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  1. I only saw him on two plays early on (Michaels actually pointed him out "at the bottom of the screen" to Josh's right)...on GR this morning, they said he was in for 12 plays. He's wearing #16 now.
  2. I think he only got about 2, maybe 3 snaps that I noticed.
  3. For those keeping track, Hodgins has had 12 catches on 15 targets, for 142 yards, in his 3 games as a Giant. No td's.
  4. I was actually really bummed when they let him go. Glad he is back...but given the Bills track record in this kind of thing (and Browns inactivity) I will be surprised if he even sees the field for any significant time.
  5. I don't think the NFL would have a problem with that. Despite all those who have claimed, or vowed to stop watching the NFL, it still dominates tv ratings, like nothing else. Even as many cutting the cable chord, there will be more outlets vying to broadcast NFL games. More games, more money. Personally, I think the NFL is pretty high-level sports entertainment. To me, if it is boring, it is because every other game now has an unbelievable ending...we may be getting numb to it. As a 50+ year Bills fan, I used to be able to chronicle, in my brain, all the 300 yard passing games by Bills QB's...Feguson passing for 400 yards against rookie Dan Marion, in 1984 was something I remember almost like it was yesterday... but now, there are 3 games on any given Sunday that surpass that. Last weeks win over the Browns was as "old-school" a win as the Bills have had in the last few years. While there were (predictably) a certain part of the fan base bemoaning the poor offensive efficiency of the team, there were others who were excited about the "winning ugly" persona of that game, and yesterday's victory over the Lions. Not sure which is better.. but i am always amazed by the appetite people have for this league.
  6. Antoine Winnfield, Nate Odomes are up there too. It is interesting that Stephon Gilmore, who will probably go down as one of the greatest corners of this era, is rarely mentioned as a Bills great, by Bills fans. He spent the first five years of his career with us.
  7. Does anyone know if the Bills won their game today?
  8. Loved listening to Braves games on the radio. That is how I best remember him as well. He would wear crazy outfits to the Aud...like he was a white Walt Frazier. I never really thought that highly of him as a Bills play by play guy, though I do admit, watching old video replays, his voice is perfect for those times... "Kelly...looking...looking...looking". He did know how to make you feel like you were there at the stadium.
  9. Normally, when I see people here criticize Tasker, it is for the work he did ay CBS. He has admitted that early in his CBS days, he did try hard to separate his Bills loyalties from his professional responsibilities to appear non-biased. Personally, I think he is great on One Bills Live. He's funny, insightful and he just seems like a really good guy. He isn't the smoothest, but real.
  10. I haven't lived in Buffalo since the late 80's, so I don't really listen to the local broadcasts all that much... sometimes, on the app, just to put myself to sleep, I would listen to the replays... I honestly think Murph heard a lot of criticism about how dull he was, so a few years ago, he started that screaming thing....I must say, it sounds so forced, and kind of ridiculous. I almost can't believe he still does it...like he was looking for some sort of "signature" and he settled on that? Yuck. Otherwise, as others have said, I think he's pretty bland...not terrible, but not at all exciting either. Btw- I like Van Miller too, but it is funny to see everyone getting nostalgic for him. When I was a kid, I remember him not being particularly liked amongst the Bills fan-base..before it was a nation, or "mafia".
  11. Thanks for the tips on how to watch football. I have seen the play from a few angles. While it was close, Singletary was clear when Allen threw the ball...it was close. But I will argue that Allen rushed the throw, and he was under no pressure to do so. Of course, I can't see where his eyes are, but he appears to be looking nowhere but the endzone. He wasn't looking for any other options. If it wasn't a bad decision, it was a terrible throw.
  12. Okay...i'll take 3rd & 5 or 3rd & 4 , over throwing into traffic when it really wasn't necessary. It wasn't 4th down
  13. Should have thrown it to wide open Singletary, who would have gotten at least 8-12 yards (on 2nd & 10), if he hadn't been able to take it all the way. Bad decision.
  14. Believe me, I love the NFL as much as anyone...but don't you think the fewer people willing to participate in the sport will erode its' popularity over time? We already claim that the sport is "wussified" compared to the sport most of us grew up with. I already see the lack of interest in the game amongst the younger kids in my own family. I have a large family. We've always been football fanatics. But the younger kids seem to have little interest in it. One of my nephews (he's 12), who I have been plying with Bills gear for about 10 years, broke my heart recently, when he chose to go to a pro soccer game, over a chance to go to a Bills game. He also seems to prefer hockey to football... while I loved all sports growing up, by the time I was 12, football was it! His friends seem all the same. Their only appreciation for football seems linked to their parents.
  15. Correct. While it isn't very popular with most NFL internet message board fans, the NBA is as popular is more popular than ever, with the demographic that would traditionally participate in NFL football.
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