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Mac Jones has a picture from the blowout playoff loss to the Bills in his locker


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1 hour ago, eball said:


6.1 yards per attempt, 2 picks, and a QB rating of 75.8.  He wasn’t good.  His noodle arm is the reason Hyde could make that INT.


McCorkle can motivate himself all he wants.  He’ll be losing to the Bills for a long time.


He played likes capable of. Which for him wasn’t bad, he was going against a team they had no business against and it got out of hand quick. I think he’s was their best player that day. Not that that’s saying much 

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Pats fans are so delusional. After I saw this thread, I went to one of their boards to see what they were saying about it. There were a few sentiments of "I hope Buffalo enjoyed their short time in the playoffs, because Mac Jones is going to make sure they never get there again for a long time."


Be glad you're not them. It may seem cool to win for such a long time, but it turns you into a clown.


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2 hours ago, FLFan said:

It actually is true.  The reason Hyde was able to make that play is that the ball took a long time to get there.  It was a very good play be Hyde, but not freakish.  The fact that the pass was accurate is immaterial.  It was in the air too long, end of story.

Levi Wallace got burned pretty badly on that play.  Hyde with a great play.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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