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  1. If Beane finds a willing partner, I think he trades out of the first round. I just don’t see enough talent falling to warrant moving up. I also think once that talent is depleted he would prefer extra picks in the second and/or third round.
  2. If the Bills can’t swing a deal that makes sense, or their wr choices are gone, then I would not be upset with grabbing Powers-Johnson out of Oregon.
  3. I agree. His experience and ability to read and react are invaluable. Those young backers can learn a ton from him.
  4. My point was that he basically has done it for one year, has one move and needs to develop, like you said. I doubt he busts, but there are similarities between him and Maybin.
  5. Could be the case with another Penn State player this year, Chop Robinson.
  6. Every year there are teams that take a player most had pegged as third rounders in the first round, whether it be the Raiders, New England, whoever. Who will it be this year? Which team, or teams, will reach for a player that makes everyone say “Huh?”. I love when this happens because it just means someone is falling closer to the Bills.
  7. Josh has been the ultimate adult and teammate throughout this process. He has handled the situation like a true professional and I am proud to say he is our quarterback. Go Bills!🏈🍻
  8. I think McConkey can be the “go to” money guy, in the same way Beasley and Edelman were. However I think McConkey will be a better YAC dude.
  9. Ron McDole! I know that’s going way back, but Rauch said he was washed up, only for him to have multiple all pro seasons with Washington ( the Dancing Bear).
  10. Time will tell, as it always does, as to who made the best choices. Early rankings are nothing more than guesses based on their college careers. There were 4 wide receivers drafted in front of Justin Jefferson (Ruggs, Lamb, Jeudy and Raegor). Happens every year so hoping everything works out for Beane and the Bills. Go Bills!🏈🍻
  11. Would really like to have McConkey on the Bills, great hands, fast, disciplined route runner, smooth and effortless in his play.
  12. Would love to land McConkey. Great hands, good speed, very disciplined route runner. Smooth and looks effortless.
  13. It was a while back but Jerry Butler was right there with the best.
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