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  1. I respectfully disagree that we should let Tua have the short/intermediate stuff. Tyreek Hill has punished the Bills in the past by turning those into long gains. I hope we move the defense up as they have the first 2 games. I don’t think Tua’s arm is strong enough to fit it into tight windows or beat us over the top.
  2. As I’ve stated before. I didn’t think Elam was very good in college. But there is no staff I would choose to work with a db over the Bills staff.
  3. Not overly concerned due to coaching staffs ability with secondary players. For the same reason, I thought drafting corner in the first round was a mistake.
  4. I don’t think they keep Sweeney or Shaq and Cam Lewis is 50/50. I think they keep Duke Johnson.
  5. Elam wasn’t that good in college. I wasn’t a fan of drafting him. However he came to the coaching staff I have complete confidence in coaching up secondary guys. And he has the measurables that the staff seems to like.
  6. I do think the Bills FO does a great job finding values in later rounds. In my opinion outside of Allen, their picks in rounds 1 and 2 are a little shaky. But still time for them to grow and get better.
  7. Because I think Milano is so important to the defense. But is injury prone. If someone can fill in his role I think it’s key.
  8. I think offensive line help is always needed but don’t know if anybody worthwhile will be available. Also wouldn’t mind adding a blocking tight end but have no idea if that is a possibility.
  9. Hope you’re right and I’m wrong. I’ve watched Elam and Cook quite a bit.
  10. Like i said in another thread. Lazy draft for the Bills. Don’t think they added a starter besides maybe the punter. Elam should contribute but I don’t think he’s better than Jackson. Don’t think Cook is good enough to play. Bernard will help sub Milano and on special teams. Not sure any of the others make the team.
  11. I know it’s sacrilege to be negative of the Bills draft. But this seemed to be a lazy effort from them. The Chiefs and Ravens beat them to the punch every round. Don’t think the Bills added a starter besides maybe the punter.
  12. Kyle Phillips and Bo Melton I think are still available. Not sure either lasts till the 5th. Jalen Nailor and Charleston Rambo maybe there. The value right now looks to be some good interior lineman still on the board.
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