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  1. Yep.. why they cant leave well enough alone is beyond me.. does everything in the NFL have to be antiseptic..its bad enough with the domes etc.. i am an old fk .. remember going to games and watching games on TV played in the elements.. Nothing beat watching Detroit on thanksgiving when they played at tiger stadium and it started snowing a bit.. now its just the game .. which of course is why we watch.. but thank god forNew Era field and the Bills traditiions
  2. wow! me too.. grew up off of seneca st , weyand st.. which today isnt all that :"what it used to be" .. anyway nice ..
  3. Sam Young , the former Bill? that played a couple years here? Could not have said it better! nice timing!
  4. R I P ! an AFL superstar , wish i still had the reel to reel tape i recorded the Game where Stratton made the "hit" as a kid.. Remember the game in 63 when he ripped the Pats.. Loved it when he became Bill.. great memories.. good man!
  5. Totally agree almost feel like the Bills are cutting him a break somewhat ..
  6. PFT says the Bills put Gore on on the non football injury list..
  7. Ok i will start .. if someone has .. dont be too hard on me.. non football injury list to start camp? Now i hope the title isnt too vague!
  8. Exactly! and it is (re) election time for him come september. GOSPEL for sure!
  9. More "inside NYS politics" not something to :"enlighten the masses" with , especially when Polancarz had a go to guy in negotiations that is now incarcerated..
  10. Being an old guy , i have seen quite a few , but truthfully i am hoping for a Mahomes like second season and beyond
  11. Bobby Burnett was a student gym teacher at South Park high school when i was a either a sophmore in 67- 68 or a junior the following year.. cant remember.. for anybody that is as old as me.. THE gym teacher was Babe Birrer , ex major league pitcher in the 50's and a long time Buffalo Bison..
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