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  1. No, we get it. This was the entire Trump campaign strategy for the last 8 months or so... he knew it was his only chance of winning. If they have the proof, and the "receipts" they shold probably start producing them, instead of just talking about them... I suspect it will end up like everything else Trump...all noise, no substance.
  2. Honestly. I think Allen looks more in shape this year, than he did the last two years.
  3. ESPN certainly has its' problems...but in my opinion, NFLNetwork is pretty unwatchable too...it could be so much better.
  4. When I was a kid, my best friend had a Sports Illustrated poster, featuring this photo. It marked the first time, of many, that I was wrong about something...I insisted it wasn't OJ. Back before you could look everything up, you had to rely on an older, non-partisan adult to settle such disagreements. In this case, it was his father...yeah, real partial!
  5. I was living in NYC in the late 80's and early 90's. I swear, the week of Super Bowl XXV, the Village Voice ran a column, essentially saying that the Bills were the only true New York team. The writer was making the point that sophisticated NY sports media were acting like the Bills, and their fans were rubes. The writer picked the Bills to win the game, and said that the more ***** NYC sports people talked about the Bills, the sweeter the victory would be. The Bills were a "special" team, and only their fans knew it...but the world would know soon enough. The article was accompanied by a black and white photo of Cornelius Bennett, dressed in the Bills all-white road uniforms of that time, coming out of the tunnel in some NFL stadium somewhere..in the bacround you can see fans giving him *****. He is crossing his hands over his chest,in an "X" , with both middle fingers flipping off the fans. I have been searching 30 years for that photo, and never had any luck. It was a fantastic image.
  6. This is one my all-time very favorite Bills photos. Saban, Gogolak, Kemp and Carlton...1965. The year I was born. I never saw any of these guys play, but their names, and images are a big part of my coscience.... I know them more from old football cards, and my father and uncles talking about them my whole childhood. My OJ era teams, in their opinion, couldnt hold a candle to these guys.
  7. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure Rice won it in 1990.
  8. As cool as it is, I really like Sundays at 1pm eastern best! When they win these games it is awesome...when they lose them, it makes me somehow feel like I got cheated that week!
  9. You have been in your basement too long...get some fresh air.
  10. It seems like most of the AFC is 7-3 or 6-4.
  11. I acutally feel sorry for the Raiders...a team I don't particularly care for most of the time.
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