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  1. To specify not saying permanent move to nickle for white. Put White in the the slot vs Kelce and top slot guys. No more 90 plus snap counts for Johnson.
  2. Low key Johnson has been as big or bigger a problem than Jackson imo. Big if. If tre is healthy I could see Buffalo putting White in the slot depending on matchup. I think Elam and Benford this offseason brings Tyron Johnson in question.
  3. Hill is Hill. But I expect Miami to be this years New England. They go 49ers, Chargers, Buffalo, New England, and Jets. I could see them going 1-4 or 0-5.
  4. I feel like both Dane Jackson and Tyron Johnson are struggling with a primary role in coverage. Both have underwhelmed. Buffalo going more 4-3 is not only scheme but production based decision. Once White is on a regular snap count I expect Jackson splits his snaps.
  5. Yes, no one watches film on Buffalo and comes away with we have to stop Singletary and Cook to win. Allen is a threat running as well. If I play Buffalo backside end goes Allen than recover. Without the defense crashing to stop the run that play is rather useless. Knox seems to be helping more in pass protection than under Daboll as well. He is helping Brown on what seems like most pass plays. My main take away is I want to see Cook used more traditionally. That will allow the plays on the edge to have a larger impact.
  6. I liked that missing so many Dlineman Ed Oliver stepped up big. He was a force on the field with Milano. With the injuries on defense Im not going to expect the replacements to make the plays. The last few weeks im disappointed most with Jackson and Johnson. They are 2/5 of the starting secondary. I expect Benford, Elam, and Hamlin to get picked on. Cleveland and Detriot got numeros plays on both Jackson and Johnson. They seem to be treading water or struggling with there new primary roles. If White gets back to a majority snap count I rotate Benford and Elam in with Jackson.
  7. Offense will be fine. My concern is defense. Without Edmunds the defense is very average. Lawson and Bashem starting at DE is troublesome. Dane Jackson is getting exploited like Levi Wallace used to. Problem with that he isnt playing across White its mainly rookies on the other side.
  8. Seemed to be a guy they liked in training camp. If needed I feel like he could play snaps. Hopefully, Manc suggests Boettger is close to returning. I know the window is open but most have some optimism.
  9. Hard to argue with what Mcdermott and Beane have built. Sean Payton is an excellent coach and turned the Aints into a Superbowl winning franchise. A one and done playoff run and this is a reasonable question to ask. Josh Allen and a #1 defense should result into more. I expect Mcdermott to turn it around this year and have a deep playoff run.
  10. Vegas has more confidence in the Bills than alot of there fans lol. Buffalo blows out the Vikings. Cousins is going to have a Cousins game. A pick or 2 and a strip sack and they get rolled.
  11. NFL players have a month of practice before playing real football. Wanting Tre to play after 2 weeks is short sided. We are approaching a month so it will be today or next week. The amount of people wanting him on field just for the sake of it makes no sense to me.
  12. 48-0. The beast is re awakened. Bills dominate. Cook has a breakout game.
  13. Why doesnt the NFL start the regular season in August? For his career his body is used to build up. It is important for Buffalo to give White that. I think he plays this week or next. Not having Elam or facing Jefferson isnt the reason to play him. Feeling his body’s physiology is ready for peak performance would be. Its a very modern approach but I think its prudent.
  14. Allen is worth more than 3 points. The books were hedging. If Allen were to be out the line would be closer to -1 or +1.
  15. I understand it if he is. Do you have him play for the first time in a year vs a top 5 wr? Idk. As a fan I do but also want White back for the playoffs not to just beat the Vikings.
  16. Maybe they are going to use Hines in the slot. Speed motions and traditional slot. Instead of having Hines learn both positions have him concentrate on 1. With Singletary and Cook his biggest impact and the teams need could be slot.
  17. Agreed all the postering but what happens with the roster will be a key indicator for tomorrow. Elam and Poyer down would point to more Dbs being active and possible Rhodes call up. Time will tell.
  18. I feel Buffalo is being smart and supportive of Tre. Look at Baltimore. Dobbins and Edwards are both coming off ACLs. Dobbins is out again with a knee problem and Edwards is out with a hamstring. Buffalo is allowing White to have a training camp type ramp up. I view training camp as Whites OTAs and the last few weeks have been his training camp. I think we are close to him playing. Maybe not a full game but getting on the field. I think he plays this week or next week. This is a situation that makes Buffalo appealing to potential FA. Give your players the best runway post injury.
  19. Beane has done a pretty good job of trying to solve roster questions with numbers. Brought back Mckenzie who flashed when Beasley was out. Signed Crowder who was one of the best slot free agents. They also drafted Shakir who was one of the top slot guys coming out. You cant really argue that he just sat pat. Same goes for oline, dline.
  20. I think James Cook starts and gets more carries than Singletary. This will be the shift the rest of the season. Singletary will spell on early downs and short yardage. Cook will be a focal point and he has a breakout game with his family in attendance vs his brother.
  21. Singletary has a role for sure. I see it like NO split with Ingram and Kamara during Kamaras rookie year. Cook has more big play ability. Give him more touches so he can take advantage of the times when the line gets everyone blocked. Those 10 to 20 yard runs by Singletary are much bigger with Cook. They have brought Cook along very slowly. They also have schemed up redzone plays that were also wide open but were not able to get the play off. Put those plays in the offense more often. I don't expect Buffalo to run alot more. I do think they need to find a way that is not so dependent on Allen for a big play. I believe that is Cook. 5 touches a game isnt enough to show it. Singletary needs 10 to 15 to get going. I think you can get the same increase in output with Cook and the ceiling would be much higher.
  22. If it was bad he would already be ruled out. I dont think Allen is the type to tell his teammates he is playing than not play. A week of rest for his elbow and I think Allen plays. Tonight we will get an indication. If Barkley is brought up probably signals Allen will be held out. I think Buffalo wins with or without Allen. The offense will be more multiple and more balanced.
  23. I swap Cook with Singletary. They are building Cook up slowly. I think they are at the point where they give him more. With more touches I think he makes a bigger impact than Singletary.
  24. I would like to see Cook get 15 carries. Im not advocating 30 plus carries a game as an offense. 20 to 25 is the right number. I think Cook will provide a spark to offense. A few big runs changes the outlook of the offense.
  25. Could be a blessing in disguise. The offense is too reliant of Allen. Use this to expand the run game and match it with play action. Retire the design qb runs til January.
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