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  1. I have never had the Sunday Ticket, but if it is anything like the NHL Game Center, you wouldn't be able to access it if somebody else is logged in to it. I subscribe to the Sabres package, and shared my password with a friend (I justify it by the fact that the Sabres are so hard to watch most of the time, I am probably only watching about 20-25 games a year), and we never had an issue, until that winning streak last year...if one of us was watching, the other could not access.
  2. I have been obsessed with this album since it came out a few months ago. I described it to my friend as a "really beautiful, and funny suicide note". The next day, David Berman offed himself... it is really an amazing record. Really fine songwriting...better than anything he ever did with Silver Jews.
  3. I hate the Dolphins, so admittedly, I don't know all the intricacy of their roster....but I thought they were in the process of tearing it down and re-building. They traded for Rosen....would't keeping Kenny Stills for him to throw to, benefit them a lot more, in the long-run, than trading for Clowney?
  4. The "kids" want all the things that their parents had...they are buying records, not CD's....and they have revived the cassette industry. Kids (a term I use, at 54 to describe anyone from 12-30) are really in to making mixed tapes. They don't seem to bat an eye at paying $25 or $30 for brand new copies of "Rumors", "Eagles Greatest Hits", Led Zeppelin III. The stuff they heard their parents play. It many sound silly, but I think "Guardians of the Galaxy" was a big factor. We got a "jam-box" with a double cassette deck, and radio too..in less PC days we called them ghetto blasters. They are pretty terrible brands, but the fact that they are making them tells me there is a niche out there...and it is only a matter of time before better electronic brand names start to take notice. There seems to be a growing number of younger people who are rejecting the digital down-load. Lables are staring to put out pre-recorded cassettes again. Cassettes have their draw-backs, but for an older guy like me, cassettes were the most personal way of listening to music...being able to make your own mixes...your own artwork...I have about 60 comps that I, or friends of mine made, back in the 80s...we put so much time and thought into them.
  5. Don't be so sure...I work part time at a record store.. a few months ago we started selling brand new Jensen (crappy brand) cassette/radio walkmans....we can't keep them in stock!
  6. Millennials have their issues, but are they any worse than any other age group?
  7. I believe my count is about 88 regular season games and 20 pre-season games. So, about a 108 or 110 games. Sadly, I have never been to a playoff game. My first game was the first game played at Rich Stadium, a pre-season loss to the Redskins. I went to every home game from 1980-1987, and normally a game or two each season after that. I have seen them play on the road about 12 times...good times. Hoping to make it home for a game this year...and maybe to Dallas for the Thanksgiving...
  8. Drove from Dallas to El Paso to do it. Keep your head buried in the sand...
  9. I have subscribed to this for as long as it has been available...it is well worth it.
  10. I am asking because I am truly interested... where would you put the odds of Jackson making the team? I hope he does, mind you, but I dont' see any way he beats out Barkley. And, if he shows anything in pre-season, the likelihood of him lasting on the practice squad is small. If they keep 3 QB's on the active roster, they probably have to release a decent receiving prospect...gonna be interesting. Watching the "Embeded" show (first 4 episodes) I found it curious that they didn't mention Tyree at all (other than mentioning he was a member of the winning bowling team). Maybe they do something a little more in-depth on him in the future, but was wondering if it may have been intentional, to keep him off the radar of other NFL teams.
  11. Tyrod was never really that good in real or fantasy football...never came close to leading the league for any extended period of time in any kind of football...in anything. He was an okay one week starter in FF, if your real fantasy QB ( : ) ) was on a bye week...if you started him every week, you were never going to win anything.
  12. One thing about the Edge, he has a very distinct sound.
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