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  1. And there’s football speed vs sprinters speed. I think it’d be more useful if the combine was in full pads. Then the 40 time would be a more effective measurement. Come on kickoff!!!
  2. Child predators are literally the worst pieces of trash humanity has to offer. Can’t throw the book hard enough as far as I’m concerned. Hope the child is ok.
  3. I served with multiple openly gay/lesbian brothers and sisters in arms in the late 90’s to late 2000s. Before it was “legal”. Again no one cared. I think in situations where you work as a team in high stress environments, all you care about is capability, not their “turn ons and turn offs”. You honestly don’t have time to care about that other stuff. I think an NFL locker room is similar to a military unit in that regard. Great to see / hear.
  4. Which point was that? I haven’t seen any points, just insults
  5. More insults More insults. Can’t stop with the personal attacks
  6. Both. Have you seen the propaganda our great nation rolled out showing the Japanese or Germans soldiers as caricatures of themselves. Remember the Japanese American concentration camps? If you take a look at the garbage that was WWII propaganda, you’ll see that it was a very racists period. The intent was to demonize / dehumanize their opponents. Everyone did it and it was all disgusting. That’s why I said WWII not Nazi.
  7. Pretty sure Cole was talking about a personal decision while the other is insulting him for it. Cole isn’t demanding anyone else do anything. He is just saying he feels discriminated against. Then this guy demeans him and by extension everyone who dares agree with him. You can see the difference right?
  8. No better depiction of how some view people who dare to disagree. You’d see the same crap during WWII propaganda. First dehumanize. Then eliminate.
  9. I really like the direction the Bills are going on the DL. Last year it seemed like we relied too much of the refs calling the game fairly. Like how Jerry is literally held on every play. You can effect speed rushers with holds that aren’t called. Power rushers, not nearly as much. So with these two additions, we may be able to more effectively push through uncalled holding penalties particularly during the playoffs when the refs “let them play”.
  10. I think it’s more of a professional accomplishment than the money he’d potentially get out of it. It’s an acknowledgment of their success. Seeing peers with lesser accomplishments being recognized and rewarded with endorsements is annoying to us Bills Fans.
  11. CDC disagrees: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations 44% vaccinated.
  12. Right. In your opinion. But you’re still in the minority. BTW, telling people they are stupid for not agreeing with you is not a convincing argument. Keep it up and you’ll be in the minority permanently
  13. It’s possible that those aspects are a factor to the low “shot” rate, but my own personal experience is that shots are available everywhere, for free and companies like UBER are offering free rides to get the shot. The airwaves, social media platforms and media in general have made access near universal. Maybe it’s different in your area, so I’m not discounting your experience. Its just what I have seen. Everyone who wanted a shot seems to have been able to get access to it. Now concerning the magnitude of the “significant portion” I agree, I have zero data to bac
  14. The thing to remember is that despite all the loud moral condemnations of the very vocal “pro shot” crowd, they hold the minority position. We’re still hovering around the 50% mark and of the 50% that took the shot, a significant portion of them did so to avoid the artificial, government enforced consequences, not because they felt they needed/wanted it. Beas holds the majority opinion and is not alone. Being loud doesn’t mean being right.
  15. I'm loving me some Hollister now too after watching those highlights! The level of trust Josh seemed to have with him, and the fact that he came down with all those passes makes me very interested to see how the TE room shakes out this year. I like Knox, but I just can't see him making all those catches. Which is probably why he isn't getting the targets.
  16. Remember when sports writers wrote about the actual sport not make weak attempts to create drama? It’s turning into the Music on MTV thing. If we want ACTUAL sports content, we have to hit ESPN 3 and FS2 lol Seems to be the direction of all media these days. Heavy on emotion, a slight dusting of facts/insight. I guess if you’re hiring pool is high school newspaper clubs because they’re cheaper, this is what you can expect. Always ignore the bait lol
  17. Our best RB Wade obviously 😇
  18. Well, let’s just trade Edmunds for Ertz and Singletary for a pick so our best RB, Wade, can start and effectively shut down all TBD hot topics at once 😅
  19. Color me intrigued. His speed was obvious and (highlights, I understand) he seemed to have good spacial awareness. He will have the best route runners to teach him and hone his craft. JA + young speed receiver. I like it.
  20. That would be pretty awesome....Some Lofton action?? It would be VERY difficult to defend...I suppose we'd let Sanders go in this scenario? If we did, it wouldn't stunt Davis's development too much... Initially, I didn't think it'd be worth it, but man...Diggs and Jones on the outside. Beas feasting in the slot. Davis in for 4WR sets. Perhaps some Knox sightings... Also, I heard any trade would NOT include any 2021 draft picks, so it's all future picks...It makes a bit of a difference IMO. Very interesting possibility that I didn't think I'd eve
  21. 30 - 60% offensive plays running the ball, but the other 70 - 40% they are still an integral part of the O. If they aren’t running the ball, they are blocking for the QB, running a route or, if they’re effective enough, freezing LBs/Safeties with play action. If they are good enough, he also affects how the D approaches the O. A good RB forces D’s into heavier sets, making the passing O more effective. He would also affect the O’s blocking effectiveness. A good RB forces the D to respect the run. Meaning they can’t solely pass rush. This uncertainty gives an O-l
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