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  1. I’m guessing he’s enjoying his Friday night? The Bills will be staying. I know very, VERY little about downtown. I don’t know enough to have much of an opinion on this. I know I love games in OP. I’m sure I’d love games downtown. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I will say for the thousandth time, as long as they remain in WNY I’m all in!
  2. EXCEPT behind the goalposts! I remember my dad wanting a friend with end zone seats to sit with him, so they swapped seats and I sat in the end zone with a buddy at a Chiefs game on a rainy day. First, they allowed umbrellas back then, so it was hard for anyone to see anything. On FG’s and extra points, NOBODY was safe! It was insane! But then, we probably didn’t wear seatbelts on the way to the game, so…..different times!
  3. This is just what I was hoping for back when he had the dropsies. You just KNEW his ceiling was high. He made the tough plays, but his concentration faded at times. Sometimes a little patience and hard work pay off! I must admit, this is even better than what I had imagined.
  4. Yes, and that’s my point. It’s very easy and enjoyable to be able to walk to the game without worrying about drinking/driving, traffic and parking. It doesn’t matter if it’s Nashville or Cincinnati. That has a certain appeal to it for many people. EDIT: To be clear, it’s not the “Nashville experience” near the stadium that I enjoyed so much. In fact, pre-game I walked down to Broadway where all the honky tonks are with all the live music….then I walked back to my hotel to be in the bar without all the insanely LOUD NOISE Nashville offers. I sat at the bar with Bills fans and had a few drinks and nice conversations. Not once over the weekend did I go into a single place on Broadway. It was the convenience factor that I enjoyed, a comfortable walk from a nice hotel to the game. I strolled around the lot a bit to see some tailgating before going in. It wasn’t like OP, but it was adequate, IMO, for most fans. .
  5. Did I say that? I just mentioned the advantages. I’ll be honest, I know Nashville pretty well. I left my hotel, walked a few blocks into the noise and craziness….and returned to my hotel bar. I can do Broadway now and then, but it’s not my thing. My hotel bar full of Bills fans was awesome!
  6. What are the odds this ends up in one of the other stadium threads? Asking for a gambler friend.
  7. After Nashville last weekend, I have to say I realized how much I LOVED the option of hotels and bars in walking distance. I had been to games there multiple times, but this thread reminds me of how different it could be. Not saying better or worse, just different. I don’t like the whole drinking, driving and parking aspect that requires planning for games in remote areas. Nothing is perfect, but Nashville handled it with ease with packed hotels and bars downtown. It was a blast, once again! People often fear change, but change can be good. Games in OP are GREAT, but there are other types of experiences that can also be great. People should be open minded, in all ways.
  8. So true! Most of the successful people I know thrive on change, because it puts them ahead of the herd.
  9. I was at the Nashville game last weekend. At first I stayed out by Vanderbilt because that was the area I was most familiar with and wanted to hit some of my favorite spots (and it was cheaper). For game day, however, I moved into town so it would be an easy walk to bars and the stadium. That was VERY important to me. When I go to Bills home games I generally stay in Williamsville near the bars and restaurants along Main St where I grew up. If I could, I would move downtown for game days. It’s great to not have to worry about driving anywhere. IF the Bills stadium ends up downtown, that would be my plan. I’d be just fine with that. That would be better for me than having to worry about drinking, driving and parking. As I’ve said a thousand times, I’m happy as long as they remain in WNY. I love the Ralph in OP and I love the tailgates. I’m confident I’d also love the experience downtown, if that’s where it ends up. Be flexible in life people, and look for the positives. .
  10. My wife came in and immediately mentioned how good it smelled. She asked what it was and I told her. I offered her some. All those people are right….she is MUCH smarter than I am!
  11. The fresh bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers I found at Publix seemed like a good idea at the time. I think I’m gonna regret this…….
  12. Aren’t they missing a tackle or two as well? Or are they back?
  13. Yes, eyeballs on him. This feels like a cry for attention. Three pages in and not another post from the OP addressing or defending the topic. .
  14. ….BUT….the bigger question is - did we get the right Josh? I’ll hang up and listen.
  15. My father and oldest son will be leading that parade, I’m sure! One thing about the Bills you can’t deny is they strengthen family bonds, even amongst people who are not blood related. We have experienced things that are very hard to explain, and I’m not so arrogant that I pretend to have all the answers.
  16. Only if we get it. If not, we put on a brave face and go to battle!
  17. I like to look at how we responded after the crazy loss to the Cardinals last year. You could easily argue that that galvanized our team and at least in part inspired them to a run to the AFCCG last year. Let’s get two more wins at the end of this year!!! This is disappointing, but it’s not the end of our season. Carry on!
  18. I’m not judging, but is anyone else having flash backs to middle school with some of this?
  19. Feet and hands are so tricky with all those darn bones, I’m always nervous. More so with feet (especially on big guys), so I take nothing for granted. But yes, it would be nice to know what else we have in terms of talent at the position. It might be possible we can win a few games without Ertz? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)
  20. Disappointing, but it might be the “best” possible 3-4 weeks we could be missing the pleasantly surprising new ingredient to our offense. We have the bye then some relatively easy opponents. Come back strong when we get into the gut of things and a playoff run!
  21. Like having ex-Titans as captains for the game. I’m disappointed today by the loss, but then I think of the Rex days not too long ago, and I’m smiling again! THANKS!
  22. Anyone remember when a 300 yard game might have led to thousands of people at the airport at 2:00am and a parade? He tried to do too much late. You can coach that down, but it’s hard to fix a guy who is afraid to throw a ball down the field or doesn’t have the arm to make it work. .
  23. I heard Eric Wood on Cowherd today saying before last night Josh was 13/14 on 4th and 1 sneaks. The only one he didn’t get was a botched snap. I didn’t see it live and there wasn’t a good replay I noticed at the stadium, but clearly he didn’t have his feet under him properly, as he mentioned post game. Based upon that, I withdraw my complaint for not kicking and tying the game. I thought the better team would eventually win, but I’m now 100% down with the call. The execution? That could have been better based upon how everyone lined up. Oh, and Josh not slipping…..
  24. When the offense puts up 31 points, you’d expect to win most of those games. Let’s hope we beat the teams we should beat before meeting the Bucs in December, then see how we do against a legit SB contender. If we drop another game before then, I won’t hang my head. This is the NFL.
  25. I agree with the first part. We were the better team IMO and led in many of the most important s stats (other than those pesky points!) , but sometimes you don’t win those games. This was just week 6, and we should learn some things from it. I heard Eric Wood on Cowherd today say Josh was 13 for 14 on 4th and 1’s before last night, and the only one he didn’t get was a botched snap. I’m now convinced I was wrong for wanting to tie the game after all I heard today. I thought we were the better team, and would prevail eventually. Now that my position looks better, I like it less. No complaints from me. I was there and heard/read reports that the Bills represented 28% and also 58% of the fans. IDK, but it felt like about 50/50. I couldn’t believe how loud the Titans fans were! Then I realized the entire row behind us dressed in Bills gear was screaming at the top of their lungs when Josh was at the line. We had to have a talk. They had no idea and thought just making noise was the point. There were a LOT of “Bill fans” who were just there in Nashville to party while knowing very little about football.
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