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  1. Look, I don’t agree with the economics of the whole situation and what it would cost. I’m just speaking on having him as a player. Nope, not Barry Sanders, but who really is?
  2. Yessssssss! Buffalo needed this. I don’t care what people say. I don’t want the division coming down to the last couple games like last year.
  3. This is the exact reason they need a back like Barkley. A guy who can create on his own
  4. Jesus, this is the most specific “predict the score” I’ve ever seen. Bills 31-Ravens 17
  5. A lot of people talking **** but I guarantee most of you would be very excited if this happened. Singletary is good, but Barkley (when healthy) is def a cut above. Any slight improvement to our running game would massively help this offense. I’m tired of Josh being the leading passer AND rusher almost every season. Yes, it’s cool for MVP votes, but personally I don’t really care for that stuff.
  6. Exactly. If Milano returns that pick 6 (or any of those missed opportunities) people would hail McDermott for keeping it together when all odds were against him.
  7. He didn’t get away with it. He got flagged for unnecessary roughness.
  8. This post makes me feel a lot better about our situation. Lot of good points. Johnson will thrive
  9. 30? I don’t think they score over 21 and I’m being generous.
  10. He was really good in Minnesota, but became truly elite when he got here. Yes, it is an honor watching Diggs in his prime. You know for a fact he is going to produce every game.
  11. He’s 29 already ? 😳 Wow Yes. What was the play where he completely leveled that guy? I can’t remember which game it was
  12. He’s like Randy Moss in a way that they know he’s getting the ball, but they still can’t stop him. I think this will ultimately be his best season as a Bill. We shall see…
  13. If he averages 1 TD a game from here on out, that puts him at 19 for the year. Ramsey is still a top 5 corner in the league and he had a solid game against ATL. Diggs is just that nasty
  14. Guy already has half the TDs he had for his 2020 season and nearly half of what he had in 2021 (10.) I think he is finally coming into his own as an elite red zone threat being able to score on those short “goal to go” situations with much more regularity. With such a strong start, I think 20+ is not out of the question. In their 3rd year together, Allen/Diggs are having near telepathic-level chemistry and it’s pretty much a given that he will own every Bills single season receiving record. Route running is Diggs best attribute and the last thing to fade w/ age so I can see him breaking most career records as well (if he remains a Bill.) When it’s all said & done, the Allen/Diggs duo will be mentioned along side Manning/Harrison, Kelly/Reed, Young/Rice, Losman/Evans (kidding)
  15. Beat me to it lol was just gonna post this. What a joke
  16. Yes, but kneeling makes it a 100% percent probability. Whether you’re playing against the Jets or the 2007 Pats, it’s a stupid decision. Just like not squib kicking it when there’s only 13 seconds left. It’s start with the coaching…
  17. Anybody that blames Edmunds for that injury is moronic.
  18. Are the Titans this terrible or are the Bills just THAT good ???
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