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  1. A narcissistic a-hole? with that said he’d still be an upgrade as a #2 or very least a #3 WR. If he is healthy enough and can play and wants to be here, and the FO wants him, for the right price they should.
  2. Maybe he will put it in his contract to replace it
  3. Oh. So double it. $60k properties. Makes sense. Totally not worth it to buy them out then.
  4. It’s not over yet. Rosen could still turn it around
  5. I’d agree. But they did do that with DL and CB for years. Completely neglecting the offense
  6. So 100 different people owning $30k lots near the Perry St projects. Got it
  7. Yeah but maybe the player, and doctors say the same thing but the coaches are worried about your plying shape.
  8. Someone will. The minute a punter gets injured. Or next off-season to bring in to be a camp body.
  9. I think it’ll be the opposite for him. I think he believes he needs a multi year deal and also deserves one. Because that’s how narcissistic idiots think.
  10. Let’s hope ODB wants to prove it to everyone and really gets himself ready for a late playoff push then. but I’d imagine it’ll be at least this year and next for a contract. With pretty high guarantees.
  11. K. Got it. Have fun Yes I think it’s Fluff. I 100% believe that he preaches learning from mistakes but doesn’t practice it himself.
  12. I already told you what I would have done. And it would have given you 3 shots at a complete pass or a scramble by Josh on his own if he sees room. Instead we went with a play that could have been botched. Even if it’s not botched, you were on the half yard line, chances of getting out of the end zone are slim. I said it before and got sucked back in. I’m done. I’m not changing your mind and I really don’t care. Keep thinking McD makes sound decisions on game days. I’m done. Just stop.
  13. Except he had the same scenario a year ago and he decided to run Allen up the middle and failed. Game on the line. If you don’t get it, you lose. And he lost. His fault he should know it’s very possible that there’s blinders on the play
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