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  1. I have ZERO ideas, or even wild guesses, on how the legal stuff will run, but it sure would be nice to see how he looks in late January. Just one more kick in the gut, but I won’t let it make me crazy. I keep telling myself that.
  2. Wrong Floyd. Sorry, I think that only works with Pink, and only under certain conditions. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Do you remember when Tre FINALLY came back from his ACL? Being able to step on the field does not mean you will be 100%, or even close. Von had 8.5 sacks before the injury and looked like a great addition, possibly the difference-maker we needed. Then he got hurt. It happens. You can argue it was foreseeable because of his age, but it was just lousy luck. People wanted a bold move to bring home a trophy. They took a big swing and got burned. Again, it happens. All the people who say “one before I die” have to realize there are consequences when you swing for the fences, for better or for worse. .
  4. I have never heard of such a thing, in the Buffalo suburbs or anywhere else. But I left WNY when I was 17, so maybe that’s part of it? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Thank you for trying to provide at least one safe haven. Some people are just eating (and stirring) this stuff up, and they seem to be in their glory. I’m very interested to see how Douglas is used and what kind of success he might have. He seems like quite a find for a 3rd round pick, but then again, that was quite a splash in his first game. I wish that could be routine, and while I’m at it I might look into some Lotto tickets.
  6. I used to live on the 10th green of a PGA tournament course and paid better attention back then. One thing that made sense when I heard and gave it some thought was “putting leaders”. You’d think the guy with the fewest putts per round would be a good thing, but it often means he just missed the green in regulation more. When we livid in Hilton Head there was a pretty straight forward course just off the island. Decent shape, not too demanding and cheap. We would sneak in 9 holes after work and I’d usually be in the 43-46 range. I could live with that. Those were probably the most enjoyable golf outings of my life. For some reason I drifted away from it, probably related to kids, time and money. I have no excuses now. A neighbor of mine in FL was a sports psychologist. He also belonged to the same tennis club and frequently played in a league I was in. It was commonly know that Don, the sports psychologist, would panic if you crowded his second serve, particularly on game or set point. His double fault rate exploded is you stepped in looking to crush a second serve. He was a double fault machine sometimes, and I actually felt badly and stopped doing it. No, I never saw him professionally. 😂
  7. I think what you need is a bowling ball and some determination. Maybe throw a special block party.
  8. We want to get our 10 year old grandson clubs, but we honestly are not sure if he’s a lefty or a righty, STILL! We should take him to the range, get left and right junior clubs and see what he does.
  9. I like to start my divot about 6 inches behind the ball, then have it roll over the top of the ball like a bad toupee, with the ball remaining intact in it’s original resting place. Not everyone can do that! 😋 I had lessons as a kid, and some of that muscle memory stays with you. Our kids had tennis and golf lessons early, as I did. It makes it MUCH easier to pick back up in your adulthood. My most active golf year was probably 15-20 rounds and I got to where I expected to break 90 each time out. I didn’t always succeed, but that was about the norm. I can LOOK like I can golf for several shots in a row, and then I do the ridiculous. Bogey golf can skyrocket into something very different when you shoot yourself in the foot like that. Rotator cuff requires surgery to get back to being able to compete in tennis, so maybe golf should be the replacement activity. I’m retired with plenty of time. If you have young kids, I highly recommend golf and tennis lessons, enough to get the basics. It helped me in life to be able to get involved in outings where I didn’t stick out so badly it was a problem. .
  10. People who rush to judgement too often rush into egg on the face. I prefer to be fair to everyone and let’s figure it out what the facts are before having a firm or vocal opinion. Sometimes things turn out to be exactly what they looked like, but sometimes there is a lot more to learn.
  11. Not a big golfer, but now you made me curious. What is this all about?
  12. If my boss came up to me complaining about something I did on the job 5 years ago, I would think there’s definitely something wrong with that guy. .
  13. I checked with my therapist, Dr. Jack Daniels, and he said you should be fine.
  14. He came a few seasons after you, if I recall correctly.
  15. Nothing wrong with the occasional day drinking and dreaming. Cheers! 😋 I’m in the one game at a time mode. Just finish the season looking like we are capable of looking and pray for the best. Bring on the Good Bills. Much of this season I’ll hope to forget, but they can still beat anyone when they play as they are capable of playing.
  16. That Milano guy isn’t too shabby when healthy, either. We ignore the things that don’t fit our narrative, obviously. 🤷‍♂️
  17. I’m told sitcom math contains all the answers. 😋 No, I don’t know what that means either. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Maybe, but with extra stuff because it was an odd amount. Probably the case though.
  19. How many people will this just whiz by? @Muppy I was in Rotary for years, admittedly mostly for business connections. I don’t feel bad as that was true of almost everyone. I look back on the things we did and the experiences we had and I forgive the hokey-ness. I not only enjoyed having my young boys present while ringing Salvation Army bells outside the grocery store, but revenue went WAY up with cute kids, and they learned a little something. We did a Tree of Giving fundraiser one Christmas and the kids came with us after hours to a Sears (when they like, had stuff). We had needy families there expecting to get toys and things for the kids. Instead they asked “can we get diapers?” Even my young kids were like “Dad, they don’t have anything.” I think that is a life lesson as well as a kind deed. As for Kissinger, what a ride! I don’t know if he was a good guy or, as some suggest, the devil. I’m just not familiar with the details, but what a life.
  20. Are you the guy who spent over $150 at Dunkin Donuts? That was a charge we KNEW wasn’t ours. Won’t $150 get you everything in a Dunkin Donuts?
  21. I always thought of him as a brat, but the last interview I saw he acted like a grown up. Someone must have gotten in his ear before that one, but people will show you who they really are. Believe them. EDIT: He NEVER should say it out loud, but who WOULDN’T be reluctant behind that OLine? He could blame it on PTSD. Credit (or blame 😋) to @muppy .
  22. The Holidays don’t always bring out the best in people. Our credit card gets compromised shortly before Christmas more years than not. PITA! We had a Halloween party to attend one year so we put a bucket of candy out with a sign that said please don’t be greedy, leave some for others. I wonder how many people actually got some candy before somebody just took the bucket. Not shocking, I know.
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