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  1. Has there been a different team in NFL history that's gotten less out of their first and second round rookies? So many picks invested into the defense just for them to suck/not play/make no impact. It's maddening.
  2. I think we can all agree that there's no way he would have been able to play vs the jets (maybe would have returned to limited practice next week at best). Can also agree that we don't need him vs the bears. Losing him vs Miami sucks but we held them to what 20 points in Miami without 6 starters? We'll be fine without 2. Long game is the right move here.
  3. We're missing 3 starters tonight.....two will be back this season dion hopefully next week....
  4. Yea, if we're 10-4 in a few weeks it's a wrap for this season.
  5. He's live on twitch right now lol
  6. We need Von for the playoffs. Losing him sucks but if we are otherwise relatively healthy (getting there), we will be fine vs pats, jets, dolphins and bears.
  7. Wow!.... Apparently Von was being optimistic on his podcast. Hopefully he'll be back for the playoffs. And hopefully he's a better source on OBJ than he is his own injury. 😬 Get well soon.
  8. Wind will not be a factor. Supposed to die down quickly after 5pm.
  9. We need to give you banning powers back. Why is he still here 🤦‍♂️
  10. Good offensive coaching can make up for a lack of talent. Elite talent can make up for poor coaching. Problem is we are lacking in both areas. We miss Daboll. Hopefully our recent struggles will be a wake up call for Beane.
  11. Knox and Davis are the definition of jags. He is spot on. Bad o line. Bad coordinator. Very little above average talent. We have maybe the best QB in the NFL and we should be doing everything we can to build around him. Our lack of investment on the offense should be criminal.
  12. He retired because he is washed and they weren't playing him What's Kyle Williams up too?
  13. Speaking of bets for this game... Anytime TD scorer..... Gabe +220 👀 Knox +310👀 McKenzie +380 👀 BB will try to take Diggs out of the game. Only thing that scares me is Dorsey and no Dawkins. Otherwise Allen typically owns the Pats and all of those bets would be great value.
  14. Chargers played two SNF games in a row this year. It's not unheard of but yea I do think dolphins chargers being flexed makes our game much more likely to be Saturday
  15. Nice work...confirms what we've been seeing all year long...Brown and Saffold are huge liabilities.
  16. I know 0 about meniscus injuries but I'm assuming it can't get worse by playing and can only get better with surgery which he will get done in the off-season.
  17. Toney could be a difference maker if he somehow gets and stays healthy. Others will have zero impact.
  18. Let's see the receipts. And if either of you wants another $50 on pats +4.5 no juice, loser donates to charity, let me know!
  19. This dude cannot be serious. It's 45 degrees out.
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