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  1. No, not logged in to another device. I thought of that....I even went to my job, afterhours, to make sure i hadn't stayed logged into NFl+ on my work computer....I don't normally watch there, but I have logged in a time or two, just to watch highlights, on my break. That didn't prove to be the issue either... mystified and annoyed.
  2. So now, having the same issue on the lap-top...shows I have a subscription, but won't let me access it. Their "support" is useless.
  3. So follow up: after finally receiving response from NFL+, after waiting nearly a day, I can report, despite the insistence to the contrary, they fixed nothing, still having the same issue....so fugging frustrating. It kills me, because it has worked fine all season....this coming Sunday, I won't be able to watch the Bills game live, so was hoping to avoid the score all moring, and then tune in later to watch....I have to do this a few times a season...the main reason I subscribe to this package....looks like the NFL has other ideas!
  4. I had the exact same issue, on my laptop...but the smart-tv no such luck. I logged out multiple times, and logged back in, but still kept getting the same results (ie: you need to subscribe/you already have a subscription/we can't find your info). So, I am at work now, and just got an email from them, saying my issue has been resolved, almost a day later. But, since I am at work, I can't verify that. Will find out later today!
  5. It sucks for you, but I am glad to hear it is not just me. It gives me more hope that it will be fixed. This new NFL+ app has too many bugs. During the preseason, I couldn't watch the games live. I would start watching a game, and then get pulled away. When I would go back to continue watching, it would make me start over...if I tried to fast forward to where I left off, it would immediately go to the last few minutes of the game. Other than it not being available once in a while, I never had these issues in the 10+ years I subscribed to Game Pass.
  6. Is anyone else having issues accessing their NFL+ Premium subscription on their smart-tv? I was able to use it all pre-season, and even re-watched the Rams/Bills game...but I have been trying the last 3 days to access the Bills/Titans game, with no luck. Each time i try to load the game, it tells me that I need to subscribe, even though it tells me that my "current plan" is the NFL + Premium package. When I try to "re-store purchase", it tells me "we can't find any purchases", even though it shows I am currently subscribed. I am able to access it on my laptop, after multiple log-in and log-out attempts. I tried contacting their automated assistance bot, and was told (about 18 hours ago) that they would contact me as soon as possible. Anyone else experienced this issue? Super frustrating... I may have to watch this Sunday's game using this app, and am getting nervous about it not working...I hate watching things on my laptop, when I have a 55-ich tv.
  7. Absolutely love Bobby Gentry... born Roberta Streeter....
  8. I understand where you are coming from...even if I don't necessarily feel the same about him current day. He was a massive part of my childhood, so having no use for him is not easy. He was the greatest Bill of all time, with the possible exception of Bruce Smith. Having negative feelings about him isn't something that comes easy. And, to be honest, as strongly as I feel about it, I'm not sure how I would react if I just ran in to him unexpectedly...he's still OJ! I really don't like him being associated with the current team, in any way. I don't believe the Bills have anything to do with it, but he is kind of interjecting himself into their story. I am sure he feels that he is going to find some sympathy amongst Bills fans. And obviously, it works for him I believe he has been at all the home playoff games over the McDermott era, and was at the Rams opener...
  9. Of course not...we live in times, that even when all signs point to the contrary, if somebody can dream something up, it has to be given some sort of validity....
  10. I know somebody who was flying in for the game on Saturday, first class...OJ was sitting in front of him. He's doing okay. Loved the guy growing up (who didn't?) but am kind of pissed off that he is now glomming on to the current Bills...if they have the kind of year that many are expecting. no doubt it won't go unnoticed.
  11. I am just amazed how we can all live in the same world, and see things so completely the opposite.
  12. Living out of market (Texas) in a city where a Sunday afternoon Bills game pretty much only happens if they are playing the Cowboys, or the Texans, I was faced with this dilemma during the COVID infected 2020 season. I had the NFL GamePass package (which is, essentially what the slightly cheaper NFL+ is now), which I would use a few times a season when my work schedule interfered with seeing Bills games live. I could avoid scores all day, at work, and then watch the Bills later in the evening. Otherwise, I was at my local Bills-backers bar on Sundays. In 2020 though, our bar was shut down often, and I just didn't want to miss the whole NFL season, so I could watch the Bills games later in the evening. I felt kinda desprate. A friend of mine gave me a link (not necessarily legal I imagine) to a free sight where I can watch any game (any sports league) live, any time. I started using it to watch Celtics basketball games too, rather than pay for the NBA streaming package. As there are so many Celtics games, I just couldn't watch them all, so spending a $120 a season to watch a few games a month didn't seem worth it. I have watched every Bills Sunday afternoon game, and probably about 40 Celtics regular season games this way, over the last two year. I have had very few, if any trouble with the site. The site just supplies multiple links to every game...there was probably about 3 or 4 times where the first link I chose wouldn't work, so I would choose the next. No problem. Just activate your ad-blockers, and enjoy. I don't mind paying for stuff, at all. If the NFL would offer me the opportunity to pay to see Bills games live, I would have no problem paying for it, assuming it wasn't some absurd price. I've paid for years for subscriptions to the NBA Center Court package, and the NHL Center-Ice package, as well as NFL GamePass. ESPN+ has taken over the NHL, so for about $40 less per season, I can now get the Sabres games. The Celtics are a competitive team with a huge national fan-base, so they are on ESPN/TNT/NBA Network plenty. NFL+ (formerly GamePass) is a great value too...but it just doesn't offer that live viewing option.
  13. We obviously have a far from perfect political system. We are perpetually left with the "lesser of two evils" scenario. As many faults as Democrats have (and there are plenty), the party offers far more room for a difference of opinions from within. I am 57. In my lifetime I have never seen either party so afraid to cross their leader... these people, day after day, have to pledge their steadfast allegiance to this clown, or face the prospect of being "cancelled" by the cult that has taken over their party. On paper, Liz Cheney was everything conservatives could want in a candidate. She voted with Trump about 97% of the time. She would never have been considered a RINO at any other time. But she was pretty much banished by her party, for the offense of simply recognizing Trumps obvious and blatant corruption. The party could get all the same ***** stuff they want with a person like Cheney, but because she recognizes the reality of Trump, she has to go. The Republican party has morphed into the party of Trump. The one person in GOP leadership that stuck to their core conservative principles got destroyed for it. There are no unifying principles in the Republican party, only fealty to Trump. Biden's speech for as many crocodile tears as MAGAS, and right-wing pundits have been crying, was spot on.
  14. I realize you are not a particularly reflective person... like I've said before, you MAGA's (spare me the denials) are proof that eventually people are immune to the smell of their own body odor. The GOP really owes America a courtesy flush.
  15. Offering up a reminder to people that our country is worth saving... letting Republicans know that they don't need to be bullied into following Trump into the sewar. There are plenty who claim that a sizable number of elected Republicans hold their nose, as they back all this MAGA crap, because they want to save their jobs, and they are afraid of the Trump base. I wouldn't expect the MAGA faction of PPP to be impressed...but he wasn't talking to the people so far in the weeds. Trump is not Mitt Romney or John McCain, George Bush...he is a corrupt, petty, insecure, dishonest, dishonorable slob, who has somehow snookered a sizable (though there are indications, shrinking), that he is some sort of answer to all our problems. I completely agree, the decisiveness sucks... but that is the whole MAGA thing...divide and conquer. It isn't noble, and it isn't good. I get that it all sounds hyperbolic, but he is truly a threat to our country.
  16. She is a really great actress. "They Shoot Horsed Don't They?" is one of my all-time favorite movies. The documentary that HBO did about her, a few years ago ("Jane Fonda In Five Acts") was really great. btw- if you haven't seen it, check out "Joy House". It is a French film she did in 1964, with Alan Delon. A good thriller!
  17. Yes, I am sure that the middle-aged bigots that comprise the bulk of PPP are representative of the majority of the country.
  18. And what would that matter to you?
  19. You MAGAs are so oblivious to what hypocritical #######s you are...it's pretty scary.
  20. I say this as someone who liked Taylor, but grew to see his limitations the more he played, I'm not really sure that he really did all that much to "break the drought". I guess you could argue that he didn't make a lot of mistakes...but man, he just could not make plays at crucial times. I remember how much heat McDermott took for benching him in favor of Peterman, halfway through the season. It proved to be a bad decision (because Peterman was bad) but I thought it was a sound decision. I get that McDermott wanted to see if, perhaps, Peterman (who lets not forget, looked really good in preseason) could give the offense a spark that Taylor just seemed incapable of. We all know what happened, but to me, the Bills "playoff drought" ending, was a combination of things, many of them including other teams faltering, as much as the Bills playing a lot better. That team was really mediocre, at best. It did some things well, but was offensively challenged the whole season. That playoff game against the Jags, and specifically Taylor's performance, was pretty dreadful. They literally could not make one stinking play on offense...all it would have taken to win that game...Tyrod was just ineffective. He wasn't Peterman awful, because he wasn't a turnover machine, but he really didin't do much to make the offense any more effective. That team ran the ball reasonably well, and played decent defense, against bad teams. They backed into the playoffs...helped by other teams collapsing around them, as much as their own superior performance.
  21. The Bills gave him a real opportunity to being a starting QB in the NFL, at a time when few other teams would have. He was okay, not great. Any team would have been looking for an upgrade.
  22. No way...I liked Tyrod, and I think he was a good guy...and he had talent. But his low risk, no reward approach just choked them, time and again. Even when he got benched briefly for Peterson, it was because he wan't playing very effectively. The Jags playoff game was really his chance, and he came up short. all he needed was to do was make one damn play in that game, and he just couldn't.... he was far too conservative. Perahps, the result of having it beat into his head that he needed to be careful with the football...but it was absurd.
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