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  1. I think he transformed talk radio whether you agreed with him or not.. kind of "upped the bar"
  2. Ditto.. always liked his spunk as a player with the Bills... Good Man
  3. As the saying goes "any given Sunday" applies to the Bills regarding their Super Bowl aspirations.. i think the offense is sound.. sure improve the running game obviously.. but the O is there .. the D , cant complain too much.. they were very good defending in the red zone a great deal of the time.. maybe a more aggressive overall approach.. but im content and feel they will be there , and after the long drought . feel good ..
  4. I am thinking he is going in due to his coaching , obviously, was every bit the journeyman QB in Buffalo and throughout his career..and as everyone knows , was part of the worst trade ever made in Buffalo sports history.. (until the Sabres trading Ryan O'reilly )
  5. As someone who grew up in South Buffalo, certainly can relate .. nice read..
  6. Been there from the beginning as a youngster saw it all, the high lights.. the low ones.l.as the saying goes "win one before i die" if they lose , so be it , just regroup and go for it next year.. trying to be PC..But i want it now.. BIG TIME.
  7. lol.. no prob.. like the show , dont watch it that much.. i just got off suspension so i am treading very lightly! GO BILLS!
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