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  1. I like the pick a lot. Undersized but think he might be a good fit in zone scheme.
  2. I live in SEC country. Have always thought Fromm was vastly overrated. But he is probably an upgrade over Barkley and maybe a little incentive for Allen to improve.
  3. What about Jonathan Garvin or the Vidor kid here?
  4. Couple receivers I liked better still available. But who knows in the 4th.
  5. Really think we’re happy with secondary. I look for rest of draft to be offense.
  6. 3 players I’d love then to target next. KJ Hill- Logan Stenberg - The TE from Mizzou. Not gonna even try to spell his name. Kid is a physical freak.
  7. Great pick! My favorite back in this draft.
  8. Possibly. Just not crazy about the value of picks after Tua.
  9. Agree with the sentiment that Dolphins draft is underwhelming.
  10. Would like Bowden, Zack Moss, or Josh Jones this round please.
  11. Hope they can get another pick for Murphy.
  12. Don’t hate it. Think he’s dropped unfairly due to combine.
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