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  1. How good is it to have a QB that’s lumped in with Mahomes, Brady and Rodgers?
  2. Why would anyone let this pig on their team? Watson is pond scum.
  3. I was born in Buffalo but I moved away right after preschool to Virginia, spent some time there before eventually settling down in CNY. I’ve visited Buffalo a dozen or so times over the years and although I never really lived there for an extended period of time, I always considered Buffalo home. I’ve eaten at many pizzerias in Buffalo over the years. I was always blown away by Bocces, Blasdell’s and Bella’s. By far much better pizza than I have had access to over the years. I ate at Duff’s before but I wasn’t really impressed. I will say this though. As far as this list is concerned, there are two places I would like to visit one day and that’s Anchor Bar and The Big Tree Inn. Obviously Anchor Bar was essentially the place that put Buffalo on the map as far as wings are concerned, they’re the original wing place, it all started there so I hope one day I can visit Anchor Bar. Then there’s Big Tree Inn which is notorious for hosting Bills players, so I would love to see how that bar is set up and I wonder what they’re menu looks like. These two places in my mind are historic as far as the city of Buffalo is concerned.
  4. I think he’s the next Fitzmagic is more accurate.
  5. I think Buffalo will. I think Kansas City will still be experiencing a “Super Bowl hangover”. 😆 Mahomes is great man, but to lay an egg on that big of a stage just kills the psyches of entire cities, coaches and players. They’ll still be good, just not as good.
  6. Oh, absolutely! It’s all about how much Jordan Phillips would cost. I already feel great about our DEs/pass rush but Phillips would be a monster next to Ed Oliver.
  7. I would take Phillips back in a heartbeat. He would be a monster in this rotation.
  8. Dammit I want cereal now..
  9. I’m sorry, but with no Hollister, this list has no credibility. And 8 WRs? I don’t even care to read the rest of this list.
  10. I’m just so sick of football being politicized. First it was the kneel down, now covid. Regardless of where you stand or which side you take, I just want the arguing to stop. I wish we could just get back to football again.
  11. I’m hoping he doesn’t have to start and I’m hoping we extend for a few more years next offseason.
  12. Imagine Groot, Boogie, Oliver and Epenesa rushing the QB together in obvious passing situations.
  13. Well, unfortunately the virus can be passed along by people who are vaccinated, but the main problem are unvaccinated players may face is that their symptoms will be more severe if they get COVID. It’s a personal decision, I refuse to judge someone if they did or didn’t get it. I’m hoping this darn thing doesn’t mutate again.
  14. It’s nice to see my boy Boogie getting some love. I was more surprised that Groot is as good as he is, I always expected Basham to be good. Then you add Epenesa into the mix and this DL is trouble. We have great depth at one of the most important positions in football, it’s going to be hard to pay all these guys in a few years.
  15. My gut feeling is the Dolphins will collapse. I think the Patriots will come in 2nd, likely by 3-4 games behind the Bills.
  16. It depends on what time of the year it is. I come here regularly, but during parts of the offseason where nothing particularly interesting is going on, I stay away.
  17. I knew it was a mistake right away when the Pats took Michel over Chubb. You know, for such an ingenious coaching staff and I mean that with sincerity, I wondered what was going on in their mind when they took Michel over Chubb. It made no sense to me at all.
  18. There should be lifetime bans doled out for fans who not only fight in the stadium, but in the parking lot too. This is unacceptable and should never happen.
  19. I was a fan of Sweeney coming out, but it’s time to move on. We can do better.
  20. Yes, sir. I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s possible that we add someone through the waiver wire. Not feeling Breida at all.
  21. I’m hoping that we can replace Breida somewhere down the line. Singletary is by far our best back and Moss is pretty decent as well, but I’m not high on Breida. I find the situation we’re facing at TE/WR to be a curious one. Obviously I would like us to keep both Kumerow and Stevenson but I’m concerned about our depth at TE. Neither Knox nor Hollister are premier TEs, but they’re both really decent. Any depth we have behind them is nonexistent though. I think instead of keeping 11 players on DL, we may keep 10. Keep 7 at WR, keep 3 at TE and keep Gilliam at FB. Both Boogie and Rousseau can play not only DE but 3T as well, as can Obada, so we may not need as much depth at DT as we think. I know FB and TE aren’t glamorous positions but I think these players earn their stead in goal line and short yardage positions and against teams with fierce pass rushes as extra in-line blockers and pass protectors. Ultimately I think you have a great list though, but the one thing you cannot foresee is the waiver wire. We may add a few guys to the 53 man roster and it’s almost a given that we’ll see some new faces on the PS. Is a trade out of the question?
  22. Oh, absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been saying so since last week. I think Boogie, Rousseau and Epenesa will be phenomenal for us. Might as well hang onto Hughes though, hopefully he retires with some hardware. 💎
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