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  1. For those into player props, Mckenzie any time TD is +550 on FD. Longer odds than Morris, Sweeney, Kumerow, Crowder and Moss. Interesting 👀
  2. No reason to have 6 LBs. Cut one for Bryant, and then cut him when White comes back if everyone is healed up?
  3. Miami's offense and Tua have looked like hot garbage for 7/8 of the season......
  4. Schedule after the Packers game is a joke. Even if we go 3-2 (with a win over the chiefs) the next 5 games we are in good shape. With that said, I still think we win by a TD+ on Sunday.
  5. Our defense is banged up, so let's take the ball from Allen and put it in the hands of the worst group of RBs in the league? Letting Allen put up 40+ on the sounds like a better plan.
  6. We can get by missing those three. Our entire offense would be a go. Just need to hope Hyde is not long term. If we end up missing Gabe, another DT and poyer, then there would be some concern. But right now I'm not worried. Bills putting up 30+.
  7. Best case scenario, he's back for KC. More likely...after the bye week.
  8. That TD just killed a lot of teaser bets lol
  9. We don't have to worry about who will back up Josh after this year. Looking forward to having you back, Mitch.
  10. They are punting down two scores with 4 minutes left?
  11. Allen sighting! First time I see that commercial.
  12. Are you unable to yell while sitting down? I have a solution for you.....
  13. Yea that was weird. Didn't know you could have a penalty without a loss of yards.
  14. I think the Pickens catch might be better than OBJs
  15. The announcers did not do that catch justice. That was absurd.
  16. Why couldn't we trade up for Pickens instead of taking Cook? Still can't believe Kumerow as a starting WR is a thing.
  17. 50 yard FG in those winds on 4th and 4? Horrific coaching.
  18. The defense has definitely seemed soft at times in recent years. Love the attitude Von brings.
  19. I don't have seasons but a lot of people I know that do complain about this. Yes, I think it's ridiculous.
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