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  1. I guess you are correct.. i thought 2 had passed away , wont say who, but apparently all alive and kicking.. which is great!
  2. Looking at that lineup of former Bills attending.. i hope im wrong.. but i think a few have passed away.
  3. Time marches on. Rich Stadium was built for 20 million ,, 1973. the NFL is more than just a football league , its a lifestyle for a great amount of the populace. . i am from a past generation that watched the AFL, the NFL , in not that context. I love Buffalo, and want the Bills to stay obviously , so its "bend over" .. .. people can complain about "rich owners" .. "taxpayers" all that.. bottom line , it wont affect most " everyday life" if they get it done .. which i hope they do..
  4. Agree, shortened career, dominant force when healthy and most important, a super nice guy.. As a person who worked for Erie county, Tom Sestak did too upon the closing of the Restaurant . You would never have known the guy was early AFL star.. and unfortunately , died too soon.
  5. totally agree , i like to offer opinions , and cant believe people would threaten others.., not right
  6. Hughes is a guy that is needed in more ways than one.. Not only is he still on top of his game , his leadership is paramount . A few years back, he would get those "unsportsmanlike" calls , but its because he plays with heart.. All obvious observations , glad he is back..
  7. Nothing against them.. good "problem" to have
  8. I share your optimism.., seems like a gamer
  9. A very innocent inquiry , why not really look at Kumerow ? guy has looked good here and in Green Bay.. just a wondering.
  10. You sure about that? ..Is it a legally bound ? "agreed" ok. anyway why all the BS .. ? about him ?
  11. I am sure a suspension will be forthcoming , as usual, but why the negativity on Beasley for exercising his right to make his own decision? . Taking the Vax been made mandatory ?
  12. Baseball-Luke Easter, Basketball-Bob McAdoo, Football-Jim Kelly, Hockey-Gil Perreault. nothing earth shattering about my picks.. be interested in hearing others as well..
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