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  1. He'd never lay a glove on Fred Jackson
  2. Here in Israel, cable TV became widely available in the early 90s just as the Bills were playing in the superbowl every year. Israelis were unfamiliar with American football before then (the superbowl was televised for the first time during the Gulf War - Wide Right) so people who became familiar with the game as it began to be televised here thought that the Bills were a dynasty like the 60s Packers, the Yankees or Manchester United. I remember an ad campaign for one of the cable TV companies, with billboards everywhere, showing a closeup action shot of Jim Kelly. By now American football games are a staple of cable sports here, so I guess the Bills track record in the intervening years has dampened the Bills enthusiasm pretty much. But my friends who follow sports all know about Josh and the New Bills, and they often congratulate me after an important win. BTW 1PM games are Sunday 8PM prime time games for us, given the time difference.
  3. Perhaps the high point of Chandler's career: The Bare Facts Are He's A Star
  4. I, for one, would be happy never to hear another word about JD McKissic
  5. Terrence McGee Stephon Gilmore
  6. They told Araiza he gets 3 bye weeks, one scheduled by the league and two games against New England
  7. I stopped watching the broadcast and am just watching this board now. Much more entertaining.
  8. All I can say is I'm SO PLEASED that it was on 3 networks. I understand that next year's Pro Bowl will be covered live by 5 or 6 networks.
  9. My #1 favorite Bill ever. He gave us a sense of winning beyond just handing off to OJ. And his gutsy performance playing hurt against SD in the playoffs is still my biggest (OK, second-biggest) heartbreak as a Bills fan.
  10. Maybin, because the Bills became the laughingstock of 31 NFL front offices. I doubt anyone else had him ranked above a 3rd rounder. By this token Manuel deserves a mention, although I remember the panic about getting a QB in a draft that had no legitimate starter candidates. At least if we'd taken Geno we'd have taken a guy who stayed around the league a long time. But I think EJ was a stand-up guy and he took the criticism like a man.
  11. Punter is a need maybe Moorman can come back maybe Gogolak
  12. NFL draft soon. Who will Buffalo select? Can't say I care much. Haiku posts only (5-7-5 as you know unless you flunked school)
  13. I think you got the posters confused. Rhode Island Red is absolutely INCORRECT, I was the one who said that Belichik called the timeout. Rhode Island Red said "the ref imposed it" which I think has no basis in the rules. And the reason Gannon was confused was because he's not very good at the TV thing.
  14. Me too. I've rewatched the end of that game probably 10 times over the years. Here are some of my favorite memories: 1. If you loved Fred Jackson (and who among us didn't) this was him at his best. What a player, wasted on so many mediocre teams. 2. Hate Bellichik as much as you want (and I do), you have to hand it to him. What a great football mind. With all the hoo-ha around whether Fred's carry was a touchdown or not, once the referees made the call he knew right away that he needed to use an immediate timeout because the clock would start on the referee's ready signal. (Rich Gannon, in the booth, never had a clue why NE had taken the timeout.) 3. Chan Gailey was probably the best coach we had during the dark years. 4. First Bill win against NE since the Sam Adams/Lawyer Milloy game (31-0) 5. And best of all - four Brady interceptions including a pick-6.
  15. At this point in his career, Gilmore does NOT want to be on a team that is on national TV too much. That way he can skate by on the basis of his early-years rep without anyone seeing him get burned every Sunday by mediocre WRs.
  16. Who can I see to get those 30 minutes back? This was almost as boring as the Von Miller signing video.
  17. For that money you could buy a Bentley and a whole slew of Dan Darragh cards.
  18. Kiko made himself a legend, we just were witnesses
  19. I'm still upset about Eric Moulds getting flagged for "maliciously spinning the football"
  20. Two regular season games (NE and Atl) plus the playoff game against NE. And two other games where we punted once.
  21. I feel very strongly both ways.
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