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  1. He also played baseball at Stanford with Elway. I just hope that somehow, getting Shane from the Chiefs weakens them just a little bit. Maybe he was Mahomes security blanket.
  2. A Bills fan lacking optimism? What a unique perspective! Thank you for sharing this unusual phenomenon with us.
  3. Ah, I did not know that part. I certainly don't want them to add him if he will be trouble in the locker room. But hopefully he is matured and humbled, since his days in Philly.
  4. Out of curiosity, do you know if practice squad players salaries, count against the cap?
  5. I thought you meant the draft picks would "catch up", by being re-signed by Beane, once they don't do well with their new teams.
  6. Funny how the reporter says he is a good veteran add, to a "relatively unproven" backfield, but Murray has played in 135 games and Harris has played in 38. That doesn't seem too inexperienced to me. (Johnson has played in 62) I think that is a "proven backfield, even without Cooks stats. Plus, Johnson has 7 career TD's, compared to 60 for Murray (including post season) and 20 for Harris. "Johnson will provide organizational depth for Buffalo behind a relatively unproven backfield consisting of James Cook, Damien Harris and Latavius Murray."
  7. QB Josh Allen WR Stefon Diggs WR Gabe Davis C Mitch Morse S Jordan Poyer S Micah Hyde LB Von Miller LB Tyler Matakevich
  8. I think it is the fact that Tyler Matakevich is a captain, that may cause the eruption. And not in a good way...
  9. Lol. You honestly believe that Desmond King is better than Tre White?
  10. I am glad to see this. I assume we will activate him once he is up to speed, but If someone tries to poach him while he is on the PS, we can move him to the active roster, correct?
  11. If we wanted him, wouldn't we have just put in a waiver claim?
  12. I am amazed that no one claimed Malik Cunningham. Beane will play the long game on Austin and Broker. He will get them both back at some point.
  13. I agree, but the announcement that I saw said they were "going to" add him to the IR, so I thought maybe they were going to add him once he was eligible for the in season IR. I guess not...
  14. I heard someone say that Barkley is on season ending IR. I have not seen it confirmed though. (it is in the Final Cut ONLY thread)
  15. Interesting. To me, that means we are most likely going to bring Isabella back somehow, once Shorter goes on IR. More to come I guess…
  16. Shorter? I’m not sure about that, I’d be surprised if we rolled into New Jersey with 5 receivers.
  17. Agreed. As long as we have Allen, and Beane can figure out creative ways to build a competitive roster, we will stay in the play-offs, more often than not. That said, the team will evolve throughout Josh Allen's career, with different strengths and weaknesses, based on where we spend money, and where we try and invest less, and try and work around the weaknesses.
  18. So what determines whether or not someone is subject to waivers? I noticed that comment make about some veterans, and some rookies.
  19. Cover One saying that Anderson is making the team.
  20. I was thinking that too, now that I heard Shavers was cut.
  21. Uh, for what? Teams miss on draft picks all the time. Do you want them to fire the guy who put together a potential championship roster? How else would he be "held accountable"? Make him sit in the corner for 15 minutes?
  22. This would be a good poll topic. I believe Von will start the season on the PUP, and make 4 games minimum, a guarantee. Otherwise he might get the itch, and push to come back sooner than he needs to.
  23. My guess is that you are correct. Reporters probably feel like it would be disrespectful to say he is fighting for a spot on the team, so no one is talking about it, outside of the building.
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