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  1. I wouldn't be too hard on Chan for that particular thing. Edwards was a draft pick, the team was dismal, and very challenged. At that point, the cult of Fitz wasn't quite a thing...he was a journeyman, on his third NFL team in 4 years. As you recall, Chan didn't just bench Edwards in favor of Fitzpatrick, he outright released him after his miserable week 2 performance. That was pretty ballsy, in my opinion. I wish I could find the actual quote, but I will have to paraphrase...when asked during the week how he could release Edwards, after only 3 weeks earlier naming hi
  2. I loved 80's NBA hoops. As a kid in Buffalo, I was all about the Buffalo Braves. When they left town, I was crushed. Couldn't follow the Clippers in those days, on the east coast...so I had to find a new team. My family got cable in 1980...the Boston super station was included, showed all the Celtics games. They were so damn good...even though I knew it was wrong, I adopted them. Wasnt a bad time to watch....but I absolutely loath the Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins....and I really don't care much for the city of Boston in general. However, in 1985 the Pats were just kind of non-entity to m
  3. Love Dave Edmunds...and Rockpile. Edmunds is really underappreciated.
  4. One of my best friends is a huge Bears fan. Consequently, I have seen way too many Bears games over the last 25 years or so. I know the Bills have been no great shakes during that time...but man, thee Bears have just been a dreadful team to watch all in all. I was not really a fan of the '85 Bears either... a team full of jerks, other than Walter and Fridge. Ditka was a blowhard (a less likable Rex Ryan), Buddy Ryan was classless... McMahon was an a-hole...McMichael, Hampton....Singletary. All insufferable egomaniacs. I know they had that one great season, but just a hard team
  5. When I still lived in WNY, I used to watch CFL football as a primer to the NFL. Always like Montreal Al's. I have to admit, I have lost track of the league over the last 20 years, but when some random game shows up on ESPN, I am all in. I actually find it more compelling than most college football games.
  6. The reward for a front office doing a great job in constructing a strong roster over the last 3 years, is that they may be at the point where the quality of the picks can take precedence over the quantity of picks. It is part of what they worked for. Not saying they are now free to trade away top draft picks in coming years....but those later round picks can be used to move up in the early rounds, if there is a value there. Maybe you trade your 1st, fifth and sixth for a chance to move from #30 to #25 to get when of those top 3 corners? Something like that.
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/12/bucs-signing-giovani-bernard/ Bucs signing Giovani Bernard - ProFootballTalk (nbcsports.com)
  8. I do. All the highlight films, going back to 1960. I am only missing 2016.
  9. I have been collecting them for years...have every season highlight film...great effort and some $ involved. But YouTube has mad my collection pretty obsolete I am afraid!
  10. I find it much easier to hate coaches than players. If we are counting coaches, Jauron and Rex Ryan top my list. Hated when they hired Rex...I admit I was almost seduced, but ultimately, he was as big a train-wreck as I anticipated he would be. Jauron almost singlehandedly had me wondering if I should watch the Bills any more. I know they had worse teams, but Jauron just coached the fun and joy out of football, for me. I hated his tenure. To me, the one time TO popped off while he was in Buffalo, was to complain about the blandness of their game plans...Jauron got fired the ne
  11. Funny you mention Price... he is one of my very favorite players of the "drought era". I was so excited when they re-signed him later. I forgot how many people hated Whitner. I think he was a guy who just wanted to fire his teammates with bold proclomations, but couldn't deliver on his own, and for the most part, the team around him pretty much sucked. He played his heart out as a Bill...no wonder he had more luck when he went to a better team.
  12. I'm guessing it is because a large percentage of the folks here are too young to have seen him play. They likely know him more for his post career antics. As somebody who came of age as a Bills fan very much during the OJ era, it saddens me a bit that his greatness as a football player has really been downplayed so much by the NFL. I totally understand why, but it kills the Bills fan in me. I still think he is one of the top 5 running backs in my lifetime....and right up there was Bruce Smith as one of the two best players in franchise history. Now, when they talk about he all-
  13. I know somebody who worked for the Bills from 1986, until the Pegulas took over. Flutie was a "Flutie guy" all the time. He wasnt very popular with some of his vet teammates, and did a lot to undermine "pretty boy". There really was a sense that Flutie put his own personal success above his teams success pretty consistently. I remember sitting behind the Bills bench in New Orleans, for the final game of the 1998 season. In a surprise move, Wade sat Flutie for the final game, as the team had already clinched a playoff spot. It was known a couple days earlier. The Bills pretty muc
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