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  1. OK Boomer. Another aspect of the college game I love is paying attention to the guys you know are going to come up to the NFL. The NFL is very star player driven, and to watch these guys stories start from before the draft is great. Having been someone who watched Houston and Ed Oliver crush Lamar Jackson in college gives a nice perspective to this game and maybe more hope than some of the older, cynical, miserable fans.
  2. College is far more entertaining to watch. Aside from watching the Bills, I can't sit and watch an NFL game all the way through. This year especially, the prime time games have just been awful for the most part. People arguing against college because of blow outs must only get small market teams playing big schools on TV because there have been a ton of great, marquee match ups this year. The rivalries aren't manufactured like they are in the NFL. The overtime rule is far superior. I've watched a few triple and quadruple overtime games in my time and they are INTENSE. The targeting rule is excellent and you will see it come to the NFL if they are serious about player safety. What costs you playing time in college will cost you money in the NFL and possibly suspensions if you're a repeat offender. While you can have a defensive slugfest in college, the rules are geared towards offenses scoring points. Isn't that what the NFL tries to do every year?
  3. Clutch gene, sure, Elway but athletically he is Steve Young.
  4. Hmmm... section 27 seems to be missing... We share both so good call on my part. No wonder she didn't want to be on the mortgage.
  5. Been a long time since our team was the one that could run their mouths a little. Loved it.
  6. I am curious though, does the fact that I purchased a home recently significantly reduce the risk of my wife stabbing me?
  7. It's about time we're good enough that someone on OUR team is talking ***** for once.
  8. Moon McNabb McNair Vick Williams Culpepper and Cunningham with Williams is kind of a toss up at 5. I'll give the Super Bowl MVP the benefit of the doubt. Yes, yes I was.
  9. I think Jim will be a great influence/has been a great influence on Josh. My favorite part is Jim telling Josh CALL YOUR OWN PLAY. He's right in Josh needs to take control of this thing. He's a humble kid, you can tell he was raised right and he might be shying away from telling Daboll how he wants it, especially with Daboll screaming in his face a couple times this year. Josh is the leader of the offense whether Daboll is here or not. As Jim said, communication with the rest of the offense, being confident in what he's seeing. He has the acumen and the talent he just needs to continue to build the confidence.
  10. I adopted the Gators myself during my first time living in Florida in 2004. Bills weren't on TV often and I needed a team to watch for my football fix. College is opposite because a lot of people go to school in Florida so you end up with kids and parents that all become fans of that program. They just don't start going to Rays and Dolphins games.
  11. Sports in Florida has nothing to with the weather and everything to do with it being a place comprised of people from other places. Most people down there are fans of the teams from where they came and have no interest in rooting for the Florida teams.
  12. Even if he did, doesn't excuse violently assaulting someone with a weapon.
  13. Lamar takes some shots at the end of runs sometimes. I'm torn on the whole sliding thing, seems like that's when QBs get hit the worst. Either need to slide early or take the guy on IMO.
  14. Child abuse isn't a joke.
  15. OK boomer. I saw Barry and Thurman but that was already a backfield at OSU.
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