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  1. A good portion of his completions were check downs.
  2. Giants offensive line is offensive
  3. How was that not intentional grounding and a safety?
  4. Getting rid of Lamonica wasn’t our only screw up. Remember Rauch let McDole leave because he was done. Only played at an all pro level with Washington for quite a few more seasons. The Dancing Bear.
  5. Whichever way they choose to call it, my biggest gripe is the lack of consistency in the calls, not only between different officiating crews but even within the same game. Players never know what they can get away with, what is called and what is not. Drives me crazy, and I'm sure most fans feel this way.
  6. Butler for sure. Also Robert James. Made his mark on special teams and became the top corner in the NFL. Teams would not even attempt to throw his way. Both of these guys had an opportunity to become Hall of Famers if not for injuries.
  7. Murray does not have the fortitude or the will to pull his team up when things go wrong. Once the Cards start spiraling out of control Murray will not pull them back together. It will lead to finger pointing and coaches being fired. I believe Murray could be poison for coaching staffs. In the past when they lost multiple games in a row Murray never shouldered the blame. Check how Josh reacts to a loss vs. Murray. Worlds apart.
  8. What would make someone think Araiza is a long shot? As you stated Haack was terrible and the Bills would not have drafted a punter if they were comfortable with Haack.
  9. And we got a 3rd round pick from Cleveland for Tyrod Taylor! Thank you Mr. Beane.
  10. Another player thar should be considered for the wall of fame is Tony Greene. He was an amazing safety during some very lean years. He had two seasons (14 games) with 9 interceptions and finished his career with 37 picks. He was always around the football and had one year with 5 fumble recoveries. He also made all pro.
  11. Byrd did it all. Great corner and exceptional punt returner. Played a huge roll in our 1965 AFL championship win over the Chargers. Punt return for a td and a big interception of Hadl. He was amazing. Should have been on the wall a long time ago.
  12. Loved his passion for the game and for the Bills team. Got him in trouble with the officials a few times and I think it lead crews to look away when Hughes was being held or collared by an offensive lineman.
  13. Fox goes from the frying pan into the fire, from Aikman to Brady.
  14. Need to be patient with our picks, especially defensive linemen. Hughes never panned out for the Colts. We definitely benefited from their impatience.
  15. James Jones on the NFL network raved about the Bills draft and stated they filled all their needs.
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