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  1. Ironically, after pining for Sunday Ticket for 20 plus years, now that I can finally get it, I think I might pass. I may get the YTTV sports package (10.99 a month) which has a bunch of crap I don't care about...but it has RedZone. I am not sure how much I would actually even use it, but so many swear it is the greatest innovation in NFL viewing. I personally like just focusing on one game...but we shall see. Reason I am thinking of passing on Sunday Ticket is not only the money, but I feel like I am bound to get somewhere between 7-12 Bills games without it. I can go to the Backers bar (which I enjoy, been doing for 30 years) if I can't watch at home. I will likely re-up on NFL +. True, you can't watch games live, but I like rewatching Bills games during the week, in smaller chunks.
  2. I got an white, black and orange Mitchell & Ness Buffalo Braves, Bob McAdoo jersey as a gift, years ago. The only other I ever owned was Kevin McHale. I never wear any jerseys any more, but basketball jerseys, with no sleeves, were never really my style..
  3. I have been using NFL+ for as long as it has been available. It is great. Though I normally go to a bar to watch the Bills games live (I live in Texas, so they are not on local tv often), there are normally some games that I can't watch live, because of work. I just avoid the scores to the best of my abilities (I have only ever been "spoiled" once in recent years, but I still watched!) and watch the Bills game as soon as I can. In the early days, you couldn't access it until about 11pm in the evening, but now, it is within an hour or so. I will tell you, if you watch the earlier played games the minute it becomes available, it will include commercial breaks (most actual ads blacked out, so you are just seeing a stationary "commercial break" image). If you watch later in the evening, the commercials are pretty much completely edited out...so your stream goes from 3:20 minutes, to about 2:12 minutes...so if you are not in a huge rush, that is appealing. I say all this, keeping in mind that I am not sure how/if the new YouTube Sunday Ticket exclusive will affect NFL Plus. I am hoping there is no change. Even when I see the games live, I normally like to rewatch them in small chunks over the following week....and if I have time the coaches film is kinda interesting for certain things!
  4. While driving around a little earlier, listenimg to sports talk, they referenced something from the USA Today linking Oliver to a Detroit Lions trade. Bills would get a draft pick, and free up 10 mill* for Hopkins. Can't imagine getting thing higher than a fifth round pick for Oliver, given his contract situation.
  5. I don't know about 2023, but I do think the 2022 Buffalo Bills would have been better off if Beasley had been there the entire season. People forget, the reasons he wasn't there all along were mostly of his own doing. The Bills wanted him. While his impact was minimal upon returning, I think that speaks as much to the teams seeming reluctance sometimes to adapt on the fly, as it does to his abilities. While I wasn't a big fan of his "controversial" position on COVID bs, I think he was a tremendous asset to the Bills offense. About as sure handed a receiver as we have seen in decades. I understand the need to get younger at the position, but if they did somehow decide to bring him back to see if he can still compete for a job, I would be pulling for him. Of course, if they add DeAnde Hopkins this week, that could change things...but as it stands, right now, pre-draft, I feel like our WR corp is different, not necessarily better.
  6. Yeah, would have to go with McGovern. He will likely be our starting right guard. Supposed to be an excellent pass blocker, so-so run blocker. But, barring anything unexpected, you can already pencil him in as a starter. Not a knock on our coaches (ok, maybe a little) but Harty could be a great weapon, or like other guys they have brought in, he could have almost no opportunities, or much impact. Not even necessarily a reflection on the player, but our coaching staff and their reluctance sometimes, to try to get more out of the tools they have at their disposal.
  7. CFL Grey Cup champion Chad Kelly wants another look!
  8. So, am i the only one who watched that program, and came away feeling somewhat relieved about the Diggs situation?
  9. All of those situations (except maybe Rodgers, don't remember ever hearing him "crying" about a new contract)...all those guys were in seasons where trading them or releasing them wouldn't blow the team salary cap up. People are reading way too much into all of this crap. Word over the weekend was that Stefon Diggs was telling some Marylyand draft prospects how lucky he was to be playing in Buffalo. What is the rush to put words in everyone's mouth?
  10. Of all the pirces of ***** brought to light during the Trump reign, Michael Fynn is right up there with the worst of them.
  11. This was a great game. I remember Joe Ferguson saying he had to turn his back to the field, when the Bills were going for the winning FG.
  12. Which is why I still think there is a chance he stays in Buffalo. No disrespect to him at all, but I think he may find that the Bills value him more than a lot of other teams might.
  13. Not for nothing (forgive me if it's already been said), but he also has made it clear that his preference is to stay with the Bills. His wife may have something to do with him wanting to play for Miami, or somewhere in Florida. I have tried to ignore her (and references to her) social media activity, but even before the season was over, I think she has made reference to wanting to live in Florida. It would suck to lose the guy, he's been such a leader for this team...but it's going to happen sooner or later. There is still part of me who thinks he could end up back in Buffalo.
  14. Diggs did a lot of interviews on "radio row" during Super Bowl week. He made this point in a number of the interviews. Also noticed, while he was never critical of Josh directly, he never gave him any of the cliche' props ("that's my guy" kinda stuff, never any real affirmation about loving the Bills or anything like that) either. I almost started a post about it, because to be honest, it made me a little uneasy. I'm just hoping the team does enough (as much as they can) to show that they aren't standing pat... bring in another guy to open this passing game up.
  15. A case of quality over quantity. Those 4 catches against Indianapolis were clutch... for all of his problems this year, he has an uncanny knack for making those sideline grabs, and keeping his feet in bounds.
  16. He had a great playoff run in 2020 as well. There was legit reason to be excited about him. There still may be. He was in a role this year that he wasn't suited for. They need that #2 guy, whom they lacked all year.
  17. The pathetic responses one would expect. MAGA morons are going to sink all of us.
  18. Sabres are winning it all this year! Just you wait!
  19. Buftex


    Jeezus, I hate Q MAGA world...
  20. In season, Locked On the one I listen to almost daily. I agree that it can be a little dull at times...and it make me realize, you can overanalyze things too! I also listen to the Chris Simms "Unbuttoned" podcast when I can, to keep up with the rest of the league. I find him fairly entertaining to listen to
  21. I was at this game...it was a blast...but somehow, in typical Bills style of that time (the "close but no cigar" era of the drought) I was falbbergasted to walk out of the stadium with the Bills losing on a late field goal.
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