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  1. Offense. Max Hollins. Defense Mike Edwards. A year removed from his cardiac arrest Hamlin will return to the player he was in 22 and is the third safety. Numbers game puts Hollins off the roster. Claypool, Coleman, and MVS make Hollins redundant. Halmer is the last wr on the roster. Hamler plays a Jon Brown role and is the primary kick returner.
  2. Hard not to like everything Keon has done so far. Speaks like a vet. I think those that doubt him will come to regret that. I think in 24 he exceeds most peoples expectations.
  3. The league will continue to fight this to the death. Adding an additional game to 18 will cover a-lot of the cost of suit imo.
  4. The suit claims they didnt simply sell the package to the highest bidder and the market determined what the company could charge the consumer. NFL made sure it was sold as a premium product and not affordable for some. Thats why there are no single team options or single games. Have to pay for the full thing no matter your purpose. The NFL has some anti trust exemptions they used that protection to manipulate the price. Espn proposal was going to be offered a third the price with single game options but the NFL wanted it to cost more for the consumer. The cost being charged to the consumer was as much or more the determining factor of what provider got it.
  5. I think it comes down to the anchor at LG. Torrence and McGovern have very good anchors. They dont get pushed back. That creates a solid pocket for Allen to step up in. Morse was good to great at alot of areas. His one area he struggled with was anchoring. If Edwards or whoever else competing for LG doesn't anchor well it will come down to whether VPG can.
  6. Equates to almost 2,000 per Sunday ticket subscriber. Florio is all over it. This thing will be fought til the end. Florio pointed out that one of the Supreme court justices was awarded a Super Bowl ring by Jerry Jones in the 90’s. NFL will fight it to the end.
  7. Davis is a good pass catching back. He is not what I described. Cook moving as smooth as be does undersells how rare what he is doing really is. I like Davis alot and is a 3 down back. You are not going to see Davis 15 to 20 yards down field running a route like a slot wr.
  8. He is also being targeted in spots other backs are not. Corner and deep outs from the split back or wing positions are things other backs cant do. That adds to the overall difficulty of the catches. Majority of his drops came down the field. Traditional running back routes under 10 yards he was very consistent. Those bigger plays come down to him and Allen working on it. If he routinely makes those handful of plays he is in the conversation for best back in the league. Thats Marshall Faulk and Thurman Thomas stuff really. Right now only Mccaffery and maybe Kamara do some of the down the field things Cook does.
  9. Cooks is a unique case. He is efficient receiver but had a few drops last year in big spots. His career at GA or as a rookie he didn't have a drop problem. I think it could be attributed to an increase workload. Not a lack of ability or a flaw in technique. They were concentration drops. Might be something to monitor if he will be pushing 300 touches again. If they trim some of his carries I think he could make a bigger impact and be a tick more explosive. Pair with Davis I think helps Cook with the load of the offense. Davis can do some of the things Cook does minus the down the field passing stuff. I think Davis is a healthy contributor to the offense.
  10. Saleh is the absolute worst. Jets gonna Jets
  11. Comes down to consistency and longevity. He has another season like last year he shoots up the list. He has the tools to be the best player on offense next to Allen.
  12. He had a handful that he would want back. More you rely on your Qb to make plays more turnovers you have. Manning and Brees dealt with this push and pull over their careers. Years they won it all their offenses were balanced and defenses made plays. Having a more balanced offense and team decreases the feeling for Allen to carry the team on his back.
  13. Yes. I do not expect it to be a substantial move though.I think they flip a lineman or defensive back for a day 3 pick. Buffalo is a little deeper than people think. A few guys that dont make it will be picked up by other teams.
  14. If you play him like they played Davis I dont think you would see much of a difference. Maybe a bit more explosive but similar production and metrics. A long way to go before the season start. I do think the initial reports are more optimistic than expected. Of all the wrs on the team he is the freakiest athlete.
  15. I would argue its the style of play asked of him. When he could line up wide and Ben saw single coverage he threw it to him down the field. He was very good playing like that. Buffalo has a bunch of guys to work underneath with Shakir, Kincaid, Cook and Samuel. Claypool and MVS operate better down field.
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