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  1. As the mayor and chief of police have said (and said well, I might add), protest is great, they like the expression of opinions. I never had any idea who the police chief was until last night. I’m a BIG fan of that lady! Say your piece, that’s fine. But start breaking the rules and you will find your wrists zip tied behind your back.
  2. It’s a friggin’ mess in Atlanta. The murderer has been charged with murder. The other three cops need to be charged with something as well, IMO. That does not entitle anyone to loot Kroger for food or steal a big new TV. ALL the criminals need to face the music! Sorry if that’s too “real”, I’ll gladly delete. .
  3. Where are you sitting? I’m at the bar, closest to the door. (I don’t like to waste paces.)
  4. I saw it very clearly from Sarasota. It wasn’t like anything else you saw up there. Very cool!
  5. Not all weather people are created equally. This was our local weather man in Florida.
  6. When the weather comes on, I change the channel. Why is there any weather person on TV? Do you not have a phone? I have two weather apps on my phone, complete with radar. More than enough. I don’t waste my time with them, regardless of what the weather may be. Side note: I rarely have time for the slide rule salesmen either.
  7. I’m hoping the Chiefs defense is their undoing, and people figure out Lamar with time. We did well against him last year, and I don’t think his game is sustainable. I like our odds.
  8. Along with the Chiefs, I hope we stand atop the AFC for years to come. I’m sick of the Cheaters* and Steelers representing us in the Super Bowl! I’m ready to be a serious contender and in the mix every year!
  9. That works! It’s also the best time of the year to watch a game in Tampa! Throw your clout around and make that happen!
  10. HEY! I apologized! But you just can’t leave it alone, can you? . I’m in there somewhere too, I’d guess. The family had season tix as a kid. It wasn’t until recent years that I tried to make a point of one at home and then pick an away game. It’s fun to see different cities and venues too. This year was going to be the home opener (again) and Nashville (again). Now? Who the heck knows??? .
  11. We need to pitch in and sign him up for pizza and wings of the day club. A tub of ice cream for dessert, and I’m fleeing better.
  12. Apparently we have much of the same tastes. The one difference might be The Who, which I enjoyed back in the day. I’m not sure why, but I usually change the station now when they come on. I went with college buddies to the concert in Cincinnati where so many young people died. I honestly don’t know if my taste in music changed, or if that event changed me. I know I’ll never forget that night, even though we had no idea what had happened until we got back to our colleges bar. There were signs on the scene, including one of my rugby buddies tripping over “something” and trying like hell to get him up again, that said something was off. We backed away after that, waiting out the madness. We were young and strong, and it took that just to get away going in the opposite direction.
  13. To be straight, just because someone else might remember this does NOT mean you are NOT crazy! You don’t get off that easy! I think it was 1968 when Butch Byrd was at the door talking to my dad. He lived in a community with us and my parents worked for the developer. I tried to show them an amazing trick. If you apply equal pressure to all sides of an egg, it will not break. Apparently, my pressure was not quite equal enough, and I blasted him and his suit with a large grade A egg. I don’t care if he went all OJ later in life, I love that man for surviving that day! P.S. - That man belongs on The Wall!
  14. UPDATE: As of today the wedding date has been moved to 2021. (Church wedding with parents only still goes off as planned in August.) The exact date shall remain unpublished for fear that you and the crew try to crash the party and send this young couple into bankruptcy due to the bar bill! Proud of them for making the right decision despite the possible jump in cost if she can no longer qualify for the big employee discount. Some things are more important than money.
  15. This sounds like a challenge, but a good therapist might be helpful. Teriyaki with ranch? Have you bumped your head? I’m not questioning your gender thing here. We’re all good with whatever on that front. We support you! Best of luck going forward. Let us know if you need flowers after your surgery.
  16. @Seasons1992 needs to hear this. This is up there with @Royale with Cheese wanting ranch with his wings. I’m not big on shunning folks, but there should be limits. Are we living in a civilized society?
  17. It’s the Jets. I hope they carry on just like this! I looked a while ago, and I think Flacco has made about $166 mil with NFL contracts. He bet on himself, won a SB and a HUGE deal. I respect him for that, but that has zero relevance today. I’d like an upgrade over Barkley, but I can’t say this would be an improvement IMO. .
  18. How many miles on the car? Sounds like you pile up the miles! That’s was what always scared my about hybrids, eventually you need to replace the batteries (as I understand it, I’m NOT a car guy either) and whatever you saved on gas takes a big hit. I’d rather pay a little more each month at the pump than have to write a check for ~$2k (a guess) out of the blue.
  19. You bring the crew and I’m afraid we’d have to go with a cash bar! They don’t want to lose another $10k! On the bright side, maybe they could cancel the band, your crew could serve as live entertainment! (The fiancé is a former wedding planner. She says spend your money on the band, nobody is going to remember the food, but the band sets the vibe for the whole event. Makes sense to me looking back on what’s memorable from weddings I’ve attended.) .
  20. Similar situation. Our son’s parent-only church wedding in mid-August will take us to Sarasota, FL. They are scheduled for 8/28 in Asheville, NC at the Omni Grove Park Inn for the “public wedding”. They have until 5/29 to back out and get a full refund, which I hope they do. We have family who are hesitant to fly, and they know some may not attend. They have blocked some dates next year which works for me. The dilemma for them is, even with getting the refund now, it may cost them north of $10k to change the date. His fiancé is currently a furloughed Omni employee and she gets a huge discount. Sometime next year she may (likely) be working elsewhere and lose the discount. It’s their special place, so I don’t see the location changing. Both families gave them substantial checks to spend as they like for wedding, down payment on a house, etc. Losing $10k+ (it certainly would have hurt us in our 20’s) or cutting down on family and their closest friends is a VERY big deal for them. I know what I would do, but we will only talk it out with them. I will not tell them what to do. They need to learn to make and live with their own decisions, even expensive ones. We will know on Friday...... Largely due to the wedding(s), we don’t have any big trips planned this year. In 10/21 we are going to Italy followed by a Mediterranean cruise (Rome to Barcelona) on a small Windstar ship we were on last year. I was upset it was so far away, now I’m thrilled it’s not any sooner!
  21. Are lines and paragraphs now the same thing? I kid, all that’s good is good. I was just trying to stick to a single line.
  22. It doesn’t mean that much to me, to mean that much to you. Neil Young If you don’t stand up, you don’t stand a chance. Genesis Had a buddy in college who made his dorm room available for anything you wanted to write on his wall. He painted over it at the end of the year, but I had those two up there. .
  23. My older sister (by 8 years) went to her high school prom with a guy who then went to Vietnam. He was dead just a few months later. He was a kid with his whole life ahead of him. He didn’t want to be there! One of my friends tried to protect his parents from his unstable brother who had just returned from the war. He saved his parents, but the knife slashed some nerves in his right wrist. He had to learn to become left handed. That stuff is very real, and it shakes you. How those vets were treated upon their return was a national tragedy. They didn’t deserve that. What a terrible shame. Thank you to ALL vets for your service. .
  24. I guess their “routine search” is rather through! I wonder how often they find something, and if it’s every been a GUN before? She sounds like she’d be up for anything, but I’ll pass, thank you.
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