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  1. Tough, great quarterback. Played behind Tobin Rote originally. Great backfield with Lincoln and Lowe and obviously Alworth at wide receiver, which were also called flankers back then.
  2. Teams bring their best games against us each week. Wilson’s best game with the Jets, Brisset with the Browns, etc., etc. Opposing receivers seem to make multiple unbelievable catches even in tight coverage. It probably helps us prep for the playoffs.
  3. We were without a starting safety, basically without one of our starting cornerbacks, without a starting linebacker, without a starting defensive end (and lost our hall of famer later in the game), without our starting center, lost one of our tackles, not to mention our two receivers that are down and an injured starting qb, and basically played without meaningful practices for over a week. Once we are healthy the rest of the NFL better watch out. Loved the gutted out win. Go Bills!!
  4. Need a healthy secondary and a minimum two score lead. Hopefully our defense can execute blitzes better than our offense executes screen plays.
  5. I think we picked him up on a $100 waiver wire acquisition due to a screw up by the Chargers.
  6. Ed Oliver had a very good game, as did Hines on special teams.
  7. Thought Ed Oliver had a good game, as did Hines on special teams.
  8. Always great to get the win, no matter how. It just disturbs me how terrible we are at attempting screen plays to our running backs. The attempts/designs are awful. They would be so useful when teams start blitzing, but we can't successfully execute one.
  9. I am thankful that we now have a team that has a legitimate shot at winning it all. It can be a bumpy ride, but teams have to play their very best and we have to not be our very best for teams to have a chance against us.
  10. I am somewhat disappointed in both. I thought Oliver was our most effective interior d lineman today by quite a bit. But for both players, when you look at the season overall they are underwhelming. Oliver has .5 sacks, Edmunds has 1. Edmunds has defended 4 passes, 0 interceptions, 0 forced fumbles, 0 fumble recoveries, and 4 tackles for loss. Taron Johnson has 4 tackles for loss! Disappointing to say the least.
  11. Based on our turnovers, team discipline has been an issue all season. In the early games we had large enough leads that they didn't hurt us. We also have gotten away from the short, high percentage quick passes that worked so well for us earlier this season. It makes Josh less vulnerable to the pass rush, eats clock and lead to tds. Also do we even have a screen pass play when we recognize blitzing situations? We never effectively execute one.
  12. The team discipline has been a concern. We have turned the ball over all season. We were fortunate enough to have large enough leads in some of the early games that the turnovers didn't hurt us. I think the discipline also carries over to our offensive play calling. Early in the season we were marching down the field with high percentage quick throws which ate clock and lead to tds. We've gotten away from that which also makes Josh more vulnerable to the pass rush. Also, do we even have a screen pass play in our playbook? It would work so well when we recognize blitzes, but we never execute one.
  13. I am not a Tremiane Edmunds hater, but with Milano out we really needed him to step up and make some impact plays. I think I saw one tackle at the line of scrimmage by him. Bernard is a rookie and hasn’t seen a lot that was thrown at him. Edmunds on the other hand is a seasoned vet. I was disappointed in his showing.
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