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  1. He didn’t say “vertigo” until LONG after I was feeling it! That upper deck looks mighty steep!
  2. I went to Harvard as well but only as an old man looking for air conditioning in the book store and a nice place to have lunch with my wife and sister. You got closer to the real thing than I did!
  3. It’s the offseason. This stuff happens…… 🤷‍♂️ I think we should put him in charge of the salary cap. I hear he’s pretty smart. Did you know he went to Harvard???
  4. Seems to be the story of my life….. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Just putting it in a new light, has the NFC been mentioned yet? 🤷‍♂️ We have a LONG way to go. Who gets hot late? We have a rough schedule early, but……
  6. Yes, you are young. 😋 I saw the Globetrotters there, but Braves vs Bill Walton would have been AWESOME in those days. Good for you!
  7. I’m angry that I didn’t get to burn a couch in the road. That’s a bucket list item. Torching a couch is something we should have done in college to get it out of my system. Life is full of disappointments…….. 😋
  8. Sorry, I have to disagree. IF we flame out in the first round, he’s still safe. VERY safe. It’s very hard to win the Super Bowl, especially coming out of the AFC these days. He’s our guy. He built this culture. I can’t wait to see this team and this group of men out there competing again. To the OP, under NO realistic circumstances can I see us getting rid of our HC after this season. Period. Do you think the Eagles might like Andy Reid back? .
  9. Belichick left a little bit of stank in Cleveland when he moved on to the Cheaters*. He’s cursed them the way Fitzy uses his black magic on starting QB’s. Beware!
  10. The beard doesn’t stick out so much when he takes his shirt off. Just sayin’……. 🤷‍♂️ .
  11. It’s amazing how times have changed. I remember as a kid someone running over a mailbox and going up in a neighbor’s yard, and the cops just followed them home for a block or so. Not happening these days! The blowback now if it came to light they let her off would get them ALL fired. Different times, indeed.
  12. I don’t know who was pushing for Watson (and that crazy deal), but it’s hard to overcome a terrible owner. Nearly impossible.
  13. No, it’s you. You just have a poor grasp of math. Zero is one thing. Anything else is everything else. That’s a lot. .
  14. “Likely” is a real word. “Positively” is another real word. They do not mean the same thing, no matter how much you want them to.
  15. I admit I chuckled about “your math”. Got me there!
  16. Thank goodness we have your infinite wisdom to rely upon to tell us all things true. So many people on this tiny planet don’t know everything, but we have you to count on! Oh, how blessed we are!!!
  17. I represent a different division of PSE, and I can make this possible for you! (That Nigerian Prince thing wasn’t fooling anyone any more….)
  18. Bruno will not remember the seating chart, he’ll remember being there with his dad. Well done, sir!
  19. April Shower! Hey, when you gotta go……. 🤷‍♂️
  20. We’ll never know what would have happened, but I think it was the best football game I’ve ever seen in my life. That may be recency bias speaking, but it was an amazing sporting event and I deeply enjoyed watching it. The ending sucked, but I’ll have to live with that. I refuse to let that dampen my enthusiasm. There is nothing I can do about it now other than look forward to seeing them back on the field. Mistakes happen, people learn from them and get better. I had a BLAST watching and look forward to more pleasant outcomes in the future.
  21. You kid (I hope), but at the Titans game IN NASHVILLE I was surprised how loud it was when we were on offense since it felt like it was more Bills fans than Titans fans. I realize the entire row behind me is in Bills gear making as much noise as possible when we were on offense, especially 3rd downs. We had to have a little talk. They thought just making noise was the point. Ugh….. That was the same crowd of people with one guy who started patting me on the head whenever anything good happened. He was more drunk than myself, and I’m pretty easy going. Late in the game he said “Hey! Your hair is all wet!”. I said “I know, you keep spilling beer on me!”. 😂 As for Josh home and away, it’s not that simple. You have to account for weather first and most obviously. We have had some INSANE weather games recently, but there are so many other factors. The quality of the opponent, the game situation (up or down early?), who has more injuries on either side of the ball (did we have a couple WR hurt at home, or are they missing some DB’s on the road?), game plan (they are the worst run defense in the league), etc. Every game is unique and I think it’s far too soon to draw any conclusions. Hopefully Sugar High Josh (it’s a real thing to some degree IMO) learns to control that energy and use it in a productive way. .
  22. Thank you for pointing out what this thread is worth. I am more likely to win the Power Ball than McD is to get fired. And I don’t have a ticket.
  23. I would not be shocked if he is given a LOT off opportunity to show himself in the preseason. If he shows well, he may bring one of those late round draft picks Beane likes to use as chips to move around in the draft.
  24. Without looking it up, I think we played the Titans once in Buffalo, then 3 straight in Nashville. Someone here said the max you can play regular season games at their place is three times in a row, so we are back to WNY. I LOVE Bills games in Nashville because it’s a pretty 3.5 hour drive and it’s a great city to see a game. It seems like we’ve been going to KC for longer than should be allowed! Since the Cincinnati game is at night on January 2, I considered making KC my road game this year. Time will tell.
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