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  1. Wasn't implying they were...you just seemed so concerned about the NRA, and their sterling reputation.
  2. From what I heard, a security guard did shoot him...but his equipment protected him. Cowardly piece of *****.
  3. I hope he lands on his feet somewhere, if he wants to. To me, after Josh, there was an argument for him to be the Bills offensive player of the year in 2020. I was continually amazed at how reliable he was, in all situations. I know people say he had a huge drop-off in 2021, but I saw it that he had a huge drop-off in opportunities. When called upon, he still came through...Daboll just didn't seem to want to rely on him as much.
  4. Anyone else getting a little nervous about setting the bar "too high"? I see on social media a trend toward other NFL fans really starting to hate the Bills. I want us to at least win something, before we reach that status.
  5. No, I was speaking more euphemistically, to distinguish the modern (Pegula era) Bills, and the classic era (Ralph). My point was that Saban, Cookie and Byrd have all been gone long enough that it is hard to imagine that there was a reason that they weren't inducted. As uninvolved as Terry and Kim may have been in choosing to induct them, I have little doubt that the original owner had a significant role in keeping them out. I am not saying the new owners are obligated to carry the same grudges that Ralph had, but I wouldn't blame them either for honoring Wilson, by observing them.
  6. You know, I am torn on this kind of stuff. If the Pro Football Hall of Fame voters were asked to go through the history of every franchise and choose that teams most deserving Hall of Fame candidates, no doubt, Byrd would be closer to the top of the Bills list than a lot of the guys who are currently on the Bills Wall of Fame. But, this isn't the Pro Football Hall of Fame! It is a team honor. It doesn't seem to necessarily be an award for an excellent on the field performance. It factors in a lot of things. Everything I know about Butch Byrd indicates he was a great player for the Bills...beyond that though? Ralph Wilson owned this franchise for the vast majority of it's existence. For whatever reason, Ralph didn't prioritize honoring all the coaches and players that made this franchise what it is...he refused to honor Lou Saban and Cookie Gilchrist (two of the most important names in franchise history) for his own reasons... some of them probably petty. Byrd played long enough ago, I can only assume there was a reason he wasn't honored during Ralphs' lifetime. The only people inducted since Ralph passed are Saban, Gilchrist and Van Miller, I believe. Miller isn't controversial at all, and I think it is probably safe to assume he would have been inducted even if Ralph was still the owner. Personally, while I am glad Saban and Gilchrist are there, was that really the Pegula's choice to make? There are going to be a handful of guys who haven't been gone from the game long enough to have received consideration by Wilson, but played during his ownership...guys like Fred Jackson, Kyle Williams. Eric Moulds, who I think justly warrant consideration by Pegulas. But some of the much older era players? I wouldn't be upset to see them inducted at all, but I don't think it is an honor that anyone is entitled to.
  7. With technology today, you think they could have done a "deep-fake" Honestly, while I don't see the Dolphins as a serious threat to a healthy Bills team, I do think Tua did show some progress last season. He may never be in the the Allen/Mahomes/Herbert class...but he may be joining the Carr/Tannehill class before long.
  8. Learned an interesting bit of trivia today...Randy Smith was actually drafted by the Pistons in 1970 as well...but for some reason didn't go to Detroit, and opted to play another year at Buff State. He went in the 1971 draft, where the Braves grabbed him in the 7th round, at #104. It's all a little before my understanding of all this stuff...but was it more common for basketball prospects to get drafted after their junior year in college, way back then? I remember when it happened in the NFL, and it didn't happen all that much, until the 90's. Even then it was sort of controversial.
  9. But better than Richie Lucas?
  10. It keeps people talking, for weeks. Every sports talk radio station is talking about the NFL schedule. While it is almost as annoying as hearing everyone talk about gambling now, or fantasy football. If we aren't speculating about what the schedule might be, we are talking about how much we hate how everyone is talking about the NFL schedule! I have to admit, as mind-numbing as it is, it is kind of genius
  11. Looks like Tryreek had come back to it...
  12. Sad day. My dad, who was a pretty casual sports fan, only ever really cared about St. Bonaventure, his alma-mater. He and my uncle took my brother and I to see the Pistons against the Braves in the Braves second season. My dad was all about Bob Lanier! Of course, my brother and I were more interested in seeing the Braves win. Lanier had a huge game, about 30 points. But the Braves pulled it out. One of the few games they won in those early seasons. I remember being confused (I was 7) as to why so many people were cheering for the Pistons. They loved Lanier! I am not really sure what the NBA draft rules were in 1970, but in their first season, the expansion team, Buffalo Braves, had the 15th (of 17) pick in the first round of the draft. Imagine what might have happened if they had the first pick, and could have picked Lanier. He was the #1 pick that year, and went to the Pistons. I bet the Braves would have been more warmly received in Buffalo... of course, even with the 15th pick, they passed on Niagara University's Calvin Murphy, also a future NBA Hall of Famer, who was the #18 pick. John Hummer (the first draft pick in Braves history) went on to have a pretty forgettable career, and was out of the league in six years, after playing for 3 or 4 different teams.
  13. You know, the Raiders never really entered my mind...but I guess their national following, high profile coaching hire and adding one of the elite receivers in the league does give it a little more juice. I do wonder of Mark Davis' issues may make it a little risker though... I am sure the NFL will want to bury that as much as possible, especially for such a high profile game. You may be right...but I hope not. No logical reason, but the 49ers are just one of those teams I never enjoy watching...unless the Bills are beating them.
  14. When was the last time anybody liked a press secretary for a president they don't like? It's always funny when the MAGA-billys pretend that they will approach things with an open mind.
  15. Weren't the Bills already ruled out as international game participants?
  16. I thought I heard (I may be wrong) that Beasley was still dealing with injuries, and was still contemplating retirement. I suspect nobody is in a rush to sign him right now, but he will sign somewhere, at a discount rate, by the training camps roll around. The Giants perhaps? Also heard rumbings on local (Austin) sports radio, that the Cowboys would love to bring him back, at the right price.
  17. Well, it was official Buffalo Bills media... sure they couldn't include some of the saltier comments!
  18. So, you too have your head in the sand?
  19. "We area only a year or two away from being a year or two away". The Bills mantra (or it should have been) for most of this century!
  20. Agreed. The older I get (I know I am old) I still love the game...but all the periphery NFL coverage is just excruciating... I feel dumb for watching it!
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