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  1. Well done..,appreciate your insight, taking the time .. informative, interesting points .. i think the Bills are capable of cruising after this next stretch.. but obviously health will be the factor
  2. I am truly sorry.. please accept my apology for going off script a tiny bit.. I need a refresher course of "Thread Decorum"
  3. I thought Johnson looked good in pre -season. activate him..
  4. Thank you..makes lots of sense.. appreciate that observation/ input
  5. I am an old guy.. been watching football for as long as i can remember (Colts /.Giants 1958 , vaguely was 6).. my point.. all thru the years watching the NFL , an injury was more of a happenstance.. yesterday , it was surreal, as play after play.. we saw it.. i realize the obvious, bigger, different style, get all that.. is it simply the size of the players? And/ or technique ?
  6. No prob.. like the passion.. lived thru Kay Stephenson. Gailey, you name it .. ill take it . John Rauch .. Take this anytime
  7. Yes. Why? im old, you got up back in the day.. on a big play .. now its just people being selfish.. go for it.just answering the question..
  8. He really did.. Back in that time, Stern was carried on regular radio and he had Michaels on a while after it, pretty funny stuff also as he tried to explain it all .. Its actually on Youtube..
  9. That was, and still is ,hilarious!..
  10. Yep.. remember him , think he was a very late round ;pick.. and had a great career with the Mets
  11. For some reason that didnt bother me as last year, or the 81 playoff loss to the Chargers , guess its probably because there was no "next game" , in both cases , the Bills were slated to host the AFC Championship game, had they won.. but i certainly know the pain of "wide right"
  12. As an 8 yr old kid in 1960, i have been following this team with the same passion i have had since then.. , lived through it all.. and can honestly say , without any hesitation , the ending of last season hurt me more than any of the other heartbreaks.. been counting the days down so the new hope of today, the new season, buries the painful ending of last season..
  13. Any ex Bills come out? offer an opinion ? OJ, Biscuit?
  14. I remember those early-mid 60's Cleveland games on TV ..Ken Coleman , play by play , Warren Lahr , color.. watch that game , and if the Bills were home, listening to Van .. life was good ,
  15. Saw Lenny play the Bills in 63.. the year they got Kemp on waivers from the Chargers,Kemp and the Bills kicked their Butts , being able to experience watching Dawson, Blanda, Parilli , priceless memories.. Lenny really had a great second career as a broadcaster.. very polished..
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