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  1. That pretty much mirrors what my rep told me last week. They expect to be done with clubs within a month or so
  2. Well. If you don’t find what you want. We’re available. Just let me or @Just Jack know
  3. Right. I forgot all about it but managed to get in, in time and get 4
  4. Probably an average price of beers available at the stadium. They have 12oz, 16oz, 20oz beers at multiple locations I believe. They have multiple price points like a cheap Coors light or Bud Light as well as craft beers.
  5. Exactly. Have to factor in all the Natty Ice the butt chugging, ketchup and mustard slinging, flaming table breaking Neanderthals drink every single game day.
  6. Boom. Done. Between me and @Just Jack we should have this all set for you @Maynard we’re within 1 section. A few rows apart. You can party it up inside the clubs. Then go to your seats just a stones throw from each other.
  7. Section 237. Club level. I’ll sell you mine for $1200 for the pair
  8. Gonna be a shame when he has the best rookie opening performance ever. Making the Shrimp look like a HOF QB.
  9. Have you ever heard him in an interview? He uses “like” more than blonde valley girl.
  10. DUIs resulting in vehicular manslaughter should count. JMO
  11. It’s definitely going to be entertaining. Josh will have taken off running because the line broke down waiting for him to make his 13 useless cuts.
  12. Probably thinks Buffalo Wild Wings has the best wings
  13. I’ll be honest. Over the course of 17 years I missed maybe 5 games. Mostly due to other obligations like a wedding or being out of town. I never had any problem using my tickets. But I won’t pretend that if felt at times like it wasn’t a chore. Like in the days of no playoffs in sight. In the middle of a 7-9 type of season. Yeah, I felt stuck like I had to go or just piss away the money that I already paid for the tickets. You know, the times when all the die hard fans say that we don’t have problems selling out the stadium. Well, let me tell you, at 6-9 going into the final game of the year, or weeks leading up to that, we had trouble selling out games. And yes, I felt like I’d be throwing away money if I didn’t go.
  14. Exactly. I was stuck going to games in freezing rain for years because I couldn’t give tickets away when we sucked.
  15. Right?!? Or when you trade in your car do you ask to request to take as little as possible on trade in? while we’re at it, I’ll call my credit cards and ask to be taken off the zero interest plan and request 26.99%
  16. I saw that too. Took a screen shot of it and was gonna mention something. But the file was too large and it wasn’t important enough or worth my 4 minutes of work getting it down to size to post it.
  17. Yes. One was wider and padded I said I didn’t think it was an option but I guess it wouldn’t matter. Defeats the whole experience though imo.
  18. I mean I guess they could. But the whole point of the experience is seeing the model up close. Watching the video they have. Sitting in the different seat options. Stuff like that. Not sure how that will come across virtually. I mean, if you don’t care and are just looking to pick your seats and that’s it, I don’t see why they couldn’t do that.
  19. Don’t know if you can send someone in your place but you can bring a guest. I think you can bring as many people as you have seats. as far as the scheduled date. It was done online via email. It will direct you to a calendar to pick your date/time. When I did it, it allowed me to go about a month out. It’ll just depend on how many people have already booked their experience as far as what’s available. I doubt they will do it virtually but who knows. Can always ask them.
  20. I read that and didn’t think it could be worse than this listening to him say “like” every 3 words. But reading it definitely makes it even worse.
  21. I think the changes in reps is going to be a thing. For example, in the current stadium, the club reps are different from the general seating reps. Imo they would likely do something similar with the new stadium as well. Time will tell I guess. whole I haven’t had that much of an issue selling my club seats, it does create some problems because the prices are already more than general seats. I never had any problem doubling my money when I was in the end zones. But I find it hard to double my money in the clubs. We’re already talking about a $300 ticket per game as it is. Tough to expect someone to fork over $500+ for a ticket when they can get non clubs for $200-300. The heat is nice, but I don’t think it’s enough for people to pay double. Especially when it’s a very tame and toned down product in the clubs. Might as well sit at home on the couch imo.
  22. Not really. It was exactly what I knew it would be as far as the PSL. I’d say I thought the ticket prices were a bit higher than I thought they would be. Either way, I had a hardline in my head of where I would think about it and it didn’t match up.
  23. I’m curious how long after you had your meeting with rep A and turned down tickets did they pass you off to rep B? I just had my in person experience yesterday and turned them down today. I’m wondering if I’ll be passed off to a non-club seat rep in the future.
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