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  1. Great season. In retrospect would have rather kept Lawson and Phillips than the guys who were signed. Defense took a step back this year. Needs almost a complete overhaul. But Allen is probably a top 5 QB in the league right now. Future looks bright.
  2. Offense only needs another piece or 2. Defense needs almost a complete overhaul which is disappointing considering how much money was spent there last offseason.
  3. KC just better. But they’ve played harder too. That’s disappointing.
  4. I mean White can’t cover Kelce. He’s not a shutdown corner.
  5. Great season. Don’t know what you do to beat KC when they’re right. Biggest glaring difference in this game. Speed, speed, speed.
  6. I mean come on. Dude was tackling Brown before ball was within 5 yards of him.
  7. This games over. But if you don’t go for this 4th down you’re not the coach to lead this team in the future.
  8. Knew we were a couple years away. But brave coaches win Super Bowls. Ours has never shown that. Until he does we won’t win one.
  9. Honestly feels like the first game. Where coaching staff seems to just be happy to keep it close. Who knows. Maybe that’s the only way they think they can win. Hope to get to last 5 minutes with a chance. With the seeming difference in speed they’re probably right.
  10. I’ll say it. White is not a shutdown corner. He’s just an above average one who looks good most of the time in the right scheme for him.
  11. Pretty incredible this team was 7-2 honestly. Need to get healthy off bye.
  12. Way too many major deficiencies on this team to do any playoff damage this year.
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