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  1. Ah...man, I want to say something...but I will drop it. You are a brick wall.
  2. Actually, never read the book...but the movie! Jennifer O'Neill was hot!
  3. I have no opinion on this specific story...but I don't think Shady is the greatest guy.
  4. Again, context should mean something....but I know, you are Chef Jim... I am condescending...and you are pompous. And it appears to me that you have a real lack of self-awareness.
  5. It really wasn't ambiguous, it was a direct response to a comment from somebody else...if it was meant to offend anyone, it was that person....but being that you are overly-sensitive and hysterical, you took offense for yourself, and 50% of your friends and family. You know what you sound like, don't you? You sound like one of those libs who you accuse of taking everything Donald Trump says out of context, so you can get yourself worked up. Oh well, not worth re-hashing any further. I just never thought I would see the day that Chef Jim was admonishing someone for being condescending... I've seen it all now!
  6. B-Man: we have been going the "thoughts and prayers" rout for decades now. Just look at any thread on PPP regarding gun rights...any idea that is thrown out, is immediately aborted by the gun-lovers who, lets fact it, are holding our country hostage. It's all so cliche' at this point... but gun advocates are quick to deflect blame on everything but guns, and the gun-worship culture that many Republicans embrace. Governor Abbott (the useless vessel from Texas) yesterday jabbered on and and on about how this is all a "mental health issue"....but he has routinely cut his Texas budget at the expense of mental health services. He, like many GOP leaders, is still bowing to the antiquated bull#### from the NRA. So, yeah, I guess we are just stuck with bull#### prayers and crossed fingers, hoping our lives away. According to your lot, there is absolutely nothing that can be done (short of arming everyone)...it isn't even worth exploring.
  7. No, being a non-believer isn't confusing...in fact, it is a sign of intelligence. Just not sure why you got so offended by my comment (concerning thoughts and prayers for his precious guns, which he seems more concerned about than the humans that are killed using them), and insisted that context was irrelevant. It was just strange.
  8. Okay....I feel like I am talking to two different people under your moniker, in this thread.
  9. This is pretty hilarious. All of you tough PPP guys are constantly telling us that libs are too emotional and hysterical about everything. So now, because you are emotional and hysterical about the gun issue (you people are so ***** up!), context doesn't matter? You are all over the place on this one...
  10. That was not directed at you...it was for Ardymus Ryno
  11. The scenario you are talking about is far different than what we have been seeing in the news recently. I have nothing against you having a gun in your home to defend your home and family.
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