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  1. I am in Montgomery Co , Limerick, not all that far from where you lived., and yes agree about the culture.
  2. I moved away upon retirement to an outer suburb of Philly Pa , my heart and soul is 100 per cent Buffalo.. Was moved , like so many , how the Bills , Sabres, and Bandit players showed up and actually took part.. was not a superficial, BS act. I think it shows just how special Buffalo is.. The way the Mafia contributes league wide to various causes, what was accomplished in Josh's Grandmother's name at Children's Hospital epitomizes how special Buffalo is.. It is heartwarming and simply makes Buffalo unique is the most positive sense
  3. Didnt see any "declining on field production"
  4. He was before my time too.. but any impressionist years back would utter those three words when doing him.. very cool..
  5. Nice.. i got to assume you are a bit old, like me..
  6. Of course.. Obviously , didnt go there about the financial aspects , assumed that , but in a "football sense" feel a bit bad
  7. Again.. scouts must have missed that .. IE :bad arm
  8. I agree , just saying , bad luck, or no skill set, whatever, , feel a bit bad ,thats all.
  9. I am quite sure I am in the minority , but Peterman just seemed like a victim of "bad luck" , for lack of a better term, in the SD game. Stuff happens, maybe he just "doesnt have it" , but so be it.. easy to pile on..
  10. Obviously hate to see him go, was hoping it could be worked out that he could come back.,. looking back, as others have said, the penalties, some ill-timed , so be it.., his passion was refreshing , to say the least
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