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  1. A marvel that would make Bill Bellycheck and Marsha Brady jealous!
  2. We’ll see. He has a high ceiling, one may argue that he hasn’t reached that ceiling yet.
  3. Ok. Fair enough. I’m just saying though that Lamar is probably the 2nd best QB in that draft class behind Allen. He has a lot of potential.
  4. If he gets with the right coach he’s a top 10 QB easily though, he’s proven that. I shudder to think of Lamar with the Jets.
  5. Miami. Buffalo needs to focus on winning the division first.
  6. If he doesn’t hit him that’s a touchdown.
  7. Kraft should trade Bellycheck back to the Browns for Deshaun Watson.
  8. I agree. The reason why Knox is struggling is highly understandable.
  9. He’s a gadget/splash player kind of guy.. nothing more.
  10. I have to go with Stefon Diggs. Without him, Josh Allen is up crap creek without a paddle.
  11. In no way would I not take Cole back.. Cole at 60-70% is better than McKenzie at 100%.
  12. The idea of Lamar Jackson going to the NYJ really scares the daylights out of me. Imagine a division with Tua, Lamar and Mac Jones in it.
  13. As far as QB rankings by salary goes, tell me where you think Lamar fits in: 1. Aaron Rodgers $50M AAV 2. Russell Wilson $48M AAV 3. Kyle Murray $46M AAV 4. Deshaun Watson $46M AAV 5. Patrick Mahomes $45M 6. Josh Allen $43M AAV (this is where it gets really sketchy) 7. Derek Carr $40M AAV 8. Matthew Stafford $40M AAV 9. Dak Prescott $40M AAV 10. Kirk Cousins $35M AAV 11. Jared Goff $33M AAV 12. Carson Wentz $32M AAV 13. Matt Ryan $30M AAV 14. Ryan Tannehill $29M AAV 15. Tom Brady $15M AAV I would argue that Lamar fits into that top 7-10 range. Or with the Giants, Jets or Saints.
  14. It sure is, but even so, Lamar is a top 10 QB. Even if he does play a physical style of football, he’s very young and he has fresh legs. I would argue that he has another 4-5 years left in him. He should absolutely hire an agent though! $45M is too much, but I think he’s worth $35-38M AAV no problem. If he is a FA though there will be a bidding war. Would hate it if he ended up with the Jets! Great player!
  15. Keep in mind that QBs get paid stupid money and he is easily a top 10 QB. Question. If we didn’t have Josh Allen and Lamar was a FA, how much would you offer him?
  16. God bless him. Wonder if he may be on some sort of sleeping medication or something to that effect? I don’t see why every one is getting on him so hard.
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