’t taking into account adding something that was never there in the first place. Not to mention, getting rid of old eyesores like the Perry St projects. Which are now completely boarded up from all the smashed windows. Have piles of dirt, stone, and tires in the parking lots. Yeah, let’s keep them right where they are.
  15. Naw. I’ll just listen to everyone else here. They both suck
  16. What shocked me is at one point he mentioned his wife. Anyone else calling BS? There’s like zero chance this guy is married.
  17. Wait. Which one is decent? Which one is good?
  18. I will 100% agree with coaching. Imo we lost that game because of coaching. Play calling and game plan, when the game was on the line. It’s been talked about ad nauseam. But for the time that KC had left and the 3 timeouts, with the field position they had, we screwed up. No reason to cover the sidelines, no reason to play so far off the LOS. It was a general blunder in coaching and it cost us a game that in theory we were the winners of work 13 seconds left. Shouldn’t have happened the way it did. But it did. And we can only hope that McDermott and the coaching staff has learned from their failures. that and the fact that we let Levi go and replaced him with a better CB.
  19. I don’t have the information in front of me. And I probably don’t have it written down anymore. But… the day after that game I wrote down a breakdown of the stats from that game. I believe you are incorrect that the Chiefs controlled that game. If I remember correctly, Mahomes ended up having close to 200 yards passing and 2 or 3 TDs between the last 2 drives of the game and OT. Hill was held to a pretty low number as well. it all came on the last 2 drives and OT. One of which was a long TD to Hill where he sliced through our defense. Where our defense missed tackles all over the field. anyway, I think before the last 10 minutes or so that game was very close as far as stats were concerned. but at the end of the day you don’t go by stats. There was a small portion of that game where I felt like things could be getting away from us, and then Josh threw an incredible ball for a 70 yards TD to Davis and we were right back into it.
  20. Don’t bother. Most of the haters will never allow themselves to understand it.
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