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  1. I heard a list of teams that are believed to be sending representation (Cowboys, Lions, Cardinals, and a few others I can't remember), but Buffalo was not one of them.
  2. Crimminy...about 3 years ago, I offered up a complete 12 year collection to anyone who was willing to pay for shipping..no takers.... I ended up recycling them.
  3. I didn't listen, but if that is what Schoop said, I completely agree.
  4. I deleted my post. You got me. You are right... I have nothing to add to this community. There really is no point in in engaging. I think a lot of you are very smart people (not all), who have gone off the rails.
  5. Nobody loves using veterans as a prop, more than Republicans. Lumpy is the worst...
  6. When I used to post here more frequently, there was a "wall-bash" emoticon...it would be perfect for this thread....
  7. Lots of people are saying, everything he touches turns to *****...
  8. I saw an interview with Townsend, from the mid-70's, where he was talking about writing songs for the band...he said that he always had to try to anticipate what Moon would add to the song...he was saying sometimes the songs turned into something completely different...I think that was when he started getting the itch to go solo.
  9. I am a huge Stones fan, and I have always thought that Mick & Keith's vocals together are a really under-appreciated element of what made them so great in their best times.
  10. Thumbs up for recognizing what a great back-up singer Keith Richards is/was. For me, I would put Tina Turner pretty high on my list... and if we are not sticking strictly to rock'roll George Jones.
  11. Understood, and I get what you are saying... I am not talking about blowing smoke, I am talking about keeping things in perspective...our traditionally mediocre team is 5-1...why are we worrying about next year already? Other than being off on a few deep passes yesterday, I really didn't see any problem with his game...or with the game against the Titans. They were solid performances. Not sure that throwing for 400 yards in a loss is going to make me feel any better about him.
  12. I don't know how old a lot of the posters are here, though I know have been Bills fans for 40+ years. I suspect many have only known the Bills during this "drought" era. Anyone who is old enough to remember the Super Bowl era Bills (and I mean really remember them, not just the highlights) can tell you, Jim Kelly had plenty of ***** games along the way....but made plays to win more often than not. Allen is progressing...let him grow. He was fine yesterday.
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