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  1. I wasn’t aware that the MSM was actually reporting the NEWS these days! 🥴 As far as the shooting goes, it is so much better to just walk away from these types of situations. It’s so not worth it..
  2. Thanks dude! I’m just saying, we’re essentially calling someone who plays the least most important position in football “God”. That’s rediculous.
  3. Oh how deprived we are as a society when we call a punter “God”. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  4. I don’t think he’s worth what he’s asking BUT the dude is 37-12 as a starter!
  5. Yep, probably needs to lose 50lbs and he would probably have to focus heavy on mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination exercises. It’s a problem for an athlete, an elite athlete at that to not be able to squat or bend. I cannot think of an exercise more important than the squat.
  6. I adore the Bernese Mountain Dog that you have in your avatar, he’s so cute. I am a huge animal/dog lover.
  7. This will change! I’m sure some of these projections are arbitrary at that. Like I have a hard time thinking that Hodgins would start over Shakir if Davis went down or having Quessenberry start over Spencer Brown What I do find surprising though is our DT rotation. I thought for sure that Jordan Phillips would start over Daquan Jones and I find it curious that Bernard is our backup MLB and I find it odd that Elam is behind Dane Jackson and I’m surprised that we have Benford at 2nd string. It will be real cool to see how this changes though.
  8. Maybe Belichick hired Tanya Harding to get Allen out of the way before the season opener?
  9. Josh Allen, Kyle Williams, Jason Peters, Jabari Greer, Terrance McGee, Stevie Johnson.
  10. It’s likely one of those units that will have to gel as the season goes on. As far as Elam goes, keep this in mind, Allen has made even the Jalen Ramsey’s of the NFL look bad. Even if Elam has perfect coverage, Allen can throw a 100mph fastball and still get the ball there. How will he stack up against lesser competition? That’s the question. Also, I will never question this FO/staff when it comes to DBs. This is McD’s forte. I trust that Elam, Dane, Taron and Benford will be good enough to get the job done. Keep in mind that these guys are playing behind a top notch front 7 as well. I also suspect that our defense will carry us through quite a few games this year and it won’t all be on Josh. I think Buffalo has a complete team this year and dare I say it, maybe even a running game with Motor/Cook!
  11. Donald is probably the best DT to ever play the game. I think Oliver will be good, very good, but we’ll see.
  12. People change, I am living proof of that, but I do agree that we should not hero worship. God alone shall we worship. I will say this though. Allen has been here for five years now, if he was pond scum, we would know by now. Nobody can keep a mask on for that long, but I will also say this to my Bills brothers and sisters, Buffalo has a very good team now, a team that is good enough to win many championships, let us carry ourselves with the humility we had in the past years, our 7-9 years. Let us not boast in prideful arrogance, let us forever think of us as the underdog and the number one antagonists to some of the more obnoxious, boastful, big market teams out there!
  13. So anyways, I’m in the market for a few Bills jerseys, probably two of them, maybe three. I’m getting an Allen one for sure and most likely a Fitzpatrick jersey as my alternate one, mainly because Ryan Fitzpatrick is my celebrity look alike and I have an identical beard to the one he has. Although I do like the away jerseys the best, I think white jerseys can be problematic when it comes to chicken wings and pizza sauce. Anyways, who do you guys got?
  14. Don’t expect any sympathy from me. Stafford certainly didn’t care when that poor woman fell of the stage during their Super Bowl celebration.
  15. I honestly feel bad for TO, the woman who went at him was clearly making a mountain out of a mole hill. "You're a Black man approaching a white woman!" Yet she felt safe enough to engage with him and put him down for no reason. We need to do a better job at treating each other in this country.
  16. Oliver, Knox, Singletary, Poyer, Edmunds (in that order).
  17. Trevor Penning is a really nice prospect. I do think that he will be a very good pro.
  18. DE, CB, WR. Don’t get me wrong, tackle is very important but I’m not sure that the drop off between Dion Dawkins vs Laremy Tunsil would be worth the $10M difference. I would much rather pay an elite DE if I had my choice. Or an elite shutdown CB, but those guys don’t really exist anymore.
  19. This is interesting, Yolo. He seems to have the physical skill set of a high end prospect, but played for a smaller school (and over performed too, I might add). It doesn’t surprise me to see him doing well because for McD/Beane, this is their signature dish.
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