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  1. Thank you! we "oldsters" are lucky !
  2. Very well put.. glad i had the opportunity to live thru it all.. as a kid i used to ride my bike from so buff to Blasdell to watch training camp.. you cant begin to describe how neat that was.,.
  3. agree. not worthy even being there , but get it the heck off here
  4. WTH..! all the flack people get for allegedly starting BS topics.. we gotta deal with a freakin Kaep thread?
  5. Exactly! feel the same , not that we are "get off my lawn" type guys.. but when one sees the vitriol , goofy stuff .. it does get to you."thread police" nonsensical BS.. its refreshing a bit to re- hash the old days..
  6. yea.. the fights for the ball at the Best st end zone were legendary.. i could be way off .. but as my memory serves me, the end zone screens to catch the extra point balls were adopted because of those "scuffles "
  7. I agree! loved my time in the 60's as young kid going to WMS.. awesome memories .. different era.. but a priceless one.. thanks for the great pics!
  8. i agree and we all knew that Reich was made to be a successful HC .. sincerely happy for him..
  9. Isnt this an opinion based site?
  10. i disagree . you take the points .. but too lazy to argue
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