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  1. IIRC, Schefter was one of the few who didn't blast Wilson at the time...I think Schefter is pretty careful about alienating his sources...more so than some of the other talking heads. At the time, he was working at the NFL Network, as I remember. They are not as prone to being hyper critical as the clowns at ESPN are.
  2. True, while they would be subject to any penalties from breaking laws, in a courr of law, they would would/could not be subject to any punishment from the NFL. Meaning, the NFL could not suspend them, or dock them pay, for a crime committed, or for one that they are accused of. If you recall, Ben R was never convicted of any crime, never even charged, but, was still suspended. He is just the highest profile case of this...it happens all the time.
  3. Wow! Heard it with my own ears! As one who has been kind of avoiding this whole labor issue as much as I can, I found the last part of this clip very interesting. According to Schefter, as there is no CBA right now, players are not subject to the NFL conduct policy, agent rules, etc...and cannot be retroactively punished. Imagine, if this had happened last year, no Ben Roethlisberger punishment, or, a few years ago, no suspension for Mike Vick...this could get scarry. It seems that player off season, off the field incidents are getting more rampant each year, and more outrageous.
  4. Well, I get your political point, but, at least we get something, instead of just screwed. Yes, sorry, typo...I see your point, but, you know, while I am not sure that this team wins anything, anytime soon, I don't feel like it will be for lack of trying, or simply because the financial commitment to the team had a limit. This team was so close to being truly elite, just a few years ago...IMO, that never happened, becasue the bottom line was always just a little more important than winning. I can't imagine that happening with Pegula. I have liked what I have heard from him, and, so far, he seems to have hired some very qualified people to help turn things around.
  5. Yeah, me either...I used to watch pretty much any "science fiction" show, back then...most lasted about 12 weeks before getting canceled...my tops were: 1- Planet of the Apes 2- Logan's Run 3- Quark 4- Battlstar Galactica 5- Galactica '80 (really bad) 6- Man From Atlantis I have seen an episode or two of all of these, in my adult life, and they were all really pretty bad. Makes me appreciate the relative high quality that Star Trek maintained for so long.
  6. Maybe...but I was raised to respect people, until they do something to lose my respect...T-Pegs is batting .1000 so far, as far as I concerned. Though I wasn't there, and can't verify, over on Sabre Space, a poster mentioned that new team president, Ted Black, and memebers of the Pegula family were at last nights game, handing out game-night programs (free! When was the last time that happened?)...the posters story was coabberated by others. I think that is awesome. Maybe there is some Dan Snyder in him, but I am not getting that vibe from him, at all. It is refreshing to have an owner who is pinching himself because a dream has come true, than one whose goal is to simply break even every year. There is enough negativity surrounding the Bills and Sabres these days...I am willing to dive in, head first at what appears a legit reason to feel good about one of our teams. There will be plenty of time to complain if things don't turn out well...I miss when sports were fun to watch, instead of an emotional obligation.
  7. If you saw the game tonight, against Ottawa, Gerbe's goal looked like a tribute to Rick Martin...wicked blast from just inside the blue line, catches the upper right corner of the net...great stuff.
  8. Happy Days in Buffalo... 1976, bi-centenial, OJ coming off another terrific season, Bob McAdoo NBA MVP, Sabres coming off a Finals appearance, to beat the hated Russians...French Connection is rocking, the Aud is not that far from being a "state of the art facility"
  9. Rick Martin was the man...like most here, I grew up on those 70's Sabres teams...I was 10 when they made it to the finals against Philly. Very sad news. I was really enjoying the recent French Connection reminiscing, when Terry Pegula took over the Sabres franchise. Pulled out a recording of the 1976 game against the Soviets, at the Aud. Rico was unbelievable in that game...almost Ovechkin like...very sad. I could kick myself, now, for missing a chance to meet the French Connection, at Christmas time, when I was back in Buffalo... Funny, I heard Rico and Rene Robert interviewed on GR, around that time. Martin was hilarious. When asked if they ever felt like they were overshadowed by Perreault, and did they ever feel like they were "carrying Bert", Martin snapped back..."Well, I don't know, but we couldn't carry Gilbert now, that boy has gotten big in his old age..." RIP Rico!
  10. As I have done every year since I was 18...I am giving up Catholicism for lent!
  11. I have a feeling that Chef thinks everyone is dumb and ugly. Personally, I don't shop at Wal-Mart for all the PC reasons...but I must admit, I did go in there late one night, a few months ago, for motor oil, when my car started to hemorrhage. It was the only convenient place. I think it was only the second or third time I have ever been in one. I don't hold a grudge against folks that shop there...I usually shop Target, for the type of things they sell. Target is no better, in reality. Just better marketing. It gets increasingly difficult not to be a hypocrite.
  12. What a rip-off! I have Time Warner, I just plunked down $80 to get the last 30 games of the season...tonight, I couldn't watch the game live, so I planned on watching the re-air at 10pm...looked forward to it all day...I get home, a 6 pack of Newcastle in the fridge, and, walla....the game isn't on! I didn't realize it was an NHL network game. Not that it matter much...Time Warner (in Austin anyways) doesn't offer the NHL Network...pisses me off. You would think, since you have paid for the NHL Center Ice package, you would get all the damn games, particularly when Center Ice is an NHL product, along with the NHL Network. I can understand not getting the Versus games, as Time Warner carries Versus. It also pisses me off, NBC has regional games on Sundays...here, we almost always get a western conference game, unless the Pens and Capitals are playing (or a similar quality matchup)...so if the Sabres are on NBC, we will get a different game here...and Center Ice won't show any NBC broadcast. Very weak, IMO. I have had Center Ice for most of the last 10 or 11 years...the last few seasons, there have been about 3 or 4 Sabre games every year that you get screwed out of.
  13. The "slug" is the unflattering nickname that Sabres fans have come to call the logo that the team sported for about 3 years, before this season. The franchise logo change was very unpopular with the vast majority of Sabre fans. That logo (I think it looks like a banana peal) still adorns numerous spaces in HSBC arena. Pegula never like it as a fan, and is in touch enough with the fans to realize that removing all evidence of its' existence would be nice, if only for the symbolism. The teams that wore that logo were very disappointing, and some would say, very much underachieved.
  14. One of my favorite shows as a lad...for the 3 months or so that it was on:
  15. Peguala is working well for the Sabres, so far...did you see this article from the Buffalo News today? It may all be cosmetic, but it is clear that this guy LOVES owning this team: http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/sabres-nhl/article363953.ece Love the last paragraph: "We're committed to being slug-free by the beginning of next year," Black said. "The real important part of this process is we're engaging the fans. We're listening, and we're doing something." As far as possibly owning the Bills, I think Promo is right. You have to take anything he says right now,with a grain of salt. When Pegula's name first started floating around as a potential/likely owner for the Sabres, there was an article (i wish I could remember where) where the writer was trying to give us more info on this "mystery man, Terry Pegula". They spoke with a business associate of Pegulas, and this person gushed about what a great job he would do with the Sabres...when the question of his interest in the Bills came up, the Pegula pal said the billionaire would "definitely" be interested in the Bills, as well. Of course, I realize this is not Pegula himself saying it, but he can't. IMHO, he is, correctly, being deferential to the still, very living, Ralph Wilson. It would be crude for him to openly speculate buying a franchise, when its' current owner dies. Who knows...maybe he is interested in the Bills, maybe not. I am still on a "Pegula-high" from his involvement with the Sabres...it is fun to dream...so far so good with the hockey team..
  16. No, it is not just you...and then to write about it, in such painstaking detail!
  17. After reading this, I hate the everyone involved!
  18. Yeah, I don't want to remember Takeo as the new Eddie Robinson...a guy similarly loved by Oiler/Titans fans...we hear the name, and all we think about is him getting faked out of his spikes, by Chad Pennington! Or my god, was that Vinny Testeverde?
  19. The more of these type stories you see (thanks \GoBillsInDallas/), you just have to wonder, what is up? I just find it hard to believe that this type of thing was as prevalant 30 or 40 years ago, as it seems to be now...but was it? Why are these women so desperate?
  20. I remember seeing the 49ers on a Monday night game earlier this season, and thinking that Takeo looked really good. I talked with a buddy of mine, a die-hard 49er fan, and he said, "everyone loves Spikes, but he is not what you remember him being...he is slow...he kills them." IIRC, Mike Singletary, a player of similar intensity in his day, benched him as the season went on. I love the guy, one of the few bright spots of the last decade of Bills football...but time to move on.
  21. I pikced up the Middle Brothers cd last night...I really like some of it, and other parts, not so much. I really like John McCauley's stuff. He kind of reminds me, a little, of Shane McGowan & Westerberg...I know, lofty comparisons, and the body of work isn't quiter there yet, but, I am a sucker for the gin-soaked, boozy, ballads...like the "Cake & Eggs" vid I linked above. They are playing for free here, next week, during South By Southwest...not a bad lineup, though I can't stand Bright Eyes. 3:30pm Kurt Vile And The Violators 4:30pm Man Man 5:20pm Middle Brother 6:15pm The Felice Brothers 7:30pm Bright Eyes The record store I work at has a nice lineup of free shows too: http://www.waterloorecords.com/sxsw2011.html
  22. Okay...add RKFast to the pille...I am sorry to do this to you! I will leave you alone. My apologies for giving you my unsolicited opinions...

  23. Of course, you just check in here from time to time, in between doing more important, smart stuff...sweet dreams...tomorrow you hunt another day!
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