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  1. Any ball, extra point, FG , kicked in WMS before they put up the nets in the mid sixties, i believe. As a kid, used to watch the mad scrambles, bedlam take place when a kick was attempted at the Tunnel end zone side of the field. Old., original AFL footballs, priceless..
  2. Nice to see a Buffalo Bill guy get an award named after a Buffalo sports writer..
  3. Did not realize, (nor remember) Fergy throwing 5 ints.l. so cool watching this!
  4. You mean like Covid does/did, which I offered opinions about and got suspended for?
  5. Quite a long "life span" for this topic on the main board.
  6. Not sure if it was covered, and seeing all the previous ones mentioned , in my mind, this is in the top 5.. Chas Romes not picking off Fouts in the SD playoff game in 80-81.. season.. he does, Bills win, host the Raiders, beat the Raiders, then the Eagles in the Super Bowl..
  7. Hopefully the same announcement comes soon for the Bills
  8. I agree, and have to admit , dont watch much of the actual draft because of the "gurus " rambling .and , am like the OP, an old timer, draft has become too theatrical .. just like pre game shows..
  9. Give her time to do the laundry , and pick up my shirts from the dry cleaners..
  10. Pats to play in front of full capacity ..
  11. Just follow said rules about the game, getting into lots etc , If you are afraid of getting covid, or dislike the rules , dont go..
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