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  1. Didn't he have the most sacks against Brady at one point? Guy was a great player during the drought. Kyle Williams?
  2. If Nate freakin' Peterman still has a job then why can't Brees?
  3. Devin Singletary. He really turned it up a notch towards the end of the season. With a flashy, new 2nd round pick breathing down his neck (I don't consider Zack Moss a threat) he still has a lot to prove.
  4. What is this obsession w/ Berrios? Dudes never even had a 500 yard season. Yeah yeah Jets and all, but come on.
  5. I've had high hopes for Davis since coming off his rookie year. The Chiefs game really cemented those feelings. Guy has every tool to be a DOMINANT receiver and I fully expect him to take the next step this season. He should've started over Sanders from the very beginning.
  6. And you think Barkley is gonna perform significantly better under THIS offensive line?
  7. Carson Wentz. What a fall from grace. What happened to that guy?
  8. GD put up the most receiving TDs ever recorded in an NFL game. He produces everytime he's on the field and can run every route. Definitely an emerging star and the league will def be on the look out next year. You're crazy if u don't think he has #1 potential!
  9. Allen's running adds a whole new dimension to his game and forces teams to back off our receivers. I hope he continues to. There is no player more fun to watch in the NFL than Allen scrambling.
  10. Would be utterly ridiculous to spend a round 1 pick on a WR. That's the one position that Buffalo is stacked in. I would go Guard & CB in rounds 1-2. We need to keep building up this run game. Singletary is finally coming around and we need to get him some help. Just my opinion.
  11. #2? I honestly think Gabe Davis is gunning for that number 1 spot.
  12. It will be discussed until the Bills hoist the Lombardi. A giant "what if" situation Agreed. Even though Bills technically had the #1 D, I still feel there were better defenses than ours.
  13. What the heck is Allen supposed to do about the last 13 seconds? He did everything humanly possible to win that game. One of the gutsiest performances and best IMO besides the comeback.
  14. Top 5 is Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, and Allen.
  15. Let's hope history repeats itself. I wasn't around, but I know Buffalo suffered a horrific loss in the playoffs before their SB runs. Lmao 🤣 I'm originally from Rochester and it's true. I had to get out of that city fast
  16. Bills put 35 on that Rams defense last year (minus Von Miller) and absolutely torched the 2nd ranked defense in the NFL in the 1st round. I think Josh would've torched them, but I guess we'll never know because of 13 seconds.
  17. Indeed but i think the Chiefs were the hardest matchup for us bc they know the Bills so well. I would've been more confident playing the Rams. Stafford is no Mahomes.
  18. I will never forgive this coaching staff for this absolute collapse. I have no doubt in my mind that we would've steamrolled the Bengals en route to the Superbowl. This loss is gonna haunt me for a long time and there's simply no excuse. Why not squib the kick? And what was that coverage about? This team had a wide open window to a Lombardi and they crashed & burned. None of you will convince me otherwise 💯 👎
  19. When the draft was coming up and Buffalo was primed to grab a top QB w/ all their picks, I did my due diligence on all the top prospects. Allen stood out to me immediately above all others, but I stupidly fed into the opinions of all the "experts" and decided Baker Mayfield would be the best of the bunch. Should've went w/ my gut. It taught me a lesson.
  20. Allen's legs have been an integral part of his development
  21. Titans are going to get destroyed. That Chase/Burrow connection is too lethal. I want the Titans to win as I like the matchup better w/ the Bills despite previous losses, but no way Titans walk out of their stadium w a Win
  22. Sounds like you're just preparing for a loss. Super Bowl or bust 💯
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