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  1. I thought the exact same thing. Liability = lie-ability. Lol
  2. To my eyes most Bills receivers do not get much after contact. In the KC game the difference was very noticeable. Mahommes would complete a short pass and Kelce or Hill would turn it into a bigger gain. Bills receivers usually get tackled right after the catch.
  3. I thought you were the poster whom I had answered. In that post it was said that they don’t get along, I was simply saying that it wasn’t true. And knowing Tanny and his biatch face, he won’t have him over for thanksgiving
  4. What’s your point? Joe had Steve at his house for thanksgiving when Steve was alone. Yea they competed fiercely for the starting job but there was a respect there. Your post stated that they didn’t get along. Big difference
  5. Wrong. Montana and Young were good friends and respectful teammates.
  6. Not even close. JP had some talent. Unfortunately the coaching, receivers, and overall roster was crap. I always thought in the proper situation he would have been a solid starter.
  7. So as a non buffalonian, yes the success of the team did make me a fan. My older cousin who was like an older brother to me was a giant fan as his family was originally from the Bronx. We always had a rivalry so when the bills met the gmen in 25, I naturally rooted the bills. Plus I loved the helmet and colours. Been a fan since.
  8. I think there’s a difference between a murderer, co conspirator to murder, rapist, sexual assaulter and what a man and woman dealing with infidelity in their own marriage. No one is perfect to be sure but there is a difference and if you can’t see that I can’t help you.
  9. True but he’s younger. He may grow to be better. Also I think they live on the Chase big play only.
  10. Did colinsworth say that Burrow is the best QB in the nfl?
  11. Why do players flex after almost every play? I noticed JA does as well? Is this some sort of social justice thing or what?
  12. If you read the article you’d know something was wrong with this guys head. He’s not a criminal. Was confused and high. Probably has CTE as well.
  13. Did you see how Cincis D played? That’s what the Bills need. Hard hitters. Good tacklers. Guys that can get at the QB. Bills have soft hitters who miss a lot on forts contact allowing opposing players to pick up extra yards. And no one really gets at the good QBs.
  14. Nah. They’ll still suck his junk.
  15. No. The Cinci D has made him play like this. Bills D is super over rated. If you can’t see the difference between the two I don’t know how to help you.
  16. Bills number 1 D was a mirage. Big changes needed. If the Bills had an above average D, the be the top team year in and year out. This crappy d is holding them back and Cincinnati proves it
  17. This staff has been really good. They say that even though we have a good TE we’re looking to always upgrade every position. If should be the same with the coaching staff. Not saying we should get rid of anyone BUT we should NOT settle for good.
  18. He’s a serviceable game manger. Teams win SBs with this combo.
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