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  1. I could be way off base here, but I just don't think he is worth it.
  2. That is a funny concept. They give us the su day ticket for free, create good will, knowing there won't be a season? That almost seems possible.
  3. Direct reached out to my family and said that they would provide the Sunday Ticket Max 2020 "is on us" We did nothing. This offer was completely unsolicited. We have purchased the NFL package from Directv since the mid 90's. I wish I could give you more information.
  4. If you have been at Sunday ticket subscriber this year directv is give you the Sunday Ticket free if charge. That will significantly cut into revenue potential in your scenario.
  5. At least he didn't resist the arrest. AND he was wearing his Bills t-shirt proudly!!!
  6. I would not be surprised if by game 9 or 10 Moss has earned an equal number of carries to Singletary. No disrespect to Singletary. It is just that they are going to make an incredible combination. I wonder if we will ever see them in the same backfield. That would be awesome!
  7. That is the worst angle that could be used. At ground level the stadium looks awesome.
  8. We all suffered through the last 20 years. This is a new era and it's time to put the past in the past. Go 2020 Bills!!!
  9. Okay, I'm an old guy. How about Butch Byrd, Albert Dubenion, and lookie lookie, here comes Cookie.
  10. Maybe this is a homer pick, but Thurman Thomas made many incredible runs inside the opposing 10 yard line to get into the end zone.
  11. If he can contribute in a year, he is a great 7th round pick.
  12. I agree. Clowney is not worth the money. I also don't believe he is a team first "process" guy. Team chemistry is so important. I wouldn't want Clowney to mess that up. Beane is doing an awesome job of building this team the right way. I say. stay the course. I can envision the 2020 season, if we have one, as the Bills winning the division and getting at least one playoff victory. Go Bills!!!
  13. Whether you are a fan of Josh or not, he is a class act.
  14. Best player available. I wonder what Josh is thinking right now?
  15. You arent to say that about Spain. He didn't allow a sac last year. What's it to like? Is it his run blocking?
  16. He seems to be the change of pace power back Beane was looking for. I have no reaction either way. It fills a need.
  17. I thought it would be cool to draft Digs, but when the boys took Digs, this is the player I wanted. Great value at 54.
  18. It would be interesting to see what the league average is for rushing attempts vs 8 men in the box.
  19. Maybe he just needs to learn consistency. This almost sounds like maybe he was dealing with a minor injury.
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