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  1. That's exactly why a talent like Green would help Allen. He's a guy who can just go get it and makes a ton of plays well defended.
  2. The comparison of Benjamin and Green is just off. Green is miles ahead in skill level and mentality. Green may actually be injured to the point he's not worth the risk. But my gut tells me he just doesn't want to risk further injury for a franchise going nowhere. It's up to the front office to do their homework. And they would have to make Green feel like if he performs he has a future as a Bill. If healthy he's worth a 3rd and more.
  3. Personally I don't think AJ is as injured as is let on. He's not gonna play for a hapless Bengals team in a contract year unless 100%. He's a top 5 receiver when right. And not a diva at all. Would fit perfectly. I'd absolutely trade a 3rd and the 5th and 6th we acquired for Bodine and Jones if the opportunity were there.
  4. Release him. Sign him to practice squad, ( he will clear waivers), for remainder of season to see if he can become a responsible individual There's some ability there.
  5. More ammo to make a trade for Trent Williams?
  6. A trade for AJ Green, Trent Williams, or Melvin Gordon would make me believe the front office thinks we are a contender right now. Unless something like that happens I will continue to believe they think we are a draft or 2 away.
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