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  1. Anybody from Baltimore that criticizes any city is delusional.. Its almost satirical..
  2. Wow.. R I P Duby.. an icon , if you were a kid and Bills fan in the early days.and , when playing football (touch or tackle) the :"double reverse " and you were Duby ..
  3. Is it that important? Thread police out in full force as always
  4. Football atmosphere.. the elements.. no retractable BS roof.. 100 per cent Football .
  5. I have said it before.,. i grew up listening to Van.. Curt Gowdy.. and of course one of the best .. "Starr , Dowler .. Touchdown" Ray Scott.. Those were the days.. no :"hip hop" pregame show BS.. just a few features on the games.. then the Freakin Game..
  6. Thanks! Absolutely loved it.. very nice! Lighten up.. Jeez..
  7. Easy to agree with the comparison to Mini Max.. but totally agree with the Cribbs comparison.. had mentioned that to friends..
  8. After the Dallas game , it cant be any worse.. with Walt Coleman gone.. Hoculi.. not many left i can get a grasp of..
  9. OK .. thanks .. always a concern , obviously more so this week
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