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  1. It was a publicity stunt. He signed with a crypto company that paid him that much in bitcoin.
  2. Basic ass beer taste like myself. The story about Lee Smith calling Woods mom at 4 am thinking it was his phone and he was calling his wife was great.
  3. Really enjoyed the pod. Got an Hr commute. Finished it up doing some yard work. His prognosis really changed what Beane planned to put around Allen. Wood low key Bills hall of fame. He was the offensive version of Kyle Williams.
  4. Peak dead time thread. I dont see Daboll or Scheon give up on Saquan outside a 1st. If they can pick up a 1? Sure. I dont see KC trading CEH and a 1st for Barkley.
  5. Listening in to the pod now. Shout podcast. Cook looks like a different guy with how he moves. Main play that stood out was vs Milano. Austin is more than a camp body. No. No major update until camp.
  6. I like having vets and udfas battling for the bottom of the 53. Imo going vet min might be Buffalos way of overcoming thin UDFAs. A few larger contract and tough decisions might move the lever back but for now I like the idea. Unless a massive leap happens give me Austin over Stevenson. Quessenberry over Doyle. Phillips and Lawson over the bottom of the Dline.
  7. I think he is in play for TE 3. Most athletic option behind Howard.
  8. Because the SEC network announcers said he was the best college Te doesn't make it fact. He is the opposite of Knox and Howard. Is he out working Sweeney? No way. Better blocker and knows the playbook. He is the longest of longshots. They went 2 Tes last year. Now they will keep 3 and the 3rd is the least athletic TE in the NFL? No way lol
  9. They need to be more aggressive. Long, slow, drives helps the opponent. A little more aggression helps the team. Play more conservative defense early and with a lead. The actual teeth of the game, more run blitz and more aggression.
  10. He is also paid as like a leader on teams. Much rather Neal grow into that role than having to roster teams only players. Having guys that are good to great on teams that can function on offense or defense improves depth the most on game day.
  11. Under 10 yards he is right. Past he is way wrong. Mind you with Mahomes’ arm angles he will put the ball on Hill much quicker and in result more space. Tua throws with less arm fluidity. The ball may be on the money but he will operate in less space. The plays that made Mahomes and Hill will not be as often for either. Hill will make some plays and Mahomes will hit some people deep but not at the rate that made them lethal.
  12. Austin is considered an OG to NFL players. There isnt a skill player in the league who hasnt watched his college highlights. Do I think he will be all pro or have a massive year? No. A few games he makes a play or is productive for a game or to? I do. His numbers match those of pre Allen Beasley. There are only a handful of teams who can utilize the slot like Buffalo. Crowder was arguably a better slot FA than Beasley this offseason.
  13. Add Knox Edmunds Miller Morse Saffold Also, led the position in TDs. Buffalo is solid everywhere. The roster is the best since the 4 Superbowls.
  14. Curious if Buffalo gets creative with personal if Tre White starts the season on the PUP list. Using Neal or Johnson outside. Sit Jackson or Elam based off match up and scheme situationally. Last few off season Neal is this Swiss army knife and gets lost in the sauce come regular season. I think not having Tre is a time to experiment with some different looks. Last year even with how great the defense was statistically, I feel they were a bit predictable. Using a player like Neal it gives the defense more options.
  15. Wr 3. Crowder is a journeyman. He has played with poor qbs but hasnt had a large target share. Behind him Mckenzie and Shakir have questions. Heck Tavon Austin was added to the competition.
  16. I would too. We had many waaaayyyy worse. He is an average Qb. Passing on Herbert will get everyone fired twice over. Tua is what he is. In the right situation you will win more than you lose. They will be scrappy but never a threat imo.
  17. I think you can apply this to every position not named Qb and Saftey. At Rb Duke Johnson is a better athlete than Yeldon and more productive than Brieda. James Cook is the best athlete since Shady in 17. Crowder, Shakir and Austin are more explosive athletes than Beasley and Sanders at this point in their careers. Oj Howard at Te the most athletic Te in 20 years not named Knox. The Ol has been discussed. The defense is the same. The Dline is mosr debatable but still feel like it is the case. Miller, Jones, Settle, Phillips and Lawson are all day 1 or 2 picks. At LB Benard and Proctor are in the Milano mold. Converted safties, smallish with range. Elam is obvious and I feel like Bedford will prove to be. I think its obvious what Beane and Mcdermott thought the flaws of the roster were. Speed outside on defense. Speed underneath to give Allen more layups, and take advantage of light boxes. Losing Klien and knowing Smith would be suspended it makes the Bernard and Proctor pick make complete sense. Call me crazy, I felt and feel like Buffalo was 13 seconds away from winning the Superbowl. They beat Cincy in Orchard Park. Allen carries the boys home for the Lombardi vs LAR. This team today in June is better than that team.
  18. Jones doesnt have enough around him to put up the numbers needed to be a MVP. There is talk about Allen having struggles without Daboll. Look at Buffalo new offensive coaches and compare them to New England. They have career special teams coaches and career Defensive coaches replacing Mcdaniels. Mcdaniels is a top 3 offensive coach. Not having him was going to affect Jones. Not replacing him will ruin Jones imo.
  19. Tua a is passenger. Imo Tua can play on a winning team and be a tough out for Buffalo. Tua wont beat Buffalo. The Dolphins will be the Bills. Buffalo has an ace up its sleeve every week. Josh Allen can just be the best player on the field and unless you have a guy to match your losing. They may not keep him because he wont meet the expectations of being drafted ahead of Herbert. Overall, during the drought years Tua would have been better than just about all of the guys between Kelly and Allen.
  20. Sure, thats why the totality of the numbers makes it more likely he had a pattern of bad behavior than a few gold diggers looking for paydays. Sure out of 24 are a few throwing their name in the hat? Maybe? All 24 are? Not likley. He needs to settle and move along with his life. His crusade will cost him his career imo. The snippets of his testimony make him come off pretty bad.
  21. Hard to assume 24 different people with the only connection is the same profession and use social media are on lying. Did he rape anyone? Probably not. Was he being a dirtbag in most of these situation? Probably so.
  22. He is the best defender in the league. Has been for about 5 years. He is paid as a top DT but he is something like the 20th highest paid defender. Too good and too valuable not to get a pay increase.
  23. Going to the Miami game. Gonna have to work for Baltimore. First 1 pm Sunday start for me at my house Oct. 9th. Wild times.
  24. He is Ed Olivers size but with an 8 pack 😂😂. Different species than most humans.
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