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  1. I was never a huge Levi Wallace fan. He would get picked on by top level qb's and could not handle that kind of pressure. Let's wish him well, thank him for his service, and move on. No reason to take a step backwards.
  2. Beane doesn't know what he is doing. Pro bowl voters are clueless. The Bears are morons for giving him the huge 4 year contact. But you are the expert. I am in awe of your expertise.
  3. They did okay with Matt Milano. Through all the hate on Tramaine, he was a 2 time pro bowler and signed a huge 2nd contract. Long live Edmunds!
  4. We got 5 years of service from Edmunds on a team friendly rookie contract. We cannot keep every player at the end of his contract. It was smart to get a full 5 years of service from him instead of trading him for a draft pick and leave a gaping hole in our defense one year earlier. To trade him with no real leverage would have netted a 3rd or 4th round draft pick. As it is we got him for 5 full years and a 3rd round pick. What is not to like?
  5. I Agee with you 100%. Despite your well-presented facts, a significant percentage of the folks on this board will still be complaining that McDermott and/or Beane should be fired and be replaced. The fact is that the Mcdermott/Beane era is one of the most successful in the history of the Bills franchise. It amazes me how quickly people forget the mire that was the 21st century before the arrival of our current brain trust. Our beloved Bills experienced a historically difficult season with unimaginable challenges. Thank you for this uplifting post. Go Bills! (Oh, and Happy Easter)
  6. It has been a heck of a ride since McDermott and Beane arrived. The Bills have been exciting, relevant, and one of the best teams in the NFL. The January 2022 playoff loss to KC was one of the most painful losses of my life. (First memories of the Bills was 1963). But I am wise enough not to over react and call for the replacement or our braintrust. We are in the middle of one if the best eras in the Bills franchise history. Changing coach or gm now would be so foolish. Most NFL franchises would love to be in our position. The biggest disappointment to me recently is how the tenor has changed on this board. It used to be that after a disappointing loss the posters here would console and offer insightful analysis and opinions. Now we get venomous and vicious over reactions and complete disrespect for opposing positions. I honestly don't read this board as much as I used to. The Two Bills Drive that I used to love has been hijacked and turned very ugly. Back to thebtopic atbhand, we need to stay the course and have patience with McDermott and Beane. They are our best chance to make our dream of a Super Bowl championship come true. GO BILLS!
  7. I have more faith in Beane than you do. His draft record has spotty, but let's hope he hits a few home runs this year.
  8. How do you fit the salaries for these players you want to trade for under the salary cap? We have to hit on some key draft picks.
  9. Yes, but he is returning so we will all have to deal with it.
  10. Yea I got that. I am an old guy so excuse my dated knowledge. I gotta go. My nurse said it is tme for my sponge bath.
  11. Not really, but I appreciate your confidence. Is this topic really worth arguing over?
  12. Given that home teams get -3, that shows odds makers think this game is a toss up.
  13. 14-3. Outside of your style points, what is your issue? You may be right. Many teams in various sports have won it all while winning ugly. Enjoy living under your dark cloud. If that is your happy place, enjoy.
  14. I know. It sad how some people are always the glass is half empty. This board is not as enjoyable as it used to be. What happened?
  15. 7 -3 in 1:00 pm starts in my count. 8 - 3 if you count the 12:30 start on Thanksgiving.
  16. The Bills confirmed Damar experienced cardiac arrest and his heartbeat was restored on the field.
  17. Just not sure how this game can be rescheduled. The Players are not going to be mentally or emotionally ready to play in the next day or two.
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