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  1. That could be a close call too..but are kids allowed , or even know about the old game i grew up with "Cowboys and indians "? Come to think of it , that must drive SJW's over the edge! The term.. the game ..
  2. I think the Buffalo Bandits are not long for this world..
  3. i agree.. "Yankees" a civil war term.. wonder if they would be willing to look into a name change?
  4. If it has been brought up, forget it.. but doesnt NIKE have all their merchandise manufactured in China? or st least a great deal of it..
  5. OK guess the sky is falling .. i can quote other studies to dispute . but wont bother.. ill get banished ..
  6. You mean like in nursing homes? Is that where they pass it on?
  7. so far no deaths.. testing positive .. and dying.. maybe a bit of a difference
  8. i respect your opinion .. and i have informed myself as i can.. just disagree .. no problem
  9. i choose the 90 per cent chance , based on your thinking.. "logic"
  10. Then why arent they being ostracized like the everyday person who questions wearing a mask.. they somehow are never in the "mix"
  11. When we got him.. it was quite a "get" ,, and he lived up to it.. a slight cut above a "journeyman" type..
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