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  1. It is really stupid, if true...and completely unnecessary. Nothing does more to damage Lumpy's chance at re-election than letting him lie, whine and moan incessantly and dig his own ditch.
  2. If it wasn't the Bucs, I would have guessed the Saints.
  3. No *****. I wasn't arguing anything to the contrary. My point was, there are plenty of pro-sports owners that put in less effort, and spend less money who have the same results... franchises that have been mediocre at best for decades. I will take the owners that try, and fail, over the ones that are simply cashing checks. If you never put in the effort, you are just waiting to hit lightening in a bottle. I guess I just think the attitude about them is pretty *****. We are talking about 1 of their 2 teams, aren't we?
  4. This might be a fair criticism, if there was evidence that the owners failures with the Sabres were the result of penny-pinching, and lack of effort. I don't believe that to be the case.
  5. Yeah, I get that. But they are our good guys, so why not pull for them? They stepped up and saved our team from moving elsewhere...I don't think some here appreciate what a big deal that is. On top of that, they have poured a *****-ton of money into the community. They are flailing with the hockey team, I will concede, but they seem to be on the right course with the football team. Every revenue stream they have is being negatively affected by the state of our country right now... is Kim Pegula any less qualified than many sports owners? It just seems that some want them to fail, and enjoy taking shots at her, specifically. I guess Ijust find it pretty dis-heartening. The Pegulas are doing no worse with the Bills than Ralph Wilson did for most of his time as the owner. They have only been running the team for 5 years...can't we cut them any slack? Or, do we want to drive them away too?
  6. Despite what so many of you are bitching about, we are lucky to have the Pegulas. They have made some mistakes, for sure, but their heart has been in the right place. I see there is a particular strand of fans who have always had it out for Kim Pegula. You sound like a bunch of fugging idiots. So, she gave a GM a vote of confidence, then back tracked? Gee..that never happens in sports! If you are seeing "too much" of her for your liking, tough. I have no doubt the NFL is pushing her to the forefront to help shore up their diversity issues. If you are upset that the Pegulas laid off numerous employees, it has happened all over the country.
  7. Lumpy is up to about 33,000 Benghazis at this point!
  8. Just wait. Ghislaine Maxwell's cause of death will be mask-induced carbon dioxide poisoining.
  9. Part of the problem is, most all of Trumps appointees are only in their positions, because they are part of the Trump cult. If they aren't, they are canned, and replaced by another "acting" lackey. So, the opinions of John Ratcliffe mean very little here.
  10. Uh, Jim...you and your colleagues have been living in your own little house of mirrors down here in the bowels of TSW. I give you credit, you don't put the Herculean effort that some of them do to embarrass yourself.
  11. His administration is as incompetent as he is...
  12. Trump dopes celebrating that their idol and his administration may actually be merely incompetent, not dishonest. Their bar is incredibly low...
  13. I have been to about 20 different NFL stadiums over the years. I have to say, despite the crowded concourses, I think the Ralph measures up to any of them, for watching a game. Didn't that actually happen at Jerry-world?
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