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  1. The NFL definitely needs to adopt the NCAA's targeting rules, where the play is reviewed and the offending player is ejected. The NFL could take it a step further where that player only receives a portion of their game check (the portion they played) on top of fines. Repeat offenders face suspensions. As it stands now, a possible penalty and maybe a slap on the wrist from the NFL is just not a deterrent for this type of play.
  2. Does your job always have the best employees? Top of their field? How about your manager? You're certain he's the best in the business? There isn't "literally zero chance" that's just an ignorant thing to say. These guys in the NFL come from all sorts of schools. Play all different levels of competition. Hell, a lot of them come from schools that had zero chance to beat a team like Alabama. So I mean, you can hold your ignorant view, but telling me a 7th round pick from a small school is automatically better than someone on Alabama is totally far fetched.
  3. I would still love to see it. Because there's always a chance. There have been plenty of upsets. And man, if the Phis lost to a college team...
  4. No wonder Josh looks bad. It also confirms my suspicion of him trying to be too clever. Take a note from the defense. Simplify. Beat the guy across from you. You've got a guy in Josh that can adlib and I feel like he should be afforded at least a little space to do that.
  5. If you take away all the good plays he made he had a bad game.
  6. I dunno Favre is in the Hall and I'm pretty sure he's thrown the most INTs in league history. And he doesn't even have all the rings like Brady.
  7. While this may be true, I think he also genuinely believed it to an extent. But as much as I like Brown and Beasley, they don't command double teams. It's why Josh has struggled, when the defense can play man to man and send 5 or 6 rushers it creates a pressure situation with very tight windows to throw into on top of it.
  8. The Eskimos have an opening I think....
  9. A guy like Diggs is the missing piece. Beane tried the whole "don't need a #1" thing, it hasn't worked.
  10. I disagree. Yards aren't what we're looking for, we're looking for points. Allen was blitzed on 50% of his drop backs, that defense could've been easily exploited for more rushing yards. Dabol made almost no adjustments.
  11. Playing against who many considered the best defense in the NFL, scored the only touchdown against New England this year and looked to be driving for the win late in the 4th until he was taken out with a cheap shot. Dabol did him a disservice by not running the football more. Gore was running very well and they should've fed the Pats a lot of two and three tight end sets. With Knox and Sweeney, we could have easily set up some very nice play action seam routes. Dabol's play calling is absolutely terrible at times. That is holding Allen back more than anything at this point.
  12. As bad as the offense played, we were one good punt away from winning that game.
  13. Lots of questionable game management. The challenges, not kicking a field goal down 6 when your defense is handling business all day and your backup QB is in the game. People get legitimately psyched out by the Pats. It's hard to watch.
  14. Worst part of the whole game, listening to Fouts just absolutely gush about the Patriots and Brady.
  15. As soon as that ball went off Zay's hands in the endzone I thought to myself "if only we had a big, physical receiver who could've went up and caught that pass..."
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