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  1. I would bet Andy Reid dresses McCoy for the Super Bowl, out of respect for their long relationship. If they are winning, no doubt he gets a carry or two.
  2. I know what you mean, and I don't disagree....but I have to say, I do miss Monday Night Football being "can't miss tv". The last few years (though ratings were apparently up this year), I just don't get too excited about it anymore, unless it is a particularly interesting (or Bills-centric) matchup. At one time, I would never miss a Monday Night Football game...now it is almost as bad as those Thursday Night games.
  3. Funny, this past summer I went to see the Rolling Stones, for the 20-something time...it was a great show, but one weird thing I noticed was that Keith Richards and Ron Wood were not smoking...I thought "good for them...old geezers trying to get healthy in their old age". After some reading, I came to find out that they didn't smoke on stage, because of all of the fines, and threatened legal action that was threatened them from previous tours.
  4. Funny thing is, if Sammy had never played for the Bills, and had the exact career elsewhere, we would think it was a solid signing to bring him in to Buffalo, at the right price.
  5. It may have been slight, and I don't have any fancy stats to back it up, but I really think over the last month of the season he did show some improvement on the deep ball. I felt the first part of the season, his deep passes were thrown with the intent, mainly, of not getting picked off. Most were just absurdly off target...almost gave me flashes of EJ Manuel. I felt his confidence started growing, around the time of that Dallas game, and more of deep passes were catchable. And it carried on the rest of the season...unfortunately, because of the issues early on, I don't think they wanted to give him a lot more opportunities.
  6. He is a great receiver when healthy...but his injury history scares me. He has missed 29 games in 4 years. Only played in 9 games the last 2 seasons And he will be 32 by the time next season starts. Definitely interested, but not as interested as I might have been 3 years ago .
  7. I know, it sounds like sour grapes, and I hate being one to blame officials for a loss....god knows the Bills did plenty to shoot themselves in the foot in the last 20 minutes...but I so agree with this. We always hear the experts raving about certain players "situational awareness". The laud Belechik for knowing the rules, and taking advantage of them...so whey the ***** have the rules that define a fair catch, if the players don't have to actually adhere to them? I have been watching football for 45 years or so, and it is only in very recent years that this whole notion of a player "giving himself up" has become a thing... sure, it would have been a cheap touchdown, because of somebodys mental blunder....but how many times have we come out on the wrong end of these kind of things? Nobody says "well, it is just common sense that Allen didn't mean to fumble the ball, so it is not really a fumble". It is actually pretty infuriating....and the way the announcers laughed it off as if it was nuts to think a guy is expected to follow the actual rules of the game... sorry, after all these years, I don't know how many more "miracles" I can take!
  8. Our punter only blows, sometimes...it is so strange. He is so inconsistent. He had a couple of really great games this year, but you can almost bank on it that he will have one awful kick per game.
  9. 100% agree...I think you could make a strong case for Phillips being our defensive MVP, though I won't quibble with Tre'Davious. I really hope they can re-sign him.
  10. Haven't said it in a while, but I hate PFF!
  11. I gotta say, I have always had a soft spot in my sports heart for the Browns....great fans, and I have great empathy for them. I have always pulled for them, when their fortunes didn't intersect with the Bills. I must say, though, this current edition of the team is about as unlikable a team as I can remember, in some time, anywhere. Mayfield is a dip-*****. Jarvis Landry and OBJ are both very talented (would love to have a guy with the talent Landry has, in Buffalo), but both insufferable douches. Not to mention, they changed from one of the all-time classic uniforms, to these hideous togs..they look like tootsie-rolls. And now, they are going through another coach...I think Kitchens is a pretty bad head coach, and his firing is warranted...but he never should have been hired in the first place.
  12. Been watching the Bills since 1972, when I was 7. I have missed only one game since 1987 (the trouncing by the Colts in 1989 that lead to the birth of the "bickering Bills". I swear to to you, i can remember vividly the OJ seasons, the "talkin' proud" years of the Chuck Knox, the misery of the mid-80's, the Super Bowl years, Flutie/Johnson wars...I remember the seasons, the games....but after about 2004, the seasons are just a blur to me...I have a hard time differentiating all the 6-10, 7-9 seasons....the other day, Schoop mentioned Kyle Orton, and I had almost completely forgotten that he played for us...all the losing takes its' toll. The McBeane era, so far, has been a blast...
  13. I guess so. I had never heard his work before...for some reason, I assumed an ex-NFL QB would have a slightly more measured or cerebral tone...he sounded more like Fred Smerlas, without the accent. I would hate it if our broadcast teams were this un-professional. Living in Texas, I occasionally here the Texans and/or Cowboys radio broadcasts while I am driving, and while they are homers to be sure, they aren't complete a-holes.
  14. Was going to start a separate thread on this, but then I figured it fit in this one... did anyone happen to hear the Patriots radio broadcast of this past weekends game? I don't make it a habit to listen to this stuff, but I watched a Bills/Patriots game video recap that used the Patriots radio broadcast calls. I was kinda shocked, so I went to NFL Game Pass to make sure I wasn't imagining things... Scott Zolak (former QB, Patriots radio color commentator) really hates Josh Allen, and the Bills. I am normally watching Bills games on tv, so I don't really listen to Murph and Woods radio calls, but I am pretty sure they are nowhere near as over the top...I suppose Zolak is trying to keep the Boston tradition of Johnny Most and Tom Heinson, with the absurd homerism.... Just a few examples of what I am talking about: At one point, after an Allen run, Zolak refers to the "perfeclty legal hit" that Allen took in the last game the two teams played (when Allen got knocked out) and the "crying" that McDermott did over the hit. - After Allen connects with Dawson Knox on the goal line (right before the first half ended), Zolak asks rhetorically "How do you let that bum complete that pass"? He then says emphatically "You just can't let a QB like that make plays like that". - After the td pass to Dion Dawkins, he insists that it shouldn't count, because he didn't report as a an eligible receiver...obviously Zolak was wrong. He did, however give credit to "Dabes", who I can only assume was with NE when Zolak was palying for them. He complimented Daboll numerous times. - After repeatedly insisting Allen couldn't handle the blitz (he even says Allen is "garbage" when blitzed), he writes of Allens' perfect TD pass to John Brown as "lucky", and says Allen "just chucked it up there". - There were other things, non-Allen related. He said the Bills were "a bunch of punks" for laughing at Julian Edeleman when he went down, trying to avoid a PI. Anyone who was watching could see that he was faking, and he admitted it after the game. He also insisted that the Bills were playing dirty, and that the refs were letting them get away with murder all game with late hits, and "extra-curricular" activity. Was Zolak watching a different game than me?
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