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  1. Loved McGuire Weird, I feel exactly the opposite. I don't like or dislike him...like most of them. he is just kind of there.
  2. Yes, when they lose a game in the fashion that they did this past Sunday, I just need to get away from everyone ASAP...I need to suffer in silence for a little bit first! Hadn't had to do that in a while...not since, maybe Rex Ryan fiasco. I know they lost some pretty ugly games early on in McDermotts time, but my expectations were never real high early on. Sunday was the first real "WTF!!" loss for me, under McDermott. Even when they lost to the Jags a few weeks ago, it sucked, but I really thought it was a case where the O-line was in disarray, and got man-handled. Everyone was criticizing Allen, saying he was returning to his "hero-ball" ways after that loss, but to be honest, I thought he played pretty well in that game...the O-line was so bad that day, they needed a hero! And the defense was stellar...there were positives in that game. This Colts loss, however, was just a tad demoralizing...like they needed to make a better showing than that against a good team. It was embarrassing...to me, the first truly embarrassing loss of McD's tenure. I can look the other way, provided they show up on Thursday.
  3. I purchased one of the "mystery boxes" for an 8 x 10.... pretty happy with it! It will make a great Christmas gift for my nephew... not bad for $30. This picture doesn't do the signature justice... Are there two signatures, or just Basham? I would never want them to switch to blue helmets, but that does look really nice.
  4. Though I am not really a big fan of these alternate helmets, that is pretty nice. Is that Boogie Bashams auto? Is there somebody else on the front?
  5. Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde... I won't waste a lot of time arguing the point.. the argument that starts out "take away all the good players he brought in, than what has he done?" isn't really worth it. I get it...the Bills disappointed all of us... the season ain't over... there have been times in recent years where elite teams like the Bucs, Chiefs and your beloved Pats have had lulls at parts of the season. They may not be the Super Bowl champs that so many crowned them as, but lets not pretend that one really ***** performance destroys all the progress they have made. Unless you are truly convinced that they really are a fraud, I hold out hope that the monumental disaster that we saw yesterday, that affected literally every facet of the team, was an aberration of sorts. Maybe I am nuts....but I will be watching every game they play this season....whether it is seven more, or 8- 11, I am still thinking they have a good shot at winning them. The wheels aren't completely off...
  6. It is me whenever I leave the bar, after a bad loss...can't wait to get out of there!
  7. And what about the 20 years before this season, when the Patriots were praised for taking exactly the same approach as Beane has, in filling their roster? There are 7 games left in this season...
  8. Stephen A is a basketball guy... and nowadays, he doesn't even seem as knowledgeable about that sport either. He is ESPN's top personality...I used to find him fairly entertaining, but I don't take him too seriously. He is like a Howard Cosell for this century...all bluster, little substance. His job is to create hype and controversy...he's good at it, if you like that sort of thing.
  9. Eh... I think you are trying to make something out of nothing. If you listened to the press conferences after that game, the same reporter (pretty sure it is Jerry Sullivan) was trying to get whoever was speaking to make some sort of inflammatory remark about the guys who were missing because of covid. They all pretty much said some version of what McDermott said...they did a good job of not taking the bait.
  10. The Dick Jauron era was the first, and only time in my years as a Bills fan (which start when I was about 7, in 1972) that I ever seriously considered not watching any more...I loathed those years. If Terrell Owens one season in Buffalo was mostly forgettable, I will always feel a debt of gratitude for him for being the first, and only plahyer to publicly question WTF they were doing on offense. He spoke out, and Jauron was canned that week. TO's best Bills highlight.
  11. Cool! Thanks so much! I guess I wasn't seeing that earlier, because I was "out of market". Now I see it...I was really disappointed. Great to know!
  12. Long story, but I signed up to watch Sabres games too...I had been subscribing to Center Ice for as long as it's been around... when I signed up, I was in Geneva NY... I come to find out that all of the Sabres games are blacked out. I am back in Texas now, and was finally able to watch most of the Sabres/Oilers game last night. Let me ask Mike, in Horseheads, is there any way to watch the Sabres games after they are over? I live in a different time-zone, and it is difficult for me to watch them live, particularly on weekdays...but unless I am missing it, there is no way to access the games, once they are complete?
  13. Sorry about your mother Returntogolry. I have been watching all of the games (except the Texans game, which I attended) with my dying sister, also a big Bills fan. I asked her, when she passes, how will she let me know she is still around? She said the Bills will win the Super Bowl.
  14. Not doubting you...but I was at the game Sunday, and it seemed like Beasley got a ton of applause. Granted, he didn't see a lot of passes but I think he got as much applause during the intros as anyone, except maybe Josh. I am sure the fact that it seems like he is losing some balls to Sanders (his bestie) isn't helping. Some of these guys have incredibly fragile egos. I love the player, but I hate to say it, if he is hearing boos, he kinda brings it on himself to a degree. We all know that guys like Poyer and Ferguson (maybe Josh?) are not vaccinated, but none of them actively sought out to be the spokesperson for a "cause". He asked for the attention, he shouldn't be surprised if he gets some negative feedback for it. I found the comment "I thought Bills fans were supposed to be the best fans" comment to be incredibly immature. Oh well...hopefully this doesn't become a bigger distraction.
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